19 thoughts on “Laser Time – You Can Talk?!

  1. It’s been like a year since the last LT! dur hur hur geddit? But for reals i am very happy you guys have returned.

  2. Uh oh, if this about what I think it… outside of cartoons aren’t these usually some of the worst films of all time?

    Ah well, good podcast cannon fodder for the new year!

  3. MR. ED WAS NOT A ZEBRA, dammit. Just because it’s black and white doesn’t mean the film can’t differentiate between black and white. If you take a b&w picture of dice, you don’t get white cubes.

    Look at his mane, for crying out loud! Zebras have very different manes!

    If you’d click further into the Snopes article, you’d see they were mocking appeals to authority – that if something sounds authoritative, you’ll believe it. They could’ve made that clearer.

    I’ll shut up now.

    1. It’s funny cause in an earlier episode they had the same discussion and looked it up on snopes and found it out to be false.

      1. I remembered this too, probably the only time i’ve yelled at the podcast


  4. I have an idea for a laser time. I’ve been listening to old talk radar and i stumbled across talk radar 89 and use where talking about aliens and area 51. You sounded interested in the subject and it would be something id be keen to here with a bit of a laser time spin.

  5. Was there a “Buddies of the Rings”? Because talking puppies in chainmail would make all the p*$$ies wet. Just show her the trailer on youtube, and she’d be all, “Stick it in now! I gotta make the babies!”

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