Laser Time – Killing Christmas


Laser Time’s pop culture aficionados get their pants quizzed off regarding Hollywood’s proud history of ultra-violent, hyper-serious Christmas counter-programming!


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19 thoughts on “Laser Time – Killing Christmas

  1. I was 100% sure you were gonna mention “Batman: Mask of the Phantasm”. My hopes were DASHED.

    (Not that it’s violent, but it did come out on Christmas day.)

    That’s okay though, I still enjoyed the episode. <3

  2. Am I the only one who thinks Django is overrated? I mean, it’s a fun movie, sure and I get the message, but the pacing is all wrong, some scenes are unrealistic without a purpose, and Django itself is an absurdly perfect character that with little to no training becomes this jack of all trades sniper AND actor with superhuman endurance… And yet despite this, the one you’d say had the more heart and compassion for Django’s own people was the white german bounty hunter… (Who when he takes Django in as a bounty Hunter tells him to not hesitate killing people and being a cold human being for the job… And yet he arbitrarily stops being a cold human being himself despite years of supposedly being very professional at his job.)

      1. Yeah, again, not a terrible movie, as it was fun and the acting was fantastic, but I see way too many flaws with it and the plot for it to be regarded as nothing more than what really is: A Hyper violent popcorn flick set in the slavery era of the United states.

  3. Another great episode keep it up!

    Thanks for the great year of entertainment.

    And Chris I saw (heard?!) you put the Price is Right music under one of the segments….I approve.

  4. A few years ago over here in the UK one of the major channels (I forget which) showed ‘The Omen’ on Christmas Day. If there was a poll of films least suited to being shown at Christmas, I think that would come out on top.

  5. Diana is such a sourpuss….
    I actually like that three musketeers movie, its actually pretty good and fun, think the pirates movies. Also unlike the resi films it actually follows the source material pretty well say for the luxuries with technology.
    I mean its better than the man in the iron mask with christmas king leonardo decaprio.

    1. Sourpuss? Moi? Just because I hate everything doesn’t mean I’m sour about it.

      I recommend The Three Musketeers to everybody – it’s my favorite bad movie in a loooong time. You can’t not be entertained – either you’ll be entertained by the movie itself or you’ll be entertained by how completly insane it is. There’s Mission: Impossibling through wires. (Which they turn on and off how?) There are overqualified actors not phoning it in. There’s a gattling gun and a flame thrower, and they’re on a FLYING GALLEON. There’s a FLYING GALLEON FIGHT. This book’s been filmed at least a dozen times, but nobody went full airships before.

      Seriously, everyone, gather the kids and grandma and watch it for Christmas.

      (“Man in the Iron Mask” is pretty funny-bad too, but has too many boring stretches to truly compare. And zero flying galleons!)

      If you like it, I recommend “Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters.” Either you’ll like it or you’ll like how deep into crazy town it goes.

      1. I wasnt saying your a sourpuss because of what you said about the three musketeers film, more about your cynical attitude and tone towards films and christmas.

        …plus I know you hate all anime, and that will forever define you in my mind.

        1. And I have watched Hansel/Gretel Witch Hunters and it was better than people made it out to be, but it shouldve shot for a pg13 rating and cut out some unneeded/outofplace swears.

  6. I remember gettin’ together and going to see Avatar, great non Christmas movie. A bunch of us old high school guys and gals who would hang out together all came home from college. We went and had one of the best 3D moments ever, powerful memory.

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