11 thoughts on “Laser Time vs. Versus Movies

  1. ecks vs sever was named by some random Hollywood dipshit after an actual california graffiti artist war between Sever and Ecks, a very high profile nation wide war for popularity that resulted in crazy amounts of property damage costs, ending when Sever was arrested. You can still see a lot of the GIANT pieces all over Atlanta.

  2. you guys(specifically brett) has to do commentary tracks for tracks for the transformers films and avp and avp: requiem.

  3. Woah Chris, you coming to Mexico? Out of curiosity, whic state/city are you coming to? I can give you a fair estimate of the changes to have of being shot/mugged depending on the state! 😛

    (Psst… Such chances are actually less than 1% in most of the country, the news just make it sounce worse than it actually is :P)

  4. I think that AVP: Requiem is an epic candidate for Shitlords. It’s a mournfully terrible “teenagers killed by monsters” movie, which makes no good use of the Aliens or Predator license (as you guys said). However, you are blissfully ignorant of a scene it contains, which may be one of the most gratuitous, disgusting, and horrifically pointless examples of fucked up shit that I have ever seen in a movie.

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