Cheap Popcast #19 – New-school Network, Old-school Raw


It’s an emergency Cheap Popcast! Dave, Henry, Brett, and Chris convene to chat about the WWE’s epic network announcement before discussing recent wrestling events including Old-school Raw and Dave’s trip to see WWE at MSG!



9 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast #19 – New-school Network, Old-school Raw

  1. Been waiting for this emergency episode; I wish this show came along more often.

    Anyways, the announcement of WWE Network has me more excited for pro wrestling than I have been in a while. I’ve been trying to get back into watching for a while now (especially since I started listening to Cheap Popcast) and this new service should help immensely with that.

    I’m looking forward to watching my first ever live WrestleMania in April.

  2. Just wanted to let you guys know that I barely watched wrestling in the nineties, and haven’t watched anything you’ve mentioned or talked about, and don’t know most of the people you refer to. Despite that, this podcast is always hilarious. Imagining all the scenarios you describe and hearing your thoughts on them makes for fantastic entertainment.

    I enjoy your this podcast so much that I have decided to get into wrestling, if anyone has any recommendations on what to start with while I desperately try to find a legal avenue to see things here in NZ please let me know.

    1. If you’ve got SKY TV there’s pretty comprehensive coverage of the WWE on “The Box” every Sunday, and a couple of other times in the week. SKY ARENA offers the pay-per-views: so the whole thing’s not that hard to catch up with from NZ.
      I don’t think I can give reccomendations as to where to start though, as I myself am only slightly less of a wrasslin’ novice than you 😐

  3. I liked the rambling beginning. I don’t care about wrestling, so I just listen to this for the guys’ personalities, and this is always the least tangent-following show on the network (Dave usually keeps an iron grip on the topics here.) I think this was the most interesting episode for me so far.

  4. Have been waiting for this week since I read about the WWE network because sounds like the sort of thing to get me back into watching wrestling on the regular.

    I was a big fan back in the attitude era and got back into it again between 2004-2006 but not actively watched it a lot since then. I will only watch PPV highlights now so I can have context for your guys reaction to the card. I also watch Youtube channels like Botchamania and OSW review but haven’t watched an episode of Raw or Smackdown in years but think if the service works the way they say it will, sign me up for at least a year.

    $10 a month is great considering how expensive it is to buy just one PPV right now and there is also loads of old content I can watch and mark out over.

    Anyway great episode guys, might be your best yet. Keep up the good work, can’t wait for the Royal Rumble and your guys reaction podcast about it

  5. I would be inclined to watch some older shows if that is the plan, although whether this channel will be available outside North America is prime question.

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