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We’re stuck between launches as of this writing, with the PS4 (theoretically) in stores and the Xbox One poised to give us a slightly different version of the events of last Friday. What an exciting time to be alive, and what a perfect time to tick off the five best console launch games ever! (OK, seven. We cheated on the last one.) In the second segment, we talk about our experiences with the new systems and their launch games, after which we go over your picks for the game that defined the last generation.

Question of the Week

What’s your favorite launch game of all time?



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32 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 42 – Naked Launch

  1. it’s not the most original answer, but it’s honest. Super Mario World. the best pack-in you could ever ask for. it’s a eternal fixture of the SNES, and can easily be taken for granted. but at the time it was a massive, jaw dropping, beautiful, challenging game.

    I remember fighting over the controller with just about everyone in my house for hours on end every Saturday after breakfast. even my Dad got into the competitive spirit. I remember so many times where he was brought down to the level of a child tantrum. falling to his death and rattling off shit like “you made me die, I can’t concentrate when you’re talking!”.

    it’s a timeless example of everything that’s right with video games, that’s still just as much fun to pick up and play today. you might even call it the perfect video game.

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  2. If I can choose cross-gen games I’d choose ACIV, BUT if I can’t I’d go with Resistance: Fall of Man.
    I loved the mythology of the game, where WWII never happened and instead aliens slowly contaminated Europe. I also loved the creativity that Insomianc put in the weapons.
    Also, I admit shamefully that it the was the first game from Insomniac that I played, but I rectified that by buying every version of Ratchet & Clank on the PS3.
    And to relate this with next gen: I seriously cannot contain my excitement for Sunset Overdrive!

    TLDR; Resistance for PS3. + cannot wait for Sunset Overdrive WOOHOO.

  3. Call of Duty 2 it was great game to show off the power of the Xbox 360! While if we extended it into launch window I would have to go with Silent Hill 2 and Dead Rising I played the shit out of both those games, I even ended up doing the 7 day survivor challenge on Dead Rising : )

  4. Favourite launch game? It would have to be Kerbal space programme; shit gets launched all the time in that game

  5. While I consider Super Mario World one of my top 5 of all time, I think I have to go with Mario 64. In terms of launching a console and what launch titles are supposed to accomplish, I think Mario 64 really just blew me away as a kid. I was convinced it was photorealism. I couldn’t believe I was moving in 3D. And I couldn’t figure out I was supposed to jump into the paintings. Mario 64 did for me what it did for many others; it brought me into 3D gaming, introducing an entirely new dimension.

  6. QOTW: I’m gonna have to go with Halo: Combat Evolved. As much as I love Mario 64 and Mario World, I still played Halo more over all and it’s a huge reason why I ended up playing more xbox than gamecube or ps2, and it really deepened my love for multiplayer and shooters.

  7. QOTW: Despite never even having an N64, mine would definitely have to be Mario 64. Strangely enough, the only times I was able to play it were in the hospital when the nurses would roll in a cart with a little tv and an N64, and being a very, well, lets call it ‘sickly’ kid growing up (had to spend the first entire year of my life in the hospital, I even learned sign language there before I learned to speak!), I was in the hospital ALOT growing up, and had alot of time to play Mario and beat it several times. Along with it being a great game, Mario 64 helped me through some shitty times in my life.

  8. After so many months of console doomsday talk on this podcast, PS4 becomes fastest selling console ever in the US. Bam.

  9. Kuru Kuru Kururin

    You know that weird Japanese GBA game with a stick constantly rotating in a circle that you somehow have to navigate through a maze without touching the walls? Well, we got that as a launch game in Europe. Even though I originally made the stupid purchase of the Mario Bros 2 port as my first GBA title, Kuru Kuru Kururin was the game that made me not regret getting a GBA.

  10. QOTW: One of my favorite games that was released at launch was Rouge Leader for the game cube. When I got my game cube I purchased three games; tony hawk pro skater, super monkey ball, and rouge leader. I spent a majority of my time playing rouge leader while the other games collected dust. I will always hold a place in my heart for rouge leader.

    I also agree with the number 1 pick. I love super mario world. Every now and then I power up my SNES for some good ol’ koopa stomping. I am glad that the mario games got the top spot of the countdown.

  11. Being only 22, the first console I remember getting was the PS1 and at the time Crash Bandicott was mind blowing. I had seen my brother (who is 2 years older than me) play games on our neighbors Sega Saturn and SNES that looked good but the PS1 was on a whole other level when it came to graphics at the time. Also gameplay wise it was super solid game and also rock hard at times. I remember having to get our father to beat some levels for us because we weren’t good enough to beat them. I know there are other consoles like the SNES and N64 that had classics like Super Mario World and Mario 64 as launch games but something about the PS1 launch and the original Crash will always be special to me despite knowing it’s an inferior game when compared to those classics.

  12. I saved up for months, sold off most of my possessions, and convinced my mom to let me take a day off from 6th grade, so that I could get a Nintendo 64 at release. She took me to Best Buy, and I still remember walking in and being relieved to see a pyramid of N64 boxes. I grabbed one and ran over to grab my copy of Mario64 so we could pay and be on our way…. but there were no Mario64’s to be had… my Mom refused to take me anywhere else that day, so I bit the bullet, and bought PilotWings 64, the other release title available. I went on to spend hundreds of hours playing that game, battling the merciless mecahawk over and over, much of the time my family watching and marveling at the “graphics”. I loved that game, and it was only a few months later for my birthday that I finally got Mario 64, which I still to this day love… but it doesn’t stick out in my head when i think of release games like Pilotwings does …

  13. My soul still burns… for SOUL CALIBUR! I played this game so much I had dreams of Lizardmen. This became the ultimate party game, was extremely easy (to a fault) for beginners, but had some depth buried away and massive move lists. The graphics still hold up today (it’s nearing 15 years in age) and I probably jacked off to Sophitia. I mean. Um.

  14. QOTW: Are you asking about launch games we actually played at launch? I’m going to actually be surprising and say Sonic Adventure 2: Battle for GameCube. Yes the non-Sonic/Shadow bits were dull and the camera was painful, but it still rekindled my long-dormant love of Sonic The Hedgehog and I kept playing it throughout my entire GameCube ownership.

    I sold my GameCube yesterday, incidentally (that’s true, honest to god).

  15. QOTW: Rayman on ps1 launch. I was always just in aw when i played it. The way it looked and sounded was amazing. I’m happy the brand its still doing good today. I bought a used copy on amazon to relive those memories, but unfortunately like news means cracked.

  16. Ugh. Chris Antista acting like a real self-entitled jerk at the beginning of the show. Didn’t pre-order? TS! Get over it. Jeez…

    Keep up the good work, Brett!

    QOTW: Riiiiiiiidge RAceRrrrrrrrrr!!

    Although I grew up with the NES and SNES consoles, the only console I had on launch day was the first Playstation. My fondest launch game would be playing Ridge Racer to the point of unlocking everything. Even the black car. Dang, that thing was fast!

    (Super Mario World is probably the best launch game of all time, though)

  17. While I chose my name based off the Panzer Dragoon (Sega Saturn) series, my favorite launch game would have to be Soul Calibur on the Dreamcast. It was the perfect launch game in that it was beautiful, played well, had a lengthy campaign, and showed off all the things the system could do. Even going back to the Dreamcast version, it still looks pretty good.

    Also, as far as why Panzer Dragoon Saga was never ported, the director of the game says that they lost the source code. That’s right: They made a masterpiece and FORGOT where they put it. Is it any wonder SEGA went into the shitter?

  18. QOTW: My favorite launch ever title would have to be either Rayman or Luigi’s mansion.

    For the seventh gen I would say Gun or Condemned: Criminal Origins.

    Gun was our first taste of an open world on the new consoles and Condemned was just scary as shit which I love.

  19. QOTW: Halo. Wait, there’s a story! So, I remember being a young lad of 12, walking around the gaming section of Toys r Us with my parents, and seeing a tiny CRT TV playing a preview video for the exciting new Microsoft system: the Xbox! It looked vaguely interesting, but the portion of the video showing somebody shooting weird alien guys in a big, open, outdoor environment filled me with excitement for the new system. I got an Xbox that Christmas, along with the game I had seen, which was-of course-Halo. I vividly recall stepping out of the escape pod in the second level, seeing that grand vista stretching out before me, and knowing that I was seeing something special. My dad and I played a lot of the Halo games together, and it helped us communicate during those awkward teenage years where every boy is a complete asshole. When I entered a new highschool with no friends, I got invited to LAN parties because I loved Halo, and made friends that I have to this day. I’ve loved the Halo franchise since its inception (glaring plot holes and all), and-even though it was far from my first game-it turned me from a kid who plays videogames, into a lifelong gamer.

  20. Glad to see Soul Calibur getting some love. I was never into fighters, but it received such high praise that I decided to grab it day one alongside my future-proof Dreamcast. Fantastic experiences alone and with friends, every battle being epic and gorgeous. I memorized all things Astaroth and Ivy. To this day I still catch myself humming stage themes…

    (Excluding the new Mortal Kombat) I’ve been lukewarm on fighters since then, even the Calibur sequels. But my soul, it burns!

  21. Upon looking at the list on Wikipedia to find out which launch games I’ve actually played, Halo seems to be the only one and it’s still one of my favorite franchises of all time. I’ve played Zelda TP, but I have the rare Gamecube version that I pre-ordered and bought on its day of release, so I don’t know if you would count that. But both games have a great place in my gaming memories. I was wishing that the original Spyro on PSOne was a launch title so that I could’ve talked about it more since it was one of the 1st games I got for that system, and that was as a good of launch to that platform for me.

  22. QOTW gamecube Wave Race: Blue Storm me and my mate played the shite outta that!

    or wii’s WarioWare: Smooth Moves that game is batshit crazy like a bag of hammers, excellent party game

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