Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer is GO!

Guardians of the Galaxy Laser Time

Star Man, Rocky Raccoon, Ajax the Destroyer and more revealed in stunning detail!
I’m joking obviously, but I wont pretend to be the biggest Guardians fan in the galaxy. That said, the trailer put a goddamned gigantic smile on my face with its raw Prattiness, competent effects, and a tone that you could call less than serious.

Whatever, I’ll just leave this here, and we’ll talk about it on Cape Crisis this week. Chime in with your thoughts below.


16 thoughts on “Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer is GO!

  1. I feel like a jerk but I’m actually worried that its gonna be to jokey. I dunno if I’m too fond of the trailer. Either way I’m probably gonna be seeing it opening night but yea my doubts have kinda just gotten a bit bigger.

    1. You’re not alone… But Marvel’s hands are so deep in my pockets at this point it could be the cinematic equivalent of dog shit on the screen for an hour, and I’d still be letting them fondle my wallet.

  2. I know nothing about the comic, but based on what’s here, I love it. Starlord reminds me of a certain Captain Reynolds… which can’t be a bad thing.

  3. I don’t think the GotG movie could have been done any other way than the less than serious tone set in this trailer. If it took itself to seriously, it would just feel forced. This way, you can just jump right into the ideas of all these aliens and galactic warfare comfortably knowing it’s all in good fun.

    I’m more than excited to see this film, knowing very little of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

  4. As much I want it to succeed it go either way commercially.
    This is also the most random cast in the history of Film, it feels weird seeing Batista and John C. Reilly in the same movie.

  5. I actually find it funny they poke fun at the fact they’re making a film about relatively unknown heroes. A comedic slant is probably the way to go, reminds me almost of the Fifth Element.

  6. Fuck yes, this is a great way to start the day.

    Only wish we could have heard everybody’s voice. But I guess it makes since to have the human star the trailer.

  7. I was hoping for a trailer/film that would get me pumped up for a “Serious to a fault” Space opera. The action bits with Groot and Rocket Raccoon look neat, and I’m always down for a light hearted adventure (a la The Rundown).
    Overall I’m interested, but not as excited as I once was.

  8. To all the people giving this trailer shity because it isn’t dark and gritty go watch the riddick movies instead. This movie is for people who aren’t boring.

  9. Don’t know anything about Guardians of the Galaxy outside from what’s been discussed in CapeCrisis, so I have no attachment to these characters. It looks cool enough, but seeing how Henry and Brett keep going on and on about how awesome Rocket Racoon is, I was expecting them to showcase him more… yet we barely him doing anything, and we didn’t even hear his voice.

    Also, I like that the film isn’t taking itself seriously at all, though jokes in the trailer failed to even make me smile, here’s hoping the comedy will work better in the actual film.

  10. At the very least this trailer guarantees to me that I will love GotG. It looks like it’s really embracing having fun. I’m so tired of superhero movies getting so obsessed with their characters being dark they don’t have them do anything fun. And for the love of god let Superman wear his red underwear!!!

    Overall the actual trailer reminds of Hellboy 2. Hopefully GotG will be more financially successful, but if we get a movie that’s half as enjoyable as that I’d be more than happy.

  11. I had never heard of any of the characters in The Guardians of the Galaxy until I bought The Infinity Gauntlet based on Henry’s recommendation. I think this is the right direction to go with this group. The other Marvel movies are serious enough. Let’s have some fun with this one.

  12. I think it was Brett who commented on how it feels like this movie is getting a bit of a rush job. After watching the trailer (and enjoying it no less), I really have to agree. We’re seeing some new material compared to the Comic Con sneak peek, but it’s very little. I hope they aren’t cutting it too close to the release date and it’s production takes a hit.

    I’m excited, anyway!

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