Cheap Popcast #21 – The Long and Winding Road to WrestleMania


Dave, Henry, Brett and a few other mystery chamber entrants talk about the final PPV before WrestleMania XXX, before moving onto Raw’s big returns and then chatting about their fondest PPV memories.



13 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast #21 – The Long and Winding Road to WrestleMania

  1. JEEZUS!

    What a strange time to post the podcast. Oh well, I’ll listen nobody when or how… FOREVER!

    1. Bryan’s feud isn’t with Orton. His feud has always been with Hunter screwing him over and keeping him from the title. It is a stronger storyline finish for Bryan to make hunter tap out at mania.

  2. I’d love to see a Pre-WrestleMania show, even if it’s just an hour of speculation. For the biggest show of the year, one of the biggest WrestleMania shows in history, and with such a controversial atmosphere it should make for an interesting debate.

  3. Charlie is such a tease. I wish he would actually be in an episode for its entirety, he was always one of my favourites on TalkRadar.

  4. If they unified the US and IC belts, wouldn’t that make it the world championship which is already a thing? That’s pretty stupid to do. Unless they call it the “Midcard Title” which is even worse.

  5. Great episode. Would kill to get these bi-weekly but there is probably not enough demand for that :\

    I think my perfect mania card at this point would be:

    Preshow match #1: Fatal 4 way for #1 contender of IC title: ziggler vs swagger vs ryback vs del rio – swagger wins
    Preshow match #2: Emma + Bellas vs Aksana/Alicia Fox/Summer Rae – faces win after the emma lock is put on alicia fox

    – Shield triple threat for the US title – rollins wins

    – Langston vs Cesaro for the Intercontinental title – Cesaro (barely) wins, and turns babyface by shaking Big E’s hand. Swagger interrupts and attacks Cesaro, leading to him getting Neutralized followed by a huge “we the people” chant as Zeb storms to the back.

    – Usos (w/ Rikishi as manager) vs Rhodes vs Sheamus/Christian vs Mysterio/Sin Cara elimination tag match for the titles – Usos win

    – AJ vs Naomi for the women’s title. AJ wins, but as she celebrates Natty’s music hits and she stares down AJ from the ramp

    – Cena (w/ hogan as manager) vs Wyatts in a handicap elimination match – Cena eliminates Rowan first with the AA. Eliminates Harper second with the STF. Bray hits the sister abigail, cena kicks out, hulks up as hogan pumps up the crowd, and hits the AA for the win.

    – Bryan vs HHH -Bryan wins after doing la mistica into the yes lock, and by stipulation, gets entered into the main event. would be great to see him hold in the lock forcing refs to pull him off

    – Brock vs Taker – Taker wins via tombstone after a long grueling match

    – Bryan vs Orton vs Batista elimination triple threat (w/ Hogan on commentary) – Batista pins Orton first, and Orton delivers an RKO before leaving the ring out of anger. Bryan hits the knee on Batista, and Kane comes out to attack Bryan as he goes for the pin. Bryan is distracted, allowing Batista to hit the Batista Bomb. Kane is soon met with a big boot from Hogan, ref is focused on them so Batista’s 3 count doesn’t count. As batista gets the ref, Bryan gets up and hits the knee+ a second time for the win

    I would also LOVE to see an orton/ambrose feud

  6. Here’s my wrestle mania card


    Pre-show: Triple H vs Dolph Ziggler. Winner = Triple H

    US TITLE: Dean Ambrose vs Triple H. Winner = Triple H

    DIVAS TITLE: Aj Lee vs Triple H. Winner = Triple H

    IC TITLE: Big E vs Triple H. Winner = Triple H


    BRAY WYATT VS JOHN CENA: Winner = John Cena (duh!)

    TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP: Usos vs Triple H and Hunter Hurst Helmsley. Winner = Triple H and Hunter Hurst Helmsley

    DANIEL BRYAN VS TRIPLE H: Winner = Triple H

    WWE CHAMPIONSHIP: Batista vs Randy Orton. Winner = Triple H

    POST SHOW DARK MATCH: Daniel Bryan vs Triple H, buried alive match. Winner = Triple H.

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