Cape Crisis Special – Turn Off The Dork


Henry, Chris, and Brett ends 2013 by talking about something that Chris (and hopefully you listeners) have been waiting months for: a report on the now-defunct Spidey musical, Spider-man: Turn Off the Dark. Was it as bad as it sounds? Did the Green Goblin fall on Chris? Were there any good songs? All this and more, true believers!


For more unnecessary adventures in melodic superheroism, check out Cape Crisis’s previous special on the very real, yet thankfully never-realized Batman: The Musical!

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Cape Crisis #76 Question: What 2014 comic are you looking forward to?

8 thoughts on “Cape Crisis Special – Turn Off The Dork

  1. I don’t think that the kind of person who’s going to a broadway play about spider-man is necessarily just going to see spider-man beat people up. There are so many better ways to get your fix of that. However, it’s true that they could have explained everything about who spider-man is by focusing on a single day or week in his life, not bound to the origin structure that originally came about in a serialized format and is thus not really that adaptable to a single performance.

    Most plays about normal, down to earth heroes don’t actually show their entire origin. They set up the place, the hero rides in, and does his thing, with allusions to his previous adventures and what kind of person he is sprinkled without.

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