Cape Crisis #84 – Birthday Boy


Chris wants to “celebrate his birthday” this week, but we still found some time for a not insubstantial podcast this week. We discuss important matters like Archie, Peanuts, character designs, and other things that are definitely worth listening to…


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Cape Crisis #84 Question: Which type of film costumes do you prefer, colorful or realistic?

11 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #84 – Birthday Boy

  1. Is there a reason why it would be pronounced three instead of trois, since the ménage a part is French, and that’s a common enough phrase in English?

  2. Henry – Ground Zeroes review read like Roger Ebert – nailed it.

    Movie Film Costumes –
    Alan Cumming’s Nightcrawler
    Billy Campbell’s Rocketeer
    Vincent D’Onofrio’s Bug

  3. ooooh! It batman year 100? sounds like antista has discovered the works of Paul Pope.
    I implore you good sir, go down that rabbit hole. it’s worth it.

  4. QOTW: When it comes to costumes, it really depends on which character it is. There are some characters that look great when their costumes are translated exactly from the page (Thor, Spiderman, Cap, etc.). But there are some that need to have a more realistic look in order to not look retarded. Wolverine would not be nearly as intimidating if Hugh Jackman was wearing the costume from the comic, and Jeremy Renner would have looked completely idiotic if he had the giant eye pieces that Hawkeye’s suit normally has. But then there are times where the costumes are made to look more realistic and they just come off as looking more ridiculous, like Superman in Man of Steel. The colors on the suit are so diluted to the point where Superman might as well be wearing black. And I know that this is very petty, but getting rid of the red underwear is really discomforting, it’s like I’m looking at Superman naked.

  5. Colourful. If Galactus isn’t a giant pink, purple and blue asshole with a stupid hat, you’re doing it wrong. *glares at FOX*

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