Introducing Laser Time – Bandcamp edition!


Remember those SHIELD commentary tracks from last month? Well, many of you expressed a desire to donate and hear those shows but didn’t have the cash, credit or even a PayPal account at that time. Welp, if you have any of those now, or will anytime soon, you can head over to our newly minted Bandcamp page and pick up the entire Agents of SHIELD album for $5.

Of course you can always purchase the files individually, orrrrrr you can stream them right off Bandcamp. Which is ALL GOOD but just remember donations / financial contribution really do help – you are directly benefiting the hosts of the show, not a nebulous company structure or executive salary overhead.

So, what does this Bandcamp page mean for monthly premium stuff like the three movie commentaries out now? Welp, we’ll debut such content via LT PayPal donations because, frankly, we get almost 100% of the money that way. For a good month you can donate to us and get whatever the files may be (commentary, skits, goofabouts I dunno) and take advantage of any time-sensitive deals like the Gremlins bonus track.

After a month, the files go away for a bit and resurface on Bandcamp. We get a slightly smaller cut of the money (cuz BC takes a bit of it) but this still helps us in two ways. One, it gives you instant access to the files so we don’t have to manually manage Google Drive permissions, and two, it makes these things permanently available to those who didn’t have the money/time to get them the first time around.

There’s no penalty for waiting for Bandcamp other than the knowledge we lose a tad of the money. But it’s not a huge difference, and we just want this stuff to be available.

That said, we gotta pull some ACT NOW, EXCLUSIVE! goobery now and then 😛

14 thoughts on “Introducing Laser Time – Bandcamp edition!

  1. Perfect!
    I gave all of my money to GR during the livestream and haven’t found work since the semester finished, I’m glad I wont completely miss out of the christmas commentaries.

  2. Welp, it’s good to have options, definitely!

    Also, didn’t want to be too bothersome this month, in the hopes that you guys would remember what happened last month when I donated, but it’s been over 48 hours now since I got the link from you guys via google drive… But it still says to me that I need permission to open the file >>;

    So, again guys, can you grant permission to my gmail account? my e-mail is, I had also left this as a message when I donated, and in the other thread, but maybe it hasn’t been read yet. thanks in advance for the help!

      1. Thanks! I just checked Google drive right now, and it’s still saying that I require permission, but knowing you guys are aware of it, I’ll just sit back an wait for a couple of days ^^

      2. Oh boy… I see you sent me the link to this mail indeed today… but lol, it’s the SHIELD commentaries from the past month XD

  3. this isn’t going to be a popular opinion, but: you should come up with a way to sell them on an ongoing basis without letting them stream free. A lot of people are just going to wait and stream them for free because:

    (1) you’re not selling exclusive access anymore, you’re selling “freshness” and commentaries on classic movies don’t need to be “fresh” to be enjoyable;

    (2) movie commentaries don’t need to be portable (mp3 vs. stream), most people probably play the mp3s straight off their computers since putting mp3s on iphones is a pain in the ass and a huge portion of your audience is probably playing the movie on their computers. To be honest, streaming is more convenient for me than the mp3s…

    (3) people are cheap and poor

    this is just my opinion, but i just don’t want the amount of money you guys make off of this to drop precipitously–you’ll probably be a little less likely to go through the trouble of making them if you aren’t making as much money…

  4. I finished watching/listening to these today. Good stuff, would definitely listen to more. It definitely made watching Agents of Shield a better experience. The only thing I could ask is maybe if you could try and keep a LITTLE more on topic than you did in the last couple, that’d be nice. If not, eh, still like getting a bonus Lasertime. Will you be making more for Agents of Shield, or will you continue to do other things like the movies?

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