Cape Crisis #81 – Guarding The Galaxy (And Ellen Page)


We’re clearly super-duper hyped about the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer, but we have much more to talk about, including Ellen Page’s big news, our reading history, the power of spoilers, and other bullshit…


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Cape Crisis #81 Question: How do you feel about spoilers getting posted the day a comic comes out?

15 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #81 – Guarding The Galaxy (And Ellen Page)

  1. I’m excited for this movie coming out in August too, but you guys spent more time talking about Ellen Page than any of the two DC animated movies that just came out this month. Or even the new ROBOCOP movie! Or the ‘end’ OF Waid’s Daredevil run!

  2. I feel like a jackass for being pedantic, but Blink doesn’t have blue skin. All versions of her have always had pink skin. You’re probably thinking of Nocturne, Nightcrawler’s alt-universe daughter with the Scarlet Witch. She hung around with Age of Apocalypse Blink for awhile in Exiles and they do look bit alike.

    Now that my unnecessary nerd rant is over, the QOTW: I would rather if a news outlet is going to report on a big happening in comics, they would at least wait a few hours into the day to post, after 12 noon maybe. I know that doesn’t make sense from a click-bait perspective, but they wouldn’t spoil a twist on a TV show or a movie right away, so why do they plaster spoilers for comics in their headlines?
    Because page views, that’s why.

  3. QOTW: I agree with Mr. Antista, especially when it comes to reviews. All the movie, game, and book reviews I prefer read do an excellent job of evaluating the product, while leaving some mystery for me to discover on my own. Which is why I cannot stand [Insert Website Here], who’s movie and comic book reviews’ first sentence is “Warning: Spoilers Ahead.” The whole reason I’m reading the damned thing is to find out if I want to experience it or not!!!

  4. Cool thanks for reading my comment!

    I had to L-O-L out loud about your mention of the crooner cartoons. The way they portrayed Frank Sinatra, I think for grownups at the time, he must have seemed like Justin Bieber or any other teen idol, just a vapid pop singer that their teen daughters were losing the minds over. Here’s the best one I think:

  5. Anyone else think the Guardians trailer was strong reminiscent of Borderlands? Specifically the Borderlands 2 wimoweh trailer?

  6. QOTW: Late to the party here but spoilers do bother me ever since The Sixth Sense was spoiled for me when it was still in the theater. A spoiler tag and basic respect for those around you are all thats really necessary. Respectfully, Hank has some pretty loose lips about alot of things on alot of podcasts. Easy rules:

    Comics – One week is plenty of time (even though I’m often behind that on most books)

    Movies – A week or two after DVD/BluRay release

    Games – Three months gives plenty of time for a game to go on sale and be finished

    TV – Like comics, I think a week is enoughto be fair (even though I’m usually two or three weeks back on most shows)

    There are always exceptions, such as spoilercasts or a clear warning with a few seconds to let me turn down the volume. Also, I really like the Cape Crisis format of a mini spoilercast for major summer movies at the end of the episode. If I havnt seen it, I just save it till I have.

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