Cape Crisis #72 – Attack of the Trivia!


We’re recovering from Thor’s return with talk of Spidey (naturally), Hawkguy, old Avengers, zombies, and movie fun times! Join the boys for another one in prep for Thanksgiving…


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Cape Crisis #72 Question: Who would star in a Spider-Man spin-off movie?

14 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #72 – Attack of the Trivia!

  1. The results of the quiz were Hank- 7 Chris- 4 Brett- 1. QOTW- A Cape Crisis friendly show, Superhero Newsroom. Yeah, where is the GODDAMN J. JONAH SHOW?!

  2. Aunt May. it could be like Gotham Central, except in place of interesting police activity it could just be some lady knitting or sitting around worries about her nephew for 90 minutes

  3. I know almost nothing about Spider man so I’m just gonna say the Vulture. Only because I swear I saw a version of him with FREAKING SWORDS FOR WINGS and that’s like…the best. Maybe a bit too anime for a film but whateves.

    Also the quiz was a bit too chaotic, sorry Henry :O. Felt like not everyone had an equal chance of answering. Maybe gather all the questions before hand?

  4. I really would love a 2099 movie or even the scarlet spiders from the initiative. I find reg Spider-Man supporting characters/ villains kind of boring to be able to support a full film. Im sure they will do Venom though.

  5. loved the quiz, really funny. please keep it up.

    QOTW as im not a huge spidey fan i guess ill say Black cat she could be fun, also funny if they pull it off given the mess of Catwoman

  6. Dear god, I couldn’t stop laughing when Henry yelled out “How many Billy Beans can there be?!” It’s like the description on those old Superman comics where Lois Lane is marrying a mummy Jimmy Olson is turning into an iguana.

    Also, great quiz.

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