16 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #81.1 – Egon Baby Gone

  1. As the internet got up in arms all over again with the Fantastic Four casting I came to the conclusion that my problem isn’t making Johnny Storm black, I’m frustrated that Sue is white.
    Just go all the way, they’re adding unnecessary backstory having to explain why one is black and the other is white.
    Or I suppose they could not explain it at all. Michael B. Jordan is the only person from the casting that I’ve seen anything from and I genuinely enjoyed his performance in Chronicle.

      1. Like I said, that would be adding unnecessary backstory.
        But it isn’t a big deal, they could do that and it wouldn’t bug me.

    1. sure it’s unnecessary backstory but people are SO obsessed with skin color. always have been.
      but Johnny and Sue could totally be siblings. they both have the same father but different mothers. genetics can do anything it wants. it can reach back to one of your oldest relatives to define how you look.

      johnny came from a mom and dad both what would be traditionally considered black, and then the dad gets divorced and marries a white woman and sue is born. she could still look exactly like blonde hair blue eyed sue storm. genes don’t give an eff

      storm could “look white” and still be very mixed for all we know it happens all the time. my family is overflowing with a myriad of skin tones because genes don’t care what you want, only what they want at that very second.

      but yah, it’s too much back story and not enough time to make a general audience of people comfortable with their myopic views on how humankind is erroneously defined.


  2. The only problem I can see with Johnny Storm being black is him, being the impulsive joker of the team, could easily slip into “sassy black guy” territory if handled poorly.

  3. Esquire network (Yeah them) played Ghostbuster the day after Ramis died. I was about to be done downloading Remember Me on psn and was only going to watch a little bit. Needless to say I watched the whole thing.

  4. Thanks Brett and Chris for making an episode on short notice, real nice of ya. That being said, I guess I should watch Ghostbusters since I have yet to watch the whole movie…

  5. Lol, dat intro XD

    And well, I’ve always been curious about “Groundhog Day”, so might as well finally go ahead and watch it now.

    And this was nice people, thanks for doing at least a short 10 min episode rather than nothing at all, very much appreciated! ^^

  6. Aww, it just started to get really interesting. I hope to expand on these topic here in the next full length episode.

  7. johnny and sue could totally be brother and sister in SEVERAL ways via story and reality.

    1. adoption. they’re both adopted. look at brad pitt and angelina jolie’s family.

    2. GENETICS. i come from a family of jamaican, irish, dominican, and korean background, and when we have family reunions we look like a bunch of total strangers got together and are pretending to know each other. for all we know sue storm isn’t white, she could very well be something like dominican or brazilian or puerto rican or a ton of other persons that CAN have dark or tanned skin but can also still have very light skin and yes, blonde hair and even blue eyes. genetics is a slot machine that’s why humanity is as diverse as it is.

    3. it’s unimportant if you’re an executive and just want to reach the biggest audience as possible’s wallets.

    4. why would anyone care if they’re brother and sister? they have effing super powers for crying out loud! nothing about this universe has to be realistic! they hang out with a cosmic silver surfing guy from time to time!
    it’s all about having fun, and telling interesting stories.

    ultimately i love that you guys just popped in and gave us a little something fun.

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