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  1. Wow…Going into the second segment with Jimmy Neutron Time affected me. I completely forgot about that song until this reminded me of it, but I constantly listened to that as a little kid and loved it. I’m sorry I was part of the reason you had to endure that.

  2. To be honest I almost expected this to just be straight up raw toys r us kid music the entire time. But yea finally a Toys R Us episode! I’m surprised its still a staple in the continuity of the podcast considering how long its been since Brett has actually worked there…

  3. i feel so bad for bretts brain, i came away from a couple years working at toysrus and i don’t remember ANY music. i don’t know why, but none of it ever stuck.

  4. Oh gawd, that Miss Piggy thing at the end…

    I hadn’t laughed this hard in a long time, thanks for that Brett XD

  5. Really need a link to that Sesame Street/Limp Bizkit/Star Fox mashup. That thing had me in stitches, but I can’t find a link on YouTube.

  6. I can promise that one the views on that remix is mine, and I listened to it because you plugged it on an earlier episode. This was hilarious and totally worth the years of anticipation.

  7. As a father I’ve got to defend Phineas and Ferb. That was a pretty solid show that was actually enjoyable to watch with my daughter. That song was intentionally made as an insidious ear worm so that they could become popstars for one episode. The whole thing was mocking pop music culture. That being said, I can imagine going completely insane having to hear it multiple times a day at work.

  8. Listening to this episodes brings back memories of when I worked at Toys R Us. A few are:

    While working in the R Zone, a 10 year old kid walked over to the Nintendo games, pulled his pants to his ankles and pissed all over them.

    At age 16, my manager had me hangover the side of the building from the roof, while she held my legs. This was to remove the X-mas wreaths.

    My group of friends worked there. When one of us would quit we would hang there shirts from the ceiling on the loading dock like you see at sports arenas.

    They had me do a overnight shift to help clean for a remodel. I was lifting up the self on the bottom of the isles. I found WWF wrestling figures in there original packages from the late 80’s. Manager let me keep them. I gave them to my friend who has a whole room for wrestling memorabilia.

    I have to say it wasn’t a bad job for a kid in high school. It had its interesting moments.

  9. Phineas and Ferb do exactly what you guys talked about with Ren and Stimpy. That particular episode, they decide to make a one hit wonder (complete with repetitive meaningless lyrics). The other episodes drastically change genres from space reggae to glam rock. Other than that loved this episode lol

  10. I really enjoyed this episode. I think anyone who has worked in retail or the food industry can relate to being subjected to awful music, though this must have been particularly bad.

    Brett – I’m curious as to how many of these songs are on rotation in your mp3 collection.

    Chris – What is the name of the muzak-y song you played during the break?

    Everyone – Thanks for giving respect to the bagpipe guitars of Big Country, which I agree is one of the best of the 1980s. And thanks for introducing me to the awesomeness of Limp Mixbit. (WUT’S WRONG? COME A LIDDLE CLOSER!)

  11. My favorite 80’s new wave song is probably Love Plus One by Haircut 100.
    Or is it My ever Changing Moods by Style Council?

    Big Country reminds me of
    Talk, Talk
    by Talk, Talk
    from the album Talk, Talk

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