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  1. The second I saw Coop was on I had a spit-take. I’ve been waiting two years for this and I know it’s going to be excellent.

  2. Hmmm I don’t think you guys mentioned “The Shining” documentary, (Room 237.)

    Todays date? 03/25/2014 Taking the dates first two numbers. (0+3/2+5/2+0) Re-arrange the numbers… 237.

    Also just HAPPENS to be the first Laser Time with Hollander Cooper. Hmmm…Further investigation is required….

  3. Ooh very excited! I love conspiracy theories and it’s cool to see Coop on the show! Finally he can stop bitching after what he said in TDar 183 about not being invited. :p

  4. Haha! I guess this topic had to be done. With any group pf friends, random conspiracies always pop up eventually. At least they did with my friends on occasion.

    In short it amounts to either A: People like to think they more than everyone else and/or B: It makes for a more interesting “story” out of real life…

    …or C: just plain crazy!

  5. Oh boy, oh boy!
    Mr. Coop and conspiracy?

    Of course, this only further cements my theory that Mr. Antista died years ago after a fatal pizza eating incident – forcing his co-workers to assemble a ridiculous cache of fake audio to lead us believing he still exists.
    The key? Cooper has appeared on LaserTime, released on 3/25/14.

    Three plus twenty five equals twenty eight, divide that by two and you get fourteen.
    It’s all coming together..

  6. Holy crap, Hollander Cooper on LaserTime? AWESOME!

    Please don’t let this be a one time thing only?

  7. I really think 911 is one conspiracy that no matter who you talk to, there is something within the official story that does not make any sense to them. However, I honestly think people that claim they don’t believe any conspiracy theories are afraid; either of how much their view of the world would change or afraid of being ridiculed for having unpopular thoughts. It reminds religious people who are conflicted because of ideas or thoughts that challenge their beliefs. I guarantee that 40+ years from now a bunch of present day conspiracy theories will turn out to be true but we’ll all be too old and shitty to care.

  8. This was a great episode, and as was mentioned, I’d have just as much an interest in weird ghost stories. Both they and conspiracy theories have the same sort of appeal. If you guys are still in contact with Keast…

  9. This was a great episode! I’m glad to see Cooper was on this podcast, and hope he can appear more as he was a fun addition.

  10. This was a really good episode, and as someone who was not completely sold on Hollander Cooper as an addition on TalkRadar, I think he was fantastic in this.

  11. I really enjoyed this episode. Effort eps like this one and the one on cable tv are great; keep on it!

  12. You guys were looking for feedback about direction and stuff, I don’t think you really need it.

    Yes you are somewhat aimless at the moment, but you’re AWARE that you are aimless, and are able to keep it interesting and relevant rambling instead of just self-servicing content. I love casts like this, as much as I love pop culture- the traditional mainstay of LaserTime, I have grown a bit bored of it. More interesting and unique round table discussions like this, and PLEASE more Hollander, I can’t get enough of him on Radio Radar!

    Love everything you guys have ever, and will ever do- and thank you for making it free.

  13. Loved the episode, I feel this is definitely an excellent topic to do a show on, and I’d love to see more concerning other kinds of crazy theories and stuff. Like someone suggested, maybe one about ghost stories would be pretty fantastic.

    Anyway, I think Laser Time is at it’s best when it just has fun with random and weird topics like this one. And i guess I honestly prefer it when you focus on stuff away from TV or 80-90s pop culture, because while those aren’t bad episodes, they tend to be harder for me to relate, being a younger dude that grew up and lives in Mexico, that’s just me though, of course 😛

    1. It has been too long of a wait for a Matty Keast supernatural episode. Whether it would involve talking about what the hosts do or do not believe in, or make a pop-culture based, Best Alien Movies or something similar.

      I would just love a bit more of a rotating cast of characters we know and love. Cheryll, Seth Killian, Lizzie, Carolyn, Tyler Nagata, etc.

    2. i hadnt listened to any lasertime in OVER THREE MONTHS. not keen on muppets, disney, 80s cartoons. no interest whatsoever, alien time, cannot relate. but i downloaded this episode and liked it. 1) new charismatic voice on the show like ive been recommending since day 7, in the form of hollander cooper, served to bring the show together with much better energy, and 2) subject matter was far more appealing to more people, including me.

      please bring in completely new, UPBEAT guests/co-hosts capable of playing off chris antista and brett elston–when he is on– (that goes for ALL lasertime network shows), and keep the subject matter relevant…you asked for feedback, so there.

  14. Coop on lasertime, and Ryan Taljonick on koxm
    It’s been an awesome couple months to be a long time future fan

  15. The bit about gays and Jews in Hollywood reminded me of The Producers segment, keep it happy, keep it snappy, keep it gay!


    Great podcast, loved the UFO podcast on TalkRadar and I loved this one just as much.

  16. After thorough research, I’ve come to the conclusion that this episode only serves as a cover up to lead us off the trail of secret societies. The Laser Time network is clearly working for the lizard people, better yet, they ARE the lizard people.

    I loved this episode, by the way.

  17. Easily one of my favourites yet. Haven’t been listening very long, but I’m dying laughing.

    The general reaction to conspiracy theories being like ghost stories is exactly like mine; I enjoy hearing about them and laughing about them with friends.

    Thanks for the show, reptilians.

    1. ghosts are real. theyre just electromagnetic recordings (like tapes) of brain activity that can be ‘picked up’ by people or technology tuned to the same frequency (like radios).

  18. In Jesse ‘The Body” Ventura’s defence he was a former Navy Seal. I’m sure with that fact alone he has seen much more than the average person.

  19. I’m not going to lie, when the Star Control 2 music started playing in the background, I got a little hard.

    Awesome episode.

    1. Nvm, I found the song. I was listening to my VGMpire backlog and, lo and behold, it was right at the beginning of Episode 46!

  20. Awesome Show! anyone else suffer from Nightmares after watching JFK? I still have trouble sleeping if i watch it right before bed

  21. Like you guys said about fluoride the IQ thing is based on a Harvard meta-study (done by a student) looking at a bunch of Chinese or Iranian studies that did not control for heavy pollution or immense poverty both of which have been shown time and time again to lower IQ. The results have never been replicated in other studies with good controls.

    Also like mentioned in the episode there was something like 10x the dosage in the tested water (fluoride is often actually removed instead of added from water sources as it is naturally occurring and if there is too much like anything else it can have harmful effects).

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