Cape Crisis #74 – DC and Marvel explored BY YOU!


Henry and Chris get together to tell real life tales of danger and reading comic books, then we follow it up by reading the most reader responses EVER! Get ready…


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Cape Crisis #74 Question: Your favorite comic of 2013?

16 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #74 – DC and Marvel explored BY YOU!

  1. I kept on trying to think of a great answer for last week, and by the time I had one I had gotten to sick to form sentences. Ah well, this is probably one of the most interesting episodes the show has had.

  2. there was a ton amazing books this year but nothing made me happier than Batman ’66. w/ all these overly serious books trying so hard to be mature, a book that honestly captures the fun and craziness of the Adam West series couldn’t be more of amazing change of pace especially given that the book can go all out in a way that would break the budget of a tv show

  3. Interesting that Chris brings up Jeph Loeb in relation to having things with continuity.

    Loeb cancelled the awesome Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes TV show specifically because he thought there were too many characters and that the overarching story lines were confusing.

    He wanted shows going forward to be individualized without any story that flows through more than one episode, so he canned it.

  4. Id say Aquaman and Wonder woman are the only dc main characters born with powers.
    Superman is only super on earth.
    Batman trained himself to perfection.
    Flash is an accident.
    Green Lantern is given a ring.

    Not too different from marvels main heroes, I think its because marvel heroes are just weaker or appear more humanized to convey such.

    I mean hell, every xmen is born with their power.
    Id even say too many marvel characters are accidents whilst dc has a nice balance. The problem for dc is the humanization of their human identities and their daily lives and more attention to side characters.

    Plus as others have mentioned, dc events are better and more well remembered, possibly because their characters work more as an ensemble.

    1. Superman arrived to earth as a baby. Thus, his entire growth as a person and a superhero has always been with the knowledge that since he has knowledge, he was different and with powers that no one else has. So for practical purposes, he WAS born with superpowers, because they were nothing he earned nor got by accident while growing up.

      Batman may not have been born with the traditional definition of “superpowers” because he has never been about that. But nothing about his condition is remotely relatable, he was born to a ridiculously wealthy family, and has had access to virtually unlimited resources since then, even more so when his parents got killed. Furthermore, training can only get you so far if you’re not born smart enough to even know what perfection is. Even if still considered “normal” the fact that Bruce was born with a prodigy-like intelligence is still a great, and rare boon.

      I can’t truly comment on the other two however because I know not that much about them or their origins. So let’s assume that you’re right, that still makes the majority of their main icons born and raised with privileges none or most of us have never known.

      Also, your argument about the X-men doesn’t really work, because while mutants are indeed born and passed down with a gene that makes them superhuman, the vast majority of them don’t manifest this until they become at least teenagers. Thus again, for practical purposes, they are far humanized and relatable because most of them DID grow up with a normal kind of life in their first years, only to suddenly have their lives changed by the manifestation of their powers.

      1. “has always been with the knowledge that since he has knowledge, he was different and with powers that no one else has.”

        I fucked that part up, that’s meant to read:

        “has always been with the knowledge that ever since he was baby and a little boy, he was different and with powers no one else had”

  5. When you read my post from last week, I practically crapped my pants. I also made my girlfriend listen! Thank you so much! This is my favorite comic pod cast, and thats coming form a dork who has about 40 books on his monthly pull and will buy any issue #1 with slight hype, familiarity, or some such selling point. You dudes made my day!

    While I was already a loyal Laser Time network listener for life (every and all casts and articles) I am now your humble vassal!

    But Hey, dont hate my logo. I like dem Pokemanz, and that episode where Ash was turned into a Pikachu is awesome. I believe its Hocus-Pokemon, episode 298-299…?

    This episode rules.

  6. up and down, left and right, north and south, Hawkeye.

    the comic that single handed my got me back into reading comics, ever since I bought the first trade I’ve been reading more than I ever had before. I don’t have to explain why Hawkeye is great, you all know.

    Merry Christmas!

  7. Saga has been my favorite book of this year, such a great mix of exciting adventures, fun characters, great art and an overall interesting world. It feels like the first time I watched
    Star Wars as a kid, anyone who has not hopped in yet should check out the first trade through one of those links on the side of the page.

  8. If you’re looking for more Bizarro Comics type stuff, Marvel did two volumes of a book called Strange Tales. It was pretty much the same thing with indy creators working on Marvel properties.

  9. Saga just about tops everything for me. I actually got back into comics this year, so everything was new and shiny for me.

    Highlights were Dial H, Thor, and a lot of All-New X-Men issues, until I finally got into Saga. I’ve dropped almost everything now, except that.

  10. Damn so close to being read :(. Though I do appreciate your response Brett, and wrote one back on last week’s thread.

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