What’s y’all’s take on the new Amazing Spidey poster?


If you’ve been following along, you should be aware of the Green Goblin’s unceremonious reveal via a poster sprawled across one of Vegas’ many cavernous hallways. You also see the pile of polygons that will become the Rhino, but what we’re focused on is the fact Goblin is in the movie, and his debut was so… “oh hey Green Goblin is in this.”


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Three villains in the second movie, including the hero’s main nemesis? Seems a bit… busy. And unadvised given how this tactic played out in Spider-Man 3. As for the look… well he’s not wearing a mask, so we’ll avoid SM1’s Power Rangers vibe, which is a plus. I guess I don’t hate it, just need to see it in action via the trailer on 12/5.


Wasn’t a fan of ASM, but with promo images like the one above – and the suggestion this is all leading to a Sinister Six movie – has me cautiously optimistic. My main issue with ASM was this pervasive sense of obligation, not a desire to tell a story or even make a slam-bang blockbuster. Just checking a box so they can keep the rights to themselves while they figure out what to do next.

And maybe this is the first step towards that master plan?


37 thoughts on “What’s y’all’s take on the new Amazing Spidey poster?

  1. I really dig it. I doubt it’ll be jam packed like SM3 but I like the idea of gradually introducing villains to keep the eventual Sinister Six movie less overwhelming.

  2. I really do like Garfield as Peter though, that made me happy enough to enjoy the ASM movie more than I probably should have as someone whose read a larger chunk of the comics than most.

  3. I smell “too much, too soon”. I haven’t been following the production, and I hate to be negative before I see anything substantial, but if it’s the same writing team as ASM, I think bloating the villain roster out is a big mistake.

    then again, I’m not super invested in this series, nothing will ever sting like Soider-Man 3 ever again.

  4. I thought Chris Cooper was gonna be the Goblin not the kid from Chronicle. I still think that the goblin’s appearance in the second movie is going to a teaser or a lead in to the third movie, giving Electro and Rhino more room to breathe. I actually enjoyed the the first ASM movie, It was a fun passable way into the franchise, could of done without the origin story but I felt it was more humorous and better told than SM1’s story.

    looking forward to more of that brilliant chemistry between Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone too.

  5. I am also very nervous about the prospect of having 3 major villains all at once again… But I’m hoping that if rumors are true, Rhino will be mostly a joke/stepping stone at the beginning of the movie and saved for later and the rest of the movie will be instead focused mainly on electro and the green goblin.

    Also, unlike others, I found ASM to be a pretty damn solid movie. Hampered only by the undeserved nostalgia given to the first two spider-man movies, (Seriously, watch the first Sam Raimi’s spider-man movie, it’s nigh unwatchable now, and spider man 2 is better, but also super corny and silly.) So I’m really rooting for this next movie to break past that stigma.

    1. I actually really liked the ASM movie too, and I’m almost on the same level as Brett and Henry in terms of my love for Spider-Man and the number of comics I’ve read.

  6. I sure hope there isn’t a “The” or “His” cut off in the image, and the tagline is just “Greatest Battle Begins”. It’s like something from an SNK fighter.

  7. Spiderman vs Rhino vs GG vs some lightning guy seems interesting. (No a big comic fan so I dont know lightning dude)

    Could be interesting if they take out all the high school drama, and the drama between peter and his parents. Actually I would be more than fine if Peter didnt get more than 10 minutes of screen time.

    The costume looks like spiderman.

          1. Oh don’t be sorry, you’re allowed to enjoy Spider-Man without having read the comic books.
            They’re a super villain team made up of some of Peter’s biggest villains. Originally it was Doctor Octopus, Kraven, Sandman, Electro, Mysterio and Vulture, but over the years various big name villains have been a part of it.

    1. Same here, I’ve always thought the Rhino in the comics to be a pretty lame and generic kind of villain to begin with anyway, making him a mech makes more sense in my books.

      1. When he’s written well, he can be part of a great story and be interesting in his own right. But it’s true that a lot of the time he really does seem a lot like your average milktoast b list villain.

  8. I loved ASM, and I love the design of Electro and the new Spidey suit… but this poster looks atrocious. I’m OK with the Rhino, but that Green Goblin… it looks like Andrew Garfield on speed. Is it too much to ask for an actual GOBLIN? I’m hoping this is fake still.

  9. Why are emo Ziggy Stardust, a Zoid and Hobo Dr Manhattan attacking Spider Man?

    Not complaining due this not being ‘my’ version the Spidey villains (couldn’t give two shits about Rhino or Electro honestly), but do they have to look so generic? They all have the same visually bland muted type of color scheme and ‘design by committee’ feel to them. Which is bizarre considering how awesome that new Spidey costume looks.

  10. So the same mistake all superhero movies eventually make. Cram as many villains in your dog shit movie to sell tickets. The first one was a waste of time, why should I think this one will be any different?

  11. Building that “Spider-man Universe” too fast. The first movie was mostly a forgettable slow rehash. (though I enjoyed the combat scenes a lot) Now this looks like its going to be cluttered….

  12. I don’t know. I liked the first one a lot, partially for washing the taste of the awful SM3 out of my mouth. But I’m not that pumped for another bloated superhero movie. I liked that ASM was kind of small scale in comparison to other movies. And Spidey benefits from small scale.

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