22 thoughts on “Laser Time – Gas Problems

  1. Just as I’m about to head away from the internet for a long period of time, an episode of Lasertime to listen to while I’m gone.

    Excellent timing.

  2. Great episode thanks!

    You guys validated my love for Fast Five, its a bonkers action flick!

    This is my shame series, I have loved it since its original release. I am a fan of 3, I think 2fast is kinda the low point in the series. 5 is the bee’s knees though.

  3. Damn it, Chris, it’s James Taylor in Two Land Blacktop, not James Brown. James Brown had his own car chase in real life because he was on all the drugs. James Taylor is super mellow, which is what makes it so weird.

    Glad you mentioned so many of my more obscure favorites, like Ronin, original Italian Job, To Live and Die in LA, and Le Mans. I’d throw in The Driver (a Tarantino favorite), The Road Warrior and The Seven-Ups (which is like Bullitt in that the movie’s just OK, but the chase is sweet.): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vACWV5sRcY

    1. Also, “French Connection” was definitely located in NYC. There’s actually a shot with the original WTC under construction.

      LOVE “Ronin”, saw it in theaters, and even bought the seriously (at the time) overpriced Blu-Ray.

      Also, 11 minute chase on the ACTUAL FREEWAYS?!?!? I have got to see “To Live and Die in LA” now…

  4. Well look at that. In Badass Cars, you guys said you’d have an annual car episode and while this isn’t one year to the month, it is annual by means of being a car episode in 2013 after having one in 2012. That throwaway joke became real!

  5. I watched through the last few FF movies in the last week and just finished watching 6 now. Gotta say, I’m pretty disappointed I didn’t see Jason Statham. Other than that I think the first 10 minutes of Tokyo Drift is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time, but 5 and 6 are pretty good dumb action movies. Then again, I like Thunder in Paradise too.

  6. Great episode! And returning to the show with the theme from The Fast and the Furious made me smile. That was a great soundtrack!

  7. They say celebrity deaths come in threes but I don’t think anybody saw the Brian Griffin, Paul Walker, Nelson Mandela combo coming.

  8. I’ve only seen the first three Fast and Furious movies…and Tokyo Drift is my favorite. Also, there’s nothing quite like hearing Grimm actually happy to be talking about something.

  9. Fast Five was one of the least entertaining movie experiences I’ve ever had.

    It’s the only fast and furious movies I’ve ever seen. I understand the appeal of “it’s so dumb and crazy it’s good”, but I felt like its brand of crazy is kinda dull and uninspired.

    Didn’t care about the plot, didn’t care about the characters, just not my kind of thing.

  10. I have kind of a weird relationship with the fast & furious franchise. I didn’t watch the first one due to my complete lack of interest about cars, then i DID watch the second one because there was nothing else in the theaters… And I was thoroughly annoyed by it. Then a cousin dragged me to watch Tokyo Drift… and I actually really liked it, and yet, was completely uninterested in watching the fourth one, but then I did each the fifth and sixth one, I genuinely enjoyed them both for what they are.

    So yeah, not my favorite series, but one I’m enjoying nowadays, so losing Paul Walker does make me a little bit sad.

    Also, fantastic quiz segment! Again, I know nothing about cars, but I found that quiz down to be the most funny and enjoyable you guys have done ever since the Star Trek or X-Men episode titles one. Awesome job Mr. Grimm!

  11. Thank you for playing multiple tracks from the Full Throttle OST during the Paul Waker/FF segment. I have never hear “Increased Chances” by Chitlins Whiskey and Skirt outside of the game, let alone the other The Gone Jackals tracks.

    What a Christmas surprise.

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