Batman: Arkham Knight exists and has a trailer


“We have lived through dark days, and there are no doubt more to come” – The Batmobile
I know as much as you do at this point, but alls I’ll say is the last place I wanted the Arkham series to go was further back in time. If anything, I wanted to take the Arkham out of the Triple-A Batman simulator series altogether and into Gotham proper. I wanna beat up small It looks like that’s exactly what’s happening because BATMOBILE!!!!!


I can barely get the trailer to fucking load, but it doesn’t matter because Game Informer has made it unembeddable. You probably didn’t want to see the reveal for Rocksteady’s last trip under the cowl anyway. [UPDATE: Warner Bros. to the rescue!]

Guess I better start Batman Arkham Origins… Let us know what you think in the comments below. It’s bound to come up on a future episode of Laser Time/Vidjagame Apocalypse/Cape Crisis.

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13 thoughts on “Batman: Arkham Knight exists and has a trailer

  1. The trailer is up on YouTube, and while all CG, it is exciting! What RockSteady can do on Next-Gen(current?) and 3 years development time? The mind boggles.

    1. Long ago (post City, pre Origins) Conroy claimed he was voicing Da Bat again in an upcoming game, and god help us, let this be it!

  2. Very, very excited for this. I like Origin enough but it was nowhere near as good as Rocksteady’s efforts, so here’s hoping their extra time gives us another kick-ass game.

  3. I like that Rocksteady is helming this one again, but I personally DON’T like the idea of having a Drivable Bat-mobile this time around. I mean, IMO the most exciting sandbox games are those who come up with fun, different ideas to traverse and explore areas quickly, and i thought the gliding in City was fantastic, so in this one having to use a car (the most vanilla, boring method of fast transportation there is in sandbox games) feels like a marked step backwards.

    Yes, even if it’s the batmobile, which, even if it has a shitton of gadgets, it will still function like a car for the most part… Unless it can turn into the Bat-Jet, that would be retarded, but also awesome.

  4. OoOoooooooo baby! That was some sweet looking CGI, went to school for that so that was great to watch. Glad Rocksteady is back behind the wheel of the Batmobile again! Can’t wait for all the little tidbits to find while being a badass driving around in Arkham.

      1. Are you talking about the trailer? Because it’s CGI.

        It’s by these guys. They’ve done The Old Republic, Elder Scrolls Online, Far Cry 3, and that cool Batman Arkham Origins one with Deathstroke. If you’ve seen a near photorealistic CGI trailer in the last few years it’s by Blur Studios. I’ve still no idea why no one has hired them for a movie.

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