Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer reveals Goblin, Rhino and maybe Sinister Six


As promised, the Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer!

I gotta say, this was a bit more encouraging than the poster. I really love the new costume and all the feats of agility, plus I think Rhino – if used properly as an inconsequential thug – could actually work.


More importantly, we finally get some good looks at Harry Osborn and this “Goblin” fellow…



Not sure I dig the Spidey 3 “emo style” look for Harry, but he IS kind of a mopey sad sack at times so it could work. One thing that kinda interests / worries me is the Ultimate nature of the story, which really involves Peter’s parents, Oscorp, clones and all kinds of familial ties. That goblin COULD be a Peter clone made by Oscorp to prove Peter’s true potential or something along those lines… a bit far fetched but I wouldn’t be surprised. Then again, Harry could be the goblin, because you see he and Norman talking by the latter’s apparent death bed. I could see Norman ingesting some kind of gobby formula, getting sick and dying, and then Harry feels the need to continue in his footsteps / blames Spider-Man for his father’s death.

Oh and then there’s this stuff



So yeah, correct me if I’m wrong, but that looks like Doc Ock’s arms AND Vulture’s wings. And the shot of the chambers really closes in one the SIXTH pod. There are seven total, but c’mon, that’s pretty direct.

All in all, a bit more going on than I expected and if they can pull it all together, this could very well be the Spidey movie I’ve wanted since Spider-Man 2 almost got it perfectly down.



24 thoughts on “Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer reveals Goblin, Rhino and maybe Sinister Six

  1. Looks like Aunt May will get dangerously close to saying “with great power comes great responsibility” without actually saying it. Or will she?

    Rhino.. I don’t know. Unless he just destroys the Rhino in an opening establishing scene, I can’t imagine he won’t be excess weight on the plot. Harry, though a little emo, looks to have a powerful presence. I’m mostly intrigued by the skeletons in OsCorp’s closet they seem to be digging out.

    I still haven’t seen the first one. It’s been a year or so, has it gotten any better since the initial “why did they bother?” feelings?

  2. This universe they are creating looks less and less like Marvel. With all the changes they are making one could almost argue the whole thing is brand new and has almost nothing to do with Spider-man at all.

    And, perhaps most importantly just like the first movie (which I didn’t bother seeing) it still gives me the overwhelming feeling of meh.

    Side note, can we talk about how casting the chick with the accent from Fast 6 as Wonder Woman is bad because well… Her acting quality is on the fast 6 level? No disrespect to Paul walker RIP.

  3. Well I’m a bit more optimistic, the costume look great, even in motion. It still feels like there is way too much going on for its own good though (Electro really feels pointless to me, should have just been the Goblins and maybe Rhino). Plus the way the Sinister Six references are done makes me feel more like I’m watching a trailer for a next- gen Mega-Man game than for a Spider Man movie.

    Still out of the all the ehhh Super Hero Movie news we’ve got this week this trailer is definitely a positive

  4. it looks better but i really hated the first one, and i dislike harry’s looks a lot

  5. hmm… I think you’re very right about that sinister six reference.
    but this trailer makes this movie look like it’s got some serious spectacle creep going on. why do they always have to level cities nowadays?

    having said all that, I think I like the rhino having a big metal suit instead of looking like a big guy in a rubber rhino costume. it works.

  6. I’m super excited for it. The only worries I have right now are the fact that the trailer shows off 3 villains, and it’s still rumoured that Black Cat and others may appear. I hope they balance them well but I feel like Electro may be a bit useless. Plus, the focus on his parents’ past makes me a little nervous, but I have high hopes for this one.

  7. The trailer looks pretty fantastic, and definitely has me pumped up! Although my concern that there are too many villains for this movie is already starting to show here, even if Rhino is nothing but a throwaway starting villain, the trailer alone felt disjointed to me, in how most of it focused on the Osborns and the green Goblin, and Electro just pops up at the very end to show some flashy moves and action.

    So I’m scared that with so many moving parts, some will get less screen-time and attention than they deserve, specially electro. But at least the main plot involving harry and peter’s parents, and the eventual lead up to the sinister six looks cool.

    1. I’m worried about that too. I think Rhino does look like a throwaway, the the new Ultimate Spider-Man, Miles encounters the Rhino briefly while accompanied by Captain America.
      He explodes him with his venom blast, it was sort of a power showcase I suppose.

      The pictures from the trailer make me think that Electro has a lot more to do with Oscorp in this movie, so it might make sense within the context of the movie to have a villain other than a Goblin. (I hope it works!)

  8. Well, that looks far, far better than the first one. It actually made me excited, which is something the other one didn’t do at all. I didn’t even see the first until I got it on Blu-ray for Christmas last year. This, however, I definitely want to see right when it comes out. So glad they changed that awful costume.

  9. The costume looks like Spider-man. The big eyes really make it look like a comic. I’m glad the filmakers are embrassing that and also hinting at a biggest Spider-man universe. I think the tranition of “One Villian per film” isn’t going to get people excited anymore. They needed to build towards something with Spider-man, and Sinister Six is great!

    When you have Marvel heroes teaming up and making cameos in each others films, X-men crossing over with their timelines, and DC FINALLY creating a shared universe; Spider-man is stuck in his own (Sony Pictures) universe. They need to build towards something, and adding villians is about all they can do (Unless you add Black Cat or something).

    1. My hypothesis is a Spider-men type situation. A team of the Spider-blank-characters. Scarlet, Woman, Miles Morales, ect. Oscorp does have spiders to spare.

      1. Yeah, they’ll have to play with the clone sage right?
        I think Agent Venom is a good bet for his own movie later on too.

  10. Damn It, I wanted to write this off but that was a cool trailer. I love how the CG fights in this are so CG they look like a cartoon. Also like the Rhino’s industrial look after all the Iron Man like mechs we have seen in films all the right angles and weld spots get me hard.

  11. It’s a stretch but maybe Harry’s hair and demeanour is meant as a take that at Spider-Man 3? I mean, they have to know everybody hated that right?

  12. Boy seeing that costume move really does warm my heart.
    I love that the combat seems to be more akin to what we see in the comics. The agility, the strength, the throwing manhole covers.

    Yup, can’t wait 😀

  13. the Spider-Man part looks really, really spot-on.

    on the other hand…
    Dane DeHaan was a BEAST in Chronicle, but here, i can’t get over how much he looks like a very young Leonardo DiCaprio, ’emo’-ness and all. never liked him. im looking forward to watching this guy in ‘Kill Your Darlings,’ because that looks very much like who he is, but this Harry-Goblin look feels like a Halloween to me. that hopefully won’t take me out of the movie.

  14. Man, if they tease all this sinister 6 stuff, and we end up not seeing Doc Ock, Vulture, and Shocker, I’m gonna be pretty pissed. And the CG looks a bit dodgy to me. Maybe they’ll have it cleaned up by the time it’s released, but it looks way too much like a PS2 cutscene right now. Eh, I’ll hold off judgement until it comes out, but I’m not gonna get my hopes up.

  15. The only thing I don’t like is that it completely kills any chance of this being connected to the ‘Marvel’ films without them explaining how New York was almost destroyed twice without The Avengers showing up. Other than that looks pretty dope.

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