Cheap Popcast #22 – WrestleManic Depression


Dave, Henry, Brett and Grimm discuss WrestleMania XXX and its Hall of Fame class’ noteworthy speeches, while Dave adds his personal thoughts the next night’s Raw and his memories of interacting with the late Warrior.

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9 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast #22 – WrestleManic Depression

  1. I really like this podcast but it really needs to get recorded after the post PPV Raw. Dave’s Raw recap is ok but the post Raw is as important as the PPV.

    P.S. That was the best episode of Raw in years. Natalya is awful. Brock is awesome. Paige is the best.

  2. Whoa talk about letting the wrong person win! Ampatent?

    Anyways, loved the Winback (for N64) joke. Undertakers’ streak loss might set-up a Sting match at Wrestlemania next year, without the streak on the line.

    1. Should clarify…I was very upset Undertaker lost, and Ampatent had suspiciously great timing with his song pick from a MONTHs beforehand. (Probably my favorite version of Undertakers theme) Does Ampatent know something we don’t? (There was a rumor in Vegas ahead of time that people started betting on Brock, but I doubt the outcome was leaked ahead of time as even the ref didn’t know.)

      Also you guys found the perfect picture for this episode. So cool. You guys called Paige showing up on the Post Wrestlemania RAW and so did the “Power Bombcast” on the Giant Bomb premium podcast.

      Dave you sounded a little down talking about Warrior understandably, I hope you’re feeling a bit better. It “hurt” me so much when I re-watched the speech he gave on the Raw the night before he died. Talking about how a Warrior may die but a Warrior’s spirit runs on..It was really touching.

  3. YES YES YES YES YES! I’ve been waiting for this all week! I thought Mania was great this year, and the Raw afterwards may have been even better.

  4. Good episode guys! Was pretty disappointed with what happened with the Undertaker.

    P.S. That Mr. T mom thing was awesome!

  5. The Mr. T mother thing made me think of HBK imitating Hulk Hogan in the fake Larry King segment where he just kept saying brother. By the way does anyone remember when Taker had a finisher called Taker Care of Business, which was a dragon sleeper? And did anyone here the one fan while everyone who was silent at the Taker match who just yelled YOU SUCK, reminded me of happy gilmore

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