Vidjagame Apocalypse 53 – Heal the World


The last week of February boasts some notably dark-looking new releases, so we thought we’d add a little color with our five favorite games about bringing dead worlds back to life. Then we unwisely gush about Thief and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 just days before finding out everyone else hated them, chat about some troubling developments in last week’s news cycle, and talk about your biggest crushes on game characters.

Question of the Week

What’s your favorite victory sound from a game? (And don’t say the Achievement/Trophy chime. That’s way too obvious.)



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61 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 53 – Heal the World

  1. GT3 and GT4 because the licencees tests in that game could be brutally hard so finally hearing the victory jingle was so rewarding

  2. Mine would have to be the victory jingle from the first Jak and Daxter game. That sound alone symbolizes my childhood. It just makes me feel good inside after receiving one of those power cells.

  3. I know this is gonna be a popular answer, but what the heck, it’s the truth: The victory fanfare that plays after winning a battle in a Final Fantasy game. Specifically, mine would be from Final Fantasy VII, (Even though it’s far from my favorite FF game..) mainly because it’s the first Final Fantasy game I’ve played, and thus that’s the one version that made the initial, most resonating impression in me.

    1. Y’know what? scratch that, thinking about it better, it just came to me one that’s way more satisfactory to me, the victory fanfare for any proper Contra game. Specially since they are all super hard and challenging games, that when you finally manage to beat a level, you definitely feel like you’ve EARNED that kickass, bombastic fanfare. So damn satisfying.

  4. Fanfare 2 from Chrono Trigger. Usually happens whenever you find a story important item, so it’s nice to have a little musical reminder of progress.

  5. The victory sound from final fantasy 7. Every time I hear something like it I think of a little blind boy with grossly over sized forearms twirling a sword no one on the planet earth could ever lift.

  6. I would have to say that it is the Level-up Ding from my still, all-time favorite MMORPG, the Original EverQuest from 1999 (not the fucked up versions from the 2000’s or whenever it was completely re-designed and destroyed)

  7. Wow, I’m pleasantly surprised to hear Mikel’s opinion of LoS2, it’s refreshing and reassuring to FINALLY hear someone say good things about the game without making it sound like it’s a major disappointment overall. Definitely gets my hopes up for when I can finally get my hands on it.

    Also, definitely agree with Chris regarding Strider, just finished on Monday, and I am pleasantly surprised at how damn good it is. This and Guacamelee are perhaps the best Metroidvania games I’ve played in consoles for this current (soon to be last) generation. And also, I disagree that Shadow Complex is nearly as good as those two.

    Lastly… What’s wrong with not being able to tell apart 30 from 60 FPS? And I’m seriously not lying either. Maybe if you put side by side comparisons I could tell the difference, but otherwise, I could never really be able to tell or guess if a game I’m playing is running at 30 FPS or 60 FPS.

  8. The leveling up music in Fallout 3. Every time I hear it it brings relief and happiness to me because it means that I can finally increase what attributes I want to my character and make him/her more bad-ass in my own way that I choose. It is also relieving because that game can be hard at times, especially in Point Lookout.

  9. The thundering crash when Batman shatters the jaw of a hapless goon in Batman: Arkham City is the ultimate victory sound! While it’s not a major victory, it’s one less murderous psychopath, which is good enough for me!

  10. QOTW: The “Mission Accomplished” riff at the end of every mission in Mass Effect 2. It’s a great close out complete with a tinge of badassery and a fantastic still of the Illusive man in his signature chair above a star.

  11. QOTW: My favorite victory theme is the mission complete jingle from GTA Vice City. I would remember having to walk 30 minutes home when I was in high school, and this always played in my head when I came home to crash. I also liked the bonus room victory theme from DKC2 (and I guess DKC3 since they used the same one).

    1. My answer was going to be pretty much everything in your comment. I’ll just add Diddy Kong’s wicked level-ending solo from DCK2. Oh, and, as if Outrun 2 and hearing Splash Wave wasn’t pleasant enough, I’ll add the victory piano thingy that plays at the end of every race while a cringe-worthy humorous cutscene plays in the background.

      God, I love that game.

  12. QOTW: I’d have to choose either the fanfare for finishing a level in the sonic adventure games, or the hit sound effect in Street Fighter x Tekken (I know this is stretching it). Sonic Adventure 1&2’s fanfare is something that is in tune with my soul, but the hit sound effect in SFxT has such a satisfying, staticky crunch to it. When you’re doing a combo that involves 5 fierces and roundhouses, every one of them feels like such an impact.

  13. QOTW: This can be considered a losing sound as well, but I’d have to say it’s the last Spartan letting out his dying grunt sound in Halo followed by the announcer saying “Game Over”.

  14. QOTW: the turtles theme and “COWABUNGA” that plays at the completion of a level from TMNT IV: Turtles in Time for the SNES.

  15. QOTW: Well the obvious choice is the Zelda opening a chest to get a key item after a boss fight, but I’m actually a bigger fan of those mini-achievement sounds. What do I mean? The sound of finding a shiny pokemon in XY, or the legendary item drop noise (probably the only good thing about Diablo III). Pure unadulterated dopamine right there.

  16. QOTW: I have to love the victory jingle from the Dragon Quest series. It just brings back memories of playing the original on the NES with my older brother.

  17. QOTW: The sound when the Home Run bat connects with someone in any Smash Brothers game. Usually that means an instant kill unless you’re playing on a huge stage like Hyrule Temple or somewhere with lots of walls where the guy flying would usually pinball around hilariously.

  18. Mine would have to be from L.A. Noire, the jingle that plays once you have found all of the clues. After several minutes of picking up empty beer bottles and boxes of detergent, hearing the music cue that lets you know that there are no more clues left to be found is a comforting sound, for me especially, because I am a completest freak, and I always feel like an idiot when a case ends and it tells me that I missed some clues. So that would be my answer.

  19. for me its between winning with kirby in super smash bros, and catching a pokemon. they are both very happy tunes and give (to me at least) a real sense of accomplishment.

  20. Animal crossing, the little jingle after you pay off a loan. It’s so happy! And then you go back to having to pay off an even bigger loan…

  21. Guys please do a 4/20 cast, you guys could be high as shit making fun of how stupid and annoying ‘420 blaze it faget’ culture is. Sounds like a great episode to me.

  22. Guys please do a 4/20 cast! you could be high as shit making fun of how stupid and annoying ‘420 blaze it faget’ culture is. Sounds like a great episode to me.

  23. The sound of the final knockout at the end of a fight in the Arkham games is so damn satisfying. Coupled with the slow-mo animation of Batman’s brutal melee attack, I often find myself air-punching to the ultimate blow.

    1. That was my second choice!

      Dragon Warrior was my first RPG at a time when my child brain could barely fathom what an RPG was.

  24. As soon as the question was asked I had one in mind, then as the discussion continued, Chris mentioned it. DAMN YOU ANTISTA!! <3

    Ima stick with it though, and say the victory jingle from Final Fantasy X. Yeah, I know it's the same jingle in all the games, but for some reason, the sound of that one and the way it rolls into the peppy, undulating tune that follows, just always sticks in my head.

    It probably helps that it was my first FF and I didn't begin playing it until mid 2010 after two years of hearing the people on that Talkradar podcast singing the praises of the series. Thus began a four year love affair with JPRGs and no regrets.

  25. QOTW: Splinter Cell’s Night Vision Goggle sound. While not strictly limited to being a victory sound, nothing feels more satisfying than shooting out every light in a room and powering those bad boys on. When done correctly, it is a victory sound. Your enemies just don’t know it yet.

    Second to that is the “Ultra Combo” Sound from Killer Instinct. Amazing yell after a job well done, and it still freaks out my coworkers when I use it as my ringtone.

  26. The sound of the railgun in Quake 2, and I agree with the Tyler on the armer sound… music to my ears man.
    The Duke Nukem 3D menu “punching” sound too.
    Also, the Apogee logo makes me happy.

    Yeah too many.

  27. QOTW: The music that plays when you collect your third Aku-Aku mask in Crash Bandicoot and gain invincibility is probably the theme to my childhood. Crash Bandicoot is the first series of games that I remember playing and it may have been my first console game.

    Also, I love listening to the shows where conversations about GamesRadar and TalkRadar appear. It’s great to be able to fondly recall and think about those fun times.

  28. QOTW: The sound that plays when you rank up in COD WAW , “Attention!” and the sounds of soldiers’ boots .
    Also , the sound of the VTOL jet in Saints Row 3 transitioning from normal flight to hover mode . It’s a beautiful transformer like sound.
    Oh yeah and the gorgeous medieval chords that play when you synchronize a viewpoint in Assassin’s Creed 2

  29. The sound of silence in the Metal Gear Solid series.
    The absence of thumping action music or the chirping of a dwindled heath bar means everyone else is dead and for the time being Snake is safe.

  30. Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars had a really catchy battle win theme, i guess square just knows what they are doing when it comes to victory music.

    Crash Bandicoot crystal get chime was pretty iconic too. It’s especially rewarding if you are being chased by a polar bear the size of a dump truck.

  31. Thief 4 is a continuation of Thief 3. At the end of 3, a girl tries to pick Garret’s pocket, and he plays out the beginning scene from the first Thief.

  32. First and foremost, I have to agree with Anne on the Okami music. Hearing/watching an entire area bloom into life in that game was always super rewarding. I’m also with you guys in promoting that game. I bought it the day it came out and haven’t stopped bothering my friends about it ever since.

    My runner-up would definitely be the announcer from Halo. After playing so much of that game, the announcer’s voice is stuck in my subconscious for the rest of time. There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing confirmation of your awesomeness online in the form of “DOUBLE KILL”, “TRIPLE KILL”, “BULLTRUE” and others. Honorable mentions go to just about any sound effect from “insert game title” by Nintendo. They’re just the masters of rewarding sounds. Specifically, the applause that plays in most recent Mario games is more rewarding to me than any achievement notification ever can or will be.

    I’ll shut up now after I just say that this is my favorite gaming podcast on teh interwebz. Keep up the awesome work!

  33. Definitely the sound of a headshot in any of the Gears of War games, that delicious pop that sounds like a watermelon being hit with a sledgehammer is the perfect audio cue that you just pulled off a difficult shot

  34. One of my favorite sound effects in a game has to be the announcer in Halo. Many, many nights my friends and I would play against each other and it would be so satisfying when you would blast 3 of your friends and hear that satisfying Triple Kill or Killtacular just so gratifying.

  35. It might be the battle victory music from Lost Odyssey or Golden Sun, or maybe even the sound of children cheering when you smash open a Pinata in Viva Pinata, but it’s probably the Ash Lake music from Dark Souls, your true reward for battling your way down The Great Hollow (Gigantic Fuck-off Tree) and setting foot on those hallowed sands.

  36. The first level of Marathon 2 was introduced by this great illustration of a space marine cyborg holding a gun and someone’s ripped out spine in blue alien enviroment. There was a pretty generic stock lighting crash sound effect that accompanied the image. That sound and image are permanently tied in my brain. To this day I can pick out and identify the “marathon lightning” in movies, TV, and games, it introduced me to one of my favorite game worlds.

    Other than that I’d have to say the zerg victory screen music from the first Starcraft. The Zerg were the most beautiful animals my metal-addled-middle-school-mind had ever seen. When that squirming guitar kicks in and you get that image of a Hydrolisk on a pyramid of skulls like some kind of starship trooper mongolian war god while the numbers tally all the enemies you crushed, saw driven before you, and heard lamented by women… Well that was the best in life.

  37. For my favorite victory sounds, once again it’s got to be Dragon’s Lair. I hear it in my head whenever I accomplish something in life. When I die, I hope it’s just like the Game Over death sequence.

    My #2 would be the Mission Accomplished tune from GTA Vice City. It makes me want to put on my sunglasses… at night. Eeeeeeyaaaaaaaugh!

  38. My favorite video game sound is definitely the Deviljho theme song from Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate… Nothing screams terror like hearing that fucking sound, especially if you are already battling another monster and at that point you would have to take on both of them. My runner up would be the Halo menu screen song from the first game… That is such beautiful music to my ears.

  39. QOTW: The 1 up fanfare from sonic the hedgehog was always an inside joke one for us because it would often play just as my bros and I were crashing into something and losing every ring we had. Greatest hollow victory mock ever. But for reals I love the level clear fanfare from Super Mario World!

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