39 thoughts on “Laser Time Special – The Christmas Toy

  1. Not since the likes of The Fools of April have I heard such an incomprehensible mess. It’s a truly beautiful gift to behold.

  2. YEEESSSSS! I love these Christmas specials and have been waiting for a new one since It’s a Terrible Life (you only missed one Christmas, but still, it’s fun). Although I thought Henry was going to be the Windows Phone after all the crap he’s received for owning one.

  3. Great episode. Loved the way you took the piss out of everything.

    Thanks for a great year of quality podcasting 🙂

  4. God, I missed these narrative Christmas episodes so much the last couple of years, this was fantastic. Also, Anne particularly has a really good range when it comes to imitations and voice overs.

  5. Wait, wait, wait, am I to believe that the same Xbox 360 that arrived Christmas 2005 is still functional eight years later? PREPOSTEROUS I say!


    If the HD contents were copied over to a new unit, we might be dealing with a console that only THINKS it’s the original, and may have been born and died several times over. The implications are horrifying.

    So, Happy Holidays! And thank you Laser Time network for the past 2 years.

  6. I was reading about The Christmas Toy the other day, having never seen it! I’ve already watched Muppet Christmas Carol and Muppet Family Christmas this year, gonna watch normal Christmas Toy soon I think.

    This special is great, merry Christmas y’all at Laser Time. Thanks for a great year of podcasts.

  7. I am 5 minutes in and it’s already mindblowing (mindbogglinyeah?). Thank you guys for putting in so much effort into this. It’s beautiful.

    1. 30 minutes later, I’m back to reiterate how amazing that was. I’ve spent every Christmas since 2008 with you guys, and it has been an entertaining and unique experience every time. Heck, I’ve listened to the 2008 recap every year since.

      I won’t lie, I teared up while listening to this special, first from laughter, second from joy from hearing old-ass commercials for video games and… cereal…, stuff I wouldn’t hear anywhere else. Once again, thank you all. I assume I have Chris to thank most of all; you’re the genius that puts this duct tape monstrosity together every year. Thanks man; whenever you feel down, think of the thousands of faceless anonymous internet people you’ve entertained and touched (in a good way).

      1. Sweet of you to say, good sir. And since this was pretty much a 24hour-straight edit, I’m gonna toss humility aside and agree with everything you said!

        However, I can’t take sole credit for damn near anything Laser Time. It’s a collaborative operation, with a ton of contributions by wonderful people who really give a fuck. And as for the special, unlike previous Xmas stories, this wasn’t written by me alone, and Brett and Hank seriously contributed damn near everything that was funny.

  8. This literally had me tearing up… at my desk… in a full office… on Christmas Eve.
    Amazing Job, gang, thank you for this so very much.

    Lasertime is going to become a family tradition as I transition in starting my own family. Thanks again and Happy Holidays yall!

  9. Fantastic, everyone! Couldn’t stop welling up as you brought a Lasertime twist to a Henson classic. Thanks for another year of rad entertainment! Enjoy the well earned break, I think we’re all crazy excited for what you have in store for 2014.

  10. *claps hard*

    Awesome Christmas special guys! Everyone did a sweet job too! And to think Anne kept insisting that she sucked at making voices, she’s pretty good at it actually! XD

    Anyway, thanks for this guys! and merry gorram christmas! Even if you don’t celebrate it, hope you have a great time as well! 😀

  11. daaaaang Anne is really good with those voices O.O. Also I’m not sure why but the Xbone sounded like it was voiced by Lizzie…maybe I just miss her. Either way this was crazy awesome and I could tell a lot of time was put into this. Hope you all enjoy your holiday break, I know I already have.

    1. I particularly liked how the avoided clarifying what console it was, and how it droned on about its features in the background. I was glad that the humor mostly didn’t come from talking about the actual console wars, I’m sick of those.

      1. Thanks so much for saying that, brother. Lizzie’s agnostic next-gen console was one of the most fun/hardest parts of the whole production, and I seriously tried to only list things both PS4 and Xbone can do to keep it ambiguous… WITH THE EXCEPTION OF my favorite feature you can barely hear her brag about, which is that she can “eat garbage.” Not sure who wrote that line, but it cracks me da fuck up.

    2. Yep, I can confirm that the role of “NEW CONSOLE” was in fact one Lizzie Cuevas, who I believe makes here Laser Time debut in this episode. Why did that take so long?!

  12. Loved EVERYTHING about this. Seriously standing O everyone, amazing job all round.
    Thanks for everything you guys do. Merry Chrisantistmas!

    Oh yeah! Was that a Lizzie Cuevas cameo?! Sensational!

  13. Thanks everyone for this wonderful Christmas present, this and the Thanksgivikkuh sketch are easily the best sketches I’ve heard anywhere this year.

  14. I’m jumping on this late, but as someone who misses the Christmas’ of my youth and doesn’t like Christmas as a grumpy adult, this special really plucked my heart strings. I know it was a ton of work and I hope you feel accomplished knowing you almost made a 30 year old Scrooge cry tears of happiness.

  15. Best Christmas skit so far. Can’t stop listening to it. Laughing so much I’m. Crying. Thanks laser time players.

  16. Just listened to VGA and wanted to mention that I listened to this special as soon it went up.
    I loved it so much that I even recommended it to a couple of friends who don’t listen to podcasts.
    We all appreciate the work put into the special, and if I had any money left to donate I would have given generously 🙂

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