Laser Time – Oscar Time 2014


Hardcore movie talk and 2014 Oscar predictions sure to warm the cold winter heart of even the biggest cinephobic! We’ve seen ‘em all so you don’t have to!


Header Art: Frozen Ready for the Oscars!by violetatranceart


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  1. Yes, been waiting for this, especially since it means Mikel & Diana.
    Also, anyone know the source for the cover picture?

      1. “Let it Go” was a great song; I don’t want it to win best animated picture. The movie itself was crap, especially next to The Wind Rises and Ernest & Celestine.

        1. Respectfully disagree about Frozen being crap, I quite liked the movie, although I haven’t watched either the Wind rises or Ernest & Celestine yet, so they might be better, I can give you that much.

          1. Maybe crap is too harsh a word. I found the movie very disappointing. As a Disney film, I expected more, but instead found the plot muddled and cliche, the songs aside from “Let it Go” dull, and entire thing far too predictable.

          2. …I feel it funny that people say that they expected more of this one being a “Disney” film, considering that IMO it’s the most on point, charming film they’ve done in years, ditto with the music, having the first memorable soundtrack from a Disney film since Beauty and the Beast IMO, and not just “Let it go” either, “Do you wanna make a snowman” and Olaf’s song were pretty fantastic as well.

            And considering it stray from the traditional “find your one true love” ending most princess Disney films have, I fail to see how it is predictable.

            But hey, different strokes for different people I suppose, and again, I need to watch the other two you mentioned, because both look really good.

          3. I understand that we all have different tastes. I just found the story too muddled to be charming and the sidekicks did much more harm than good in my opinion. As for songs, while I will submit that “Let It Go” is amazing song, the others I just found forgettable. I can name many many soundtracks I enjoyed much more since Beauty and the Beast. Also when I say predictable, I mean I predicted the entire plot of the movie within the first half-hour. And while I applaud the writers for attempting to tell a non traditional Disney film, the egregious number of subplots and divergencies detract far too much from the meaning to have any effect.

    1. Correction: Diana + Michael Grimm episodes are the best. Mostly just because it’s a clash of personalities.

  2. Heck yeah! I love them Oscar episodes! can wait to listen! 😀

    Also, gotta love that Frozen pic you used for this episode, very classy ^^

  3. You know, 12 Years A Slave may have come from a British director, but British people owned slaves not too long ago.

  4. American Beauty is a very interesting movie to me specifically because it doesn’t ever feel like any one person is the main character. The story revolves around Kevin Spacey, but he doesn’t own it, and everyone else is focused on their own stories that weave through his.

    I can see how some parts of it in particular could be seen as pretentious, but honestly when you’re dealing with teenagers talking about life, that’s really just accurate.

    I went into it at a time when I was feeling as uncynical as I’ve ever felt in my life, and I think that state of mind is essential to fully appreciating it.

  5. Yes! I was getting really worried that this wasn’t going to happen this year. Your annual Oscar cast is one of my new favorite traditions. By the time it comes out, I have always seen all of the movies nominated and I love hearing you guys talk about them.

    I am a little worried this year though, because I honestly really liked, if not loved, all 9 of the Best Picture nominees. Also, the 5 Best Documentary nominees were also great (Cutie and the Boxer and Dirty Wars were maybe the lesser of the bunch), the Animated and Foreign movies were all great, though Blue is the Warmest Color was an odd snub, as was Inside Llewyn Davis for Best Picture.

    This was a great year for movies to me. I hope at least someone on the ‘cast agrees. If not, I know I’ll still have a blast listening. Long live the wonderful movie tandem of Mikel and Diana!

    1. Also, is there any chance you guys will have an Oscar pool up on Laser Time for us all to participate in similar to Dave’s “Cheap Popcast WWE Pick the Winners” posts?

      Winner gets 50 cents off a Laser Time shirt. I don’t know.

      I would think that there would have to be an online pool somewhere on the internet where you could make a group and make entries, if not just post predictions on a Laser Time page. Just throwing the idea out there if anyone was interested.

  6. This is always one of my favourite episodes of the year, and I saw most of them this year. Diana is one of the best co-hosts on the show, and it’d be great having her on more episodes.

  7. Just my luck that the one Oscar nominated movie I’ve yet to see but want to watch the most, is the one that gets talked about and spoiled the most XD I’ve waited all this most to see if Mexican cinemas will ever bother bringing 12 years a slave over here, but NOPE.

    See, and people wonder why I end up pirating shit, if my own city doesn’t bring it here, and if the USA restricts any services that could allow me to watch it legally… Then fuck it, I’ll just get it that way, and THEN I can properly listen to this episode.

    1. We disagree alot, even recently (lol), but your exact comment is how I feel about a ton of Japanese games. These movie and game companies need to understand that it’s 2014 and if they don’t release shit where I live, I’ll just torrent, translate and emulate the game ot watch it on VLC Player and they won’t get ANY of my money.

      I’m sorry to hear about your predicament though- 12 Years a Slave was very good. It’s just sad you’ll have to get it other ways than giving money to the makers of it due to bullshit politics.

      1. #Addendum#

        I read your comment on GR wrong (it’s been annoyingly buggy on my phone since the site update) so disregard my first sentence lol

  8. Chris, you hit the nail on the head with Giamatti. His part was fantastic. I don’t often feel a lot for these sorts of movies, but that really got me. Hats off to him and the director for Giamatti’s scenes.

  9. Thank you for not playing the straight up version of Let it Go. As a person who frequents tumblr on a daily basis, I’m ready to burn that movie out of pure annoyance. But on to more positive things… awesome podcast guys! I think LaserTime has gotten me to be a lot more interested in movies than I ever was before. I feel like I’ve learned to appreciate and critique them a lot better. Maybe I’ll make it a goal next year to actually see all of the Oscar nominees.

  10. After seeing “The Wind Rises” and hearing all of the various criticisms/ controversies about it, I do hope it gets an award. It won’t, but I do dream. I guess Miyazaki magic only happens once.

  11. Also couldnt you construe “Let it go” as a song about being a secret anything.
    And a girl cant not have a love interest in a disney film without being thought to be gay?

    1. Henry just loves finding and pushing homosexual undertones or meanings whenever he can, in case you haven’t noticed by listening to him 😛

      1. It really gets repetitive, we all understand how he feel but he keeps bringing the conversation back to it. Maybe he should release his excess gay excitement into something that benefits gay people instead of pushing a point that no one listening disagrees with.

  12. 12 Years a Slave is my personal pick from the lot. Although I am interested in seeing many others. The awards season films were light at my cinema this year, strange because it looks better than last year’s.

    Also I don’t believe that Henry believes there’s little difference between a Welsh and Greater London accent. If you can tell the difference between a generic media popular versions of Scottish, English and Irish, hell even German and French, you can tell the difference from Welsh.

  13. The very idea of Chris trying to buy the rights to the songs from Bambi is such a thing that he would do, it’s hilarious.

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