VGMpire: Wintry Mix now on Bandcamp!


During the past two years, many of you have asked how you could donate specifically to VGMpire. While I appreciate the offers, I aim to keep the show divorced from monetization. HOWEVER… I think I found a way to do both!

See, I’ve accumulated 24 pages of VGMpire notes for 2013 alone. I figured those who really want to donate and assist VGMpire directly may be interested in seeing / reading those notes, which basically function as a guide or commentary to each episode of the year. You’ll see how I stacked each show, notes I wrote and even a lot of verbatim phrases and topics that went into the finished show. It’s an awfully specific piece of content, but for $1 it can be yours via our Bandcamp page. NOTE: Be sure to buy the album, as that’s the download that contains the notes.

As an incentive, you’ll also get a bonus VGMpire episode featuring some great winter/ice levels, plus a lot of snow and Christmas talk from me, Chris and Henry. We jammed this recording in during a verrrry busy week for us all (and finished right before VGA recorded the same night) so it’s very much an additional session we hustled to put together.

Don’t want to pay? Well. Fine. You can still stream the episode for free on Bandcamp a’course. It’s not being held hostage!

You can also check out the 2013 Year in Review episode on VGMpire itself, which includes jams from Blood Dragon, Remember Me, Battleblock Theater and more. New episodes resume in January!

Thanks to everyone for a great two years. I’m always amazed how many people come up to say hi, thanks and other generally polite things during Comic-Con, PAX and E3. It means a lot 🙂

13 thoughts on “VGMpire: Wintry Mix now on Bandcamp!

  1. Thanks Brett! I’ll take advantage of this. I want you to know that I really appreciate all the hard work you put into this podcast and your passion for game music. You bring a truly unique and valuable opinion on gaming music. Great Job!

  2. One more thing. You’ve mentioned that you hoped that introducing this music to people would motivate us to check out some of the games. I did this with Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. I picked it up because it’s not just the music that you play that inspires me. It’s also the conversation about the games between tracks. Please keep it up.

  3. …Only one dollar? too low, how about 50 times that instead?

    Thanks for all the hard work you’ve put into the show Brett, and I’m glad you’re finally allowing people to donate, you’ve deserved it for a long while now XD

    …Also, I know you guys said you get more money if we donate and then you send the e-mail to your google drive… But doing this trough bandcamp is way simpler and faster, specially seeing that it’s been over 2 weeks and i STILL haven’t been able to download the Christmas commentaries of this month :/ (And yes, I’ve checked both my hotmail and gmail accounts constantly, and also the spam folder, and I’ve gotten nothing aside from Chris sending me the link for the SHIELD commentaries instead… which I had already downloaded before:)

    So what I’m saying is, I’m more than willing to chip in money for you guys and the extra content you offer, but I also don’t feel like hounding you people with messages and tweets to get the file every month… So I’m going to try donating directly one last time for next month, if it doesn’t work smoothly, then I’m afraid I’m just going to wait the month and donate trough bandcamp instead.

  4. Well this is pretty sweet too. I’ll have to put some of my good old Festivas money towards VGMpire. Keep up the awesome work Brett!

  5. Jeez Breet, i’d gladly pay 10x that amount but I definitely appreciate your commitment to keep the show free from monetizing.

    Will be purchasing tomorrow. As someone who is always fascinated by the creative process, these are the things that excite me.

  6. Man, that Metroid song takes me back to when I first found Vgmpire. Episode 5, I think is the Samus episode? I all of a sudden realized I have been listening to the Laser Time network for a looong time. ( -_- )

        1. …Um, this is Brett, for the first time, finally asking for money for the show, he wouldn’t do that if he didn’t plan on continuing making it, I don’t think.

          And should I remind you about how TalkRadar ended? there wasn’t anything special made before the end…. it just ended. So if VGMpire or any of these shows were to end, I doubt it would happen like this. That’s just me though.

          1. Going strong! And it honestly was less a call for money and more a way for folks to contribute. So many ask how they can and I’m always like “nah.” So this way, I can still give something back (the notes) but you can know you’re directly supporting the show.

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