Cape Crisis #85 – The Hall of Justice


Brett is back with Henry and Chris to talk about the joys of jury duty, then we dissect internet celebrity, the new Green Goblin design, and the qualities of TV mustaches…


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Cape Crisis #85 Question: Who is your favorite mustachioed comic book character?

11 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #85 – The Hall of Justice

  1. I don’t know why you guys keep talking about The Other like it’s in the distant past or something.

    Scarlet Spider(Kaine) has had The Other inside him for, like, a year now. Used it’s powers a few times.

    And he’s supposedly going to be joining the New Warriors soon.

  2. Way to reference Nichijou Henry thought I was the only one that saw it, loved the Street Fighter 4 brush uppercut reference the wild deer made.

  3. After that feminism episode of Laser Time I’m surprised more of you guys didn’t make that list.

  4. bah! you guys are too obsessed with how old you are.
    stop it! just enjoy the fact that you can enjoy life, that you have a great wealth of knowledge to share and people really enjoy listening to you guys share it.
    you’re not 70 and totally out of touch.
    you’re just old enough to nostalgia trip, and honestly enjoy it.

  5. Super entertaining episode, in fact It had way to many great moments to even mention them all.

    and smoke weed erry day

  6. Just came back from watching the Winter Soldier… Sooo tempted to spoil shit just to mess with Henry…. But nah, I’m a jackass, but not that BIG of a jackass 😛

    All I’ll say is… it was super good, leagues and leagues better than Thor 2, also much better than the first Captain America movie.

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