LT Premium: Movie Commentary Time!


We heard your feedback! Instead of blabbing over a hard-to-sync TV show, this month’s premium commentary tracks are for popular, readily available movies – likely ones sitting on your shelf right now!

A $5 donation this month (via Paypal right here) gets you full-length commentary tracks for Batman Returns and Home Alone, two films that take place during Christmas but aren’t necessarily tied to it. That means you can get ’em now, but listen to them any time of the year!

Make a donation of MORE than $5 and we’ll throw in a Gremlins commentary track as well. Another holiday classic!

As with the SHIELD commentaries, you’ll be given access to a ZIP file on our Google Drive (be sure to check the email address associated with your Paypal!) within 24 hours of your donation. When you unzip the file, it’ll contain MP3 commentary tracks ready for your phone, computer or slowly rotting Zune!

We sincerely appreciate all the donations, folks. The SHIELD stuff went over great and we hope chatting over these easier-to-view movies meets with your continued approval. We want to keep doing this stuff indefinitely, and honestly we want to do even MORE. More shows, more ideas, more crossovers with other podcasts and people… MOAR!

59 thoughts on “LT Premium: Movie Commentary Time!

  1. All that was missing was Die Hard and it’d be the perfect Christmas quad-fecta. Still, more than happy to donate a few bucks!

    1. ….that offer expired more than 2 years ago >>; They said it in the show itself after 2 or 3 of those that they couldn’t keep it up XD

  2. I, for one, would like to see commentary for the rest of the SHIELD episodes, but that can’t wait for a couple months, I guess. As it stands, I’m really happy that you guys are seemingly going to do this every month!

    Also, I approve of this month’s selections. Home Alone I watched repeatedly, but even then it’s been like 15 years since I last seen it. And… embarrassed to admit it, but I haven’t watched either Gremlins nor Batman Returns. So this shall be what finally pushes me over the edge!

      1. Yeah, I’m going in with zero expectations on it, as I’ve heard both good and bad things about it. I thought the first Burton batman was too silly for my blood, but fun nonetheless, and now I’m prepared for that… ‘sides, can’t be worse than Batman & Robin, or Dark Knight Rises.

  3. This is awesome guys. Holy crap, keep it up.

    Suggestions off the top of my head for future editions:

    (1) Any Star wars movies
    (2) Marvel movies (Spiderman 1-3?)
    (3) Any other bat man movies (Bale or Schumacher or Burton)
    (4) Video game movies (Mario, street fighter, mortal kombat, etc). There might be an issue with availability of these movies, though.
    (5) Romero zombie movies (or remakes thereof)

    You’ll probably push me to purchase some (read: a lot) of these on Amazon through

      1. I second this motion, specially because I want as many people to see those movies now, and realize how bad they’ve aged, specially the first one.

  4. I approve. I would like to see The Running Man and Weird Science commentaries in the future. You keep making and i’ll keep paying.

  5. I will absolutely listen to these. I have a monthly Paypal donation set up, so for myself and others doing likewise, do we get these links right off the bat, or do we wait until our automatic payment reaches you? (could be a matter of weeks, it’d suck to wait, and I don’t want to cancel the auto donations…) I’ll donate an extra $5 anyway now because xmas

  6. I’m sure this has already been said, but just throwing it out there: if you guys did some sort of yearly sub, a la Giantbomb, Rooster Teeth, destructoid, etc, I’m sure I wouldn’t be the only one who’d offer up a good chunk of change in exchange for premium content throughout the year.

  7. Did you guys know that the PAL versions of movies are different from the NTSC ones, like the UK version to US version even though its the same language? I picked up a Rifftrax that only had the US version synced and it just wouldn’t work, it would just drift further and further away. I don’t know how that’s possible.

    However, just as I was about to not opt into this I realised that a) it’s Christmas, be nice to the lovely LaserTimers who provide you with so much mirth and merriment for free, and b) my DVD copy of Batman Returns is actually the NTSC version since the box set of the first four movies was only available in the US for a while. So hurray! Money coming your way, Merry Xmas!

    1. o_0

      For Gremlins, we synced as the movie fades in, instead of during WB / movie studio logos. Maybe that helps? Dunno… interesting problem. Not sure how we can solve that :/

      1. Yeah, don’t worry about it, it’s weird. It’s like every other scene adds or minuses a second to to screw up… what? The seedy underground of Commentary Importing? Dunno, but it’s just different enough to mess up things like this.

        1. Yeah I’m also a UK listener and had this problem.

          My understanding is that NTSC & PAL use different frame rates. PAL is about 25fps and NTSC is about 30fps. The result is that PAL progresses at a slightly faster rate which adds up over the course of an entire film.

          I see rifftrax offer PAL versions of their tracks so presumably there is a way to covert the audio to be slightly faster for PAL but I’m not an expert on this stuff.

          I’ve tried using a free iOS app called “tempo slow” which allows you to adjust how quickly an MP3 file plays. I’ve had good results setting that to 103%. Alternatively you can just pause the movie for a couple seconds every minute or two. Or you could always acquire an NTSC version of the movie somehow…

  8. Hello? My name is Thunderbird2… I… have donated… and will listen to these commentaries………… Merry Christmas!

  9. Instead of linking into your Drive accounts you should put all the files in the LT store, and set prices for them. That way people can keep buying it forever instead of having a limit. Cause new listeners are missing out.

  10. Looking forward to these, having some trouble getting them though. My Paypal links to my Hotmail, but my Google Drive is linked to my Gmail. So I got your email, but when I click the link to the .rar I’m told I need permission. I think I spammed a bunch of requests from my Hotmail before I knew what was happening. FWIW my gmail is wlong111 [at] gmail [dot] com.

    1. Same thing happened to me again this month >>; It happened last month, posted it here jsut like you did, and don’t worry, they did fix it and made it so my gmail account could download the file. it might just take an extra night for them to read this and change it XD

      Also, in case you guys forgot or didn’t read it in the message I sent with my donation, my gmail account is:

      1. same problem here. i got the linked mailed to me this morning, and 8 hours later i’m still being told i need permission. i don’t want to create a new paypal under my gmail account over these, please let us know whats up

        1. All you need to to do is log into your gmail, then click the link. Your Paypal account email shouldnt need to be linked to your gmail.

          1. Hm, still not working for me. Even with both email accounts open and signed in. If I follow the link, or drag it into Google Drive in another tab, it says I need permission for my gmail. At least I think that’s what it’s saying. Sorry for the hassle.

  11. Just finished Home Alone, great stuff.
    If anyone is wondering which order to watch them it’s apparently Batman then Home Alone according to the crew during Home Alone’s credits.
    Not sure where Gremlins falls, probably after Home Alone?

  12. Article says within 24 hours, but I donated a few days ago and have yet to get anything. Maybe I donated through the wrong link or something? Not sure if that would matter.

  13. approaching the 24 hr mark and I haven’t been granted access to the drive. I don’t want to be a pest, but could you give us some indication that you guys are aware of this stuff? no rush on the files, just don’t want to miss the download window.

    thanks guys. I’m more than happy to give you money but I might wait on the bandcamp next time for premium stuff.

  14. Oh I am all over this! I’d gladly pay you guys but frankly don’t care about comic books. But everyone loves Home Alone & Gremlins, excellent choice!

  15. And if you guys are looking for new things to do, I’d still love to see you do Let’s Play’s (with your own spin of course)

  16. instead of being a stupid whiny baby, i should have tried switching to my yahoo account when denied access. i seem to have missed my gmail account name being displayed on the screen that asks me to request permission.

    unfortunately i get to be the dick who neglected to follow instructions. my bad
    all set here.

  17. Just as an FYI, I checked to see if these movies were streaming anywhere, and I only found one. Home Alone is web only streaming on Hulu.

  18. all 3 of these were a total joy. although I liked the Shield stuff, movies are a much better format. Batman Returns had me rolling on the floor. any time you guys want to put these commentaries out, I’m buying.

    people, if you’ve been waiting to buy for whatever reason, wallet up and obtain these commentaries. so much fun.

  19. You guys should do commentaries for
    Batman TAS
    Spiderman and His Amazing Friends
    and other old cartoons.

  20. I’ve been listening on and off since the Talkradar days. I’ve never donated. This offer right here got me to make a PayPal account and pull out my wallet. This is a great idea. If its info about the movie, mst3k cracks or both. I’ll be so happy. I don’t get on forums either, but this offer made me have to say something. I have enjoyed the entire Lasertime family. Keep doing what your doing. Thank you so much for the hours and hours of laughs. You guys are always there to cheer me up when life is hardest. From the bottom of my heart, peace and love.

  21. Just wanted to reassure everyone that we’ll do our best to ensure everyone receives what’s there’s. It may take some time, but bear with us and our rinky-dink little operation.

    -Check your Spam/Junk folders. ESPECIALLY if the email associated with your Paypal account isn’t a Google/gmail address. All of you were added to a shared list and sent an email notification with the appropriate Google Drive link. However, it seems non-Google email accounts love to hide that from you.
    -Try logging into your gmail account, or any gmail account BEFORE you click on the link to access the files.

    1. Also Note:
      -Donatorz coming in under the wire (late Dec 24th and Dec 25th) may not have received their commentaries yet. Check dem inboxes now.
      -Those of you who made donations via check (however the hell you even do that) may have experienced a longer delay. You should have content access now

  22. Well, darn, been out of commission during all of December, and finally catching up and I missed out! And I own all of these movies! Cathy-style aaack. Any likelihood these will show up on the bandcamp page alongside the Agents of Shield commentaries?

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