Vidjagame Apocalypse 59 — Street Artists


By listener request (and in lieu of any better ideas), this week’s Top 5 is dedicated gaming’s greatest graffiti artists (or possibly just graffiti-themed games; we seem a little fuzzy on the concept). There’s also lots of talk about Amazon officially getting into the console business, along with some idle conjecture about Titanfall on 360 and your ideas for mundane-activity simulators.

Question of the Week

What was your favorite April Fool’s gag of 2014?



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23 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 59 — Street Artists

  1. This may sound bias but I’m going to have to say the joke reviews that gamesradar posted were pretty hilarious. They were even well written even though I didn’t fall for them. My favourites were the Half Life 3 and Last Guardian review.

    Although, there was a joke article that Chris linked on Facebook that I did fall for. Dammit Chris, don’t ever tell a nerd that Fox gave the X-Men and Fantastic four franchises back to Disney, you cruel sick son of a goat!

  2. QOTW: I haven’t listened to the episode yet, so Mikel may have brought this up, but my favourite April Fools thing was Homestar Runner updating just for one day. It’s almost the opposite of an April Fools joke, where the reality exceeded the expectation. Not a “gag”, but a wonderful thing to happen.

    1. If I were drinking anything while listening to that I would’ve just ruined my laptop. That’s amazing.

  3. Your exterminator Chris sounded like Sarge from Red vs Blue which just made the break all the more awesome.

  4. I really loved Warthunder’s Giant enemy snail. That was just so strange for a dog fighting simulator.

  5. I know this is going to make me sound like an ass-kisser, but mine seriously was Brett’s “Avenue of Fury” episode for VGMpire, mainly because it’s the only joke that I never saw coming, even though in retrospect, the cheesy live action cover photo, the fact that not once did he stop to play the music on it’s own, and more importantly, the fact that there wasn’t ANY information of the game anywhere should have tipped me off.

    A lot of other Jokes in the day may have been more elaborate or high profile, but pretty much all of them I could tell they were jokes, Brett’s caught completely off guard, and had me laughing and cursing at him at the same time when he revealed it at the end of the podcast XD

  6. Aw sweetness! I gotta go high five freakmonkey9 cause it seems like we got the top five we wanted.

    As for April Fools jokes, there was a ton of hilarious ones but the one I laughed at and enjoyed the most was League of Legends URF Mode. Normally MOBA where items you buy, conserving your skills for the right time, and mere seconds of waiting are crucially important. URF mode takes almost all the cooldown time off of spells, mana is infinite, everyones way faster, etc. Hilarious and fun to play through.

    1. Yeah, although I hoped that it would happen I was still taken completely by surprise. I loved this episode (not /just/ because of the Top 5, mind you 😛 )

  7. If you have a PS Vita, you can remote play past the spray painting parts in Infamous Second Son. You just tilt, shake, and then he’ll just automatically complete it for you.

  8. EA’s Nintendo failed attempt to be witty and the eventual public apology was funny to me because sometimes ‘seriously, fuck EA.’

  9. I know it’s not really gaming related, but I absolutely loved the April Fool’s jokes from both Homestar Runner and Rosetta Stone. The Homestar Runner one was funny because they were releasing start-up tunes for Windows 98 and Log Off/ Shut Down tunes as well, which really brought back memories of even the Windows 95 OS which would tell you when it was safe to turn off your PC.

    The Rosetta Stone one was great because seriously, why would a Trek Fan not want to own a program that teaches you how to fluently Speak Klingon, and the fact that they got Michael Dorn (a.k.a. Lieutenant Worf from Next-Gen for those of you who don’t know) to actually advertise it was a nice bonus. Once again these aren’t really game related, but these were fun none of the less.

  10. QOTW: as mentioned by some others, the article Chris linked to about Marvel and Disney getting the rights to X-Men back was the only April Fools joke that actually had me (if only for a few seconds) and certainly hurt the most. Damn it, Antista 🙁

  11. Wreddit (The wrestling subreddit on Reddit AKA SquaredCircle) did a throwback to the old geocities/angelfire style of wrestling websites in the late 90s.

  12. One of my favorite April Fool’s jokes that I saw was Richard Roeper posted a video entitled “The Top 10 Most Overrated Movies of All Time.
    I realized that it was a joke when he said that The Wizard of Oz doesn’t have any memorable songs.

    #10. It’s a Wonderful Life
    #9. Wizard of Oz
    #8. Pulp Fiction
    #7. Saving Private Ryan
    #6. Star Wars
    #5. Godfather 2
    #4. Jaws
    #3. 2001
    #2. La Dolce Vita
    #1. Citizen Kane

  13. Blizzard had a good one where they made a new character model based off that crazy lady at Amy’s Baking company from that episode of Chef Yelly Face.

    Oh and convincing very one I knew my friend and I were engaged. That was fun.

  14. QOTW: Last week skullgirls had a pretty funny jab at Ultra Street Fighter IV’s 5th character. Not to say that I agree with the outrage anymore. They made palette swap of one of their existing characters and gave her a few new moves. She was revealed in a trailer that completely apes the reveal trailer for the 5th character in ultra, but the best part is that she’s actually playable on the PC version, and the creator, Mike Z, said he has no plans of taking her off. So it’s an april fools joke that may actually permanantly effect the state of the game.

  15. Honestly, I was not looking forward to the Top 5 after reading the description…but I actually really loved the discussion this week! Great job everyone!

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