6 thoughts on “VGMpire Episode 62 – Persona Picks

  1. I like the Persona series, but the music and gameplay are so complementary I find it hard to identify with the music from the games I haven’t played. When I listen to P3 or P4 music, I think of the locations and the people there. When I hear P1/P2 music, I think “Huh, this is some weird J-pop music.” Meguro is good, but he makes sure to create music FOR the game, rather than alongside the game.

    That said, how about dat Persona 5. Can’t wait. Screw new consoles.

    1. I totally agree. I feel this way about a lot of music for other games but especially the persona series. You end up tying a certain emotion to that song or just some memorable scene and then it becomes awesome. Without that connection, its just like you said, weird j-pop music.

      But yes persona 5! I’ll finally buy Ps3 and hopefully at the cheapest price it’ll be.

  2. I hate to admit, but I’m not a VGMpire listener.
    However, I’ll have to give this a download because of how awesome the Persona games are.

  3. I still haven’t got around to playing a Persona RPG despite having played Arena, which one would assume is better for fans. Ah well, the music was still great.

  4. This podcast has upped my interest for the series, though I’m not sure where to start and the most appealing of all the games “Persona 4” isn’t available on PSN unless you have a Vita. Why cant the just make the original PS2 version available for download for PS3? Gosh it’d be great if the made the PSP Vita remakes for PS3. How hard can it be?

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