37 thoughts on “LT – All About 80’s Rap Commercials

  1. Not a rap, but it sounds like you forgot about the Simpsons Butterfinger commercials where Homer tries to steal Bart’s candy bar.

  2. Are you fucking serious? It’s not like this episode wasn’t available if somebody wanted to listen to it. Are you really struggling so hard to come up with content? Just make some more SJW circlejerking, because that seems to be popular these days.

      1. I don’t see the need to post something like “yay another episode, I’m going to listen to this! I haven’t even started it yet but I know it’s going to be good!” So I usually don’t see the need to post unless I have something to complain about.

        Also why the fuck are you defending a literal repost?

        1. Lasertime is free content. The hosts do it in their spare time and rarely miss a week, so I’ll defend this repost if it helps stop Chris and the gang from burning themselves out and if it helps them keep this site going.

          1. Yeah, I’m mad. Mad that you guys work so damn hard to give us quality shows every week for free. Seriously, you guys rock and we love ya.

  3. Sadly, I’m not okay with reruns, as I have a lot of podcasts I listen to, so I don’t really have time to relisten to stuff.

    Especially annoying when it takes me awhile to realize it’s an old episode. :p

  4. I just listened to the original episode recently and it’s still one of my favorites. If any episode is going to be rerun, this is the one to go with.

    At the same time, I’m really upset that the crew would have the audacity to take a break from providing me with free entertainment every single week. I mean, the nerve of these slackers! How dare they have jobs and personal lives! #sarcasm

  5. I don’t mind relistening, but an episode number or original date in the title would be nice, so we know that we’ve already heard it, and to let us know how long ago it was, and how much has changed in that time.

  6. I would atleast like an explanation as to why we aren’t getting a new episode this week.
    I donate for a reason.
    But seriously nothing but love for LT

  7. If you couldn’t post an episode this week, don’t put so much pressure on yourselves. We know you all have all sorts of things going on in your lives.

    Hell, I bet there are at least a few of us in the community who’d be wiling to lend a hand if need be.

  8. You do realize Chris that you can make a whole episode just talking about one cartoon or show or movie and its good.

  9. This is super enjoyable to re-listen to, thanks guys ^^

    Also, super excited for this week’s VGA! Already downloaded and started playing Dark Souls II, and I’m really interested in hearing what Grimm has to say about it.(Him and Brett are the only people I’d trust regarding that series.)

  10. I forgot how good this episode was, but man, is it great. I forgot about Batmanthepodcast, and it was an enjoyable listen.

  11. I’ve been meaning to re-listen to this episode, one of my favorites. Truly Lasertime episodes age like the finest of fine wines.

  12. A surprising number of complainers in the above posts. I know somebody who started listening to Laser Time well after its first episode and told me that he hadn’t gone through the back catalog of older episodes. This was a great ep that deserves repeating for both those of us who loved it the first time, and those of us who joined later and haven’t heard it yet.

    Thanks Guys. Love yas.

  13. This rerun is making me want to go through the first 10-20 episodes again. I got into Lasertime late into the game thanks to a friend linking me to Cheap Podcast, and decided to go through all of the old Lasertime episodes in order over the course of a few weeks. No regrets.

    Not a lot of podcasts are timeless and can be listened to long after they were initially uploaded, but all of the old Lasertime episodes hold up.

  14. Loved this episode!

    I’ll set a scene. Coming to America. Akeem, on his quest to meet potential brides, is sitting with a pair of rapping ladies.

    “My name is Peaches and I’m the best. All the other DJs want to feel my breasts.”

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