Cape Crisis #77 – Alan Moore Isn’t Happy


Chris is under the weather, but Henry and Brett have more than enough to talk about together, including tons of film casting, Peter Parker news, Image Comics, and what might be the last Alan Moore interview ever! Listen in…


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Cape Crisis #77 Question: Alan Moore vs Grant Morrison – Pick a side?!?

11 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #77 – Alan Moore Isn’t Happy

  1. from my understanding, Superior Venom got super strong because Ock was willing him to get super strong. Plus the symbiote has powered up over the years. Whatever, it’s never made much sense that Eddie Brock’s Venom was stronger than Black Suit spidey was. Not a lot of logic or consistency when an author decides they want to power up a character in comics, usually.

  2. Enjoying the episode so far but I heard the rumor about Dr.Strange and even though it probably won’t happens I’d love to see Johnny Depp as Strange. Just combining two things in a fan of.

    1. Personally, I’d rather it was Viggo mortessen. Johnny Depp is a fine actor, but I’ve felt that over the last years he’s become way too eccentric and too enamored with a specific kind of quirky character to make Strange work. That’s just me though.

      1. It’d make me giddy to see him play Strange but I agree it probably wouldn’t fit in the world that’s set up right now. I don’t know much about actors but just seeing Strange portrayed is enough for me.

  3. Damn that is a good question this week, I would have to go with Morrison over Moore. Having read a lot more of his work over the years I find that his New X-Men, Batman and AS Superman are works I have read through more times than anything from Moore other than his two great Superman stories. Having not read pretty much any Promethea and not enough Tom Strong I might be getting ahead of myself but I sometimes find it hard to not look at Moore’s work cynically just because of his attitude toward comics.

    Glad I don’t have to actually make this choice though as they both have written some amazing comics.

  4. For me Morrison’s run on Batman would be enough to make my decision (especially after his Fatman on Batman interview). I feel his run displays a unique reverence and understanding for the Bat Canon unrivaled by most authors. However, when you add in his mind blowing Doom Patrol, Seven Soldiers (way overlooked), Invisibles, and Animal Man (Coyote Gospel is the best single issue I’ve ever read, no exceptions) he just has much more versatility, variety and uniqueness to exclude from my library.

    Moore is great but just has never really done it for me in the same way (barring Watchmen). Partially, his lack of respect for other authors and comics is beyond irritating and I can only imagine how much greater his work might be if he were more willing to be multi dimensional in where ha garners influence from ( or more accurately if he would admit it since influence is inevitable, we are always the product of what came prior). The other thing that bothers me ( Henry you’re to thank for pointing this out in a prior podcast) is his constant sexualization of young girls and portrayal of rape. I realize it’s the old trap of not separating the artist from their art but when he reminds you of it constantly it’s hard not to feel like I’m supporting (or at least garnering entertainment from) an individual’s troubling world view when I read his work.

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