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  1. Sorry to hear, I’ve listened to you guys forever. Just out of curiosity, have you considered setting up a patreon? A lot of people seem to be doing it, and it looks like it’s working out well for them.

  2. I suggest you guys take a look into the Eric Andre show, very weird Adult Swim. I think you guys would enjoy it.

    1. I second that. I never watched it at first, but by chance managed to catch it on once and just seeing the way he opened the show was fucking brilliant. I would say that it’s a talk show in the loosest since of the word. From what I’ve seen so far, it’s mostly about interrupting with stupid shit while the guest tries to talk.

  3. I remember watching the debut episode of the Pat Sajak show. It sucked. The highlight was a guy dressed as Robin, from Batman, complaining about not being it the new Batman movie. Yes this was the late 80’s.

  4. Christine O’Donnell was the crazy lady who said she’d been into witchcraft, not Michelle Bachman.

    I loved Craig Kilborn’s Daily Show, but it didn’t take too long before I got tired of Jon Stewart’s version. I really disliked the correspondents, and they haven’t gotten any better, in my opinion, since then.

  5. Wow, I just remembered that I watched a LOT of the Vibe show hosted by Sinbad; not having cable as a kid can lead to some odd TV viewing…

    Sorry to hear about the job Chris, I hope you can find something soon. It sucks to see so many of my favorite people without employment in such a short amount of time.

  6. Good ep all. Just threw some dollhairs for Hate-pack, but i must insist that it all be spent on booze for the recently unemployed. Keep truckin, Keep chuggin, and Keep making my tuesday-thursdays tolerable, you do good work.

  7. Watching the “Fire Ant” episode of SGC2C for the first time (which had Conan O’ Brian no less!) while on vacation, while my parents were sleeping in the same hotel room feet away, was a life altering experience. Space ghosts just follows an ANT for 10 minutes in the ‘feature length’ version. My mind couldn’t handle what I was watching, probably like people felt watching The Andy Kaufman Show for the first time.

  8. I really want Henry to spell out his Twitter name in the SNL voice!
    Currently listening through now, so far so good! (as always)

  9. That sucks about the job, but I believe that you’ll get something else in no time. If anything, motivate yourself with the idea of coming back to NYCC for more cookies!

    Got giddy when they mentioned Attack of the Show (one of my favorite things from television), but it’s been canceled (along with G4’s other video game show, X-Play) for about a year now since G4 was going to become the Esquire Network. Buuuut that didn’t happen, so G4 cut its last remaining good programs for no reason. Guess it didn’t help with their hosts leaving/getting fired due to how crap things were/are being run at G4.

  10. I dunno how I’d feel if I watched it now, but I remember stumbling into the Space Ghost: Coast to Coast show in CN and hating it so fucking much. I was around 8-10 years old back then, so chances are that the humor was too grown up for me, but in my child-like mind, that show was so fucking boring and lame, specially compared to the Looney Tunes and Tom & Jerry shorts I loved to watch back then.

    1. Right there with ya. I was around the same age. More recently I have found myself wishing I could watch it again to see if it all would make sense to me now. It sounds hilarious in theory.

  11. Really sorry to hear about you losing your job Chris. Sending a healthy amount of gay love your way!

    This week I lost my job too, so I know how much of a drag it is. Amazing industry folk like yourself always land on your feet though and to sweeten the fall I’ve chucked a few bucks to the LaserTime crew.

    Every little helps…

  12. Lol, had a notification from my Facebook mobile app on my smartphone and then came here to download. I don’t use Facebook anymore other than that. Looking forward to this one!

  13. Another great show gents! That’s a topic I haven’t heard any podcast do a whole show on, ever.

    One FTS I’d like to mention is… the Dennis Miller Show. I saw a taping of it! He had musical guest Ugly Kid Joe. Heh heh.

  14. I really dug the episode, although I’m not going to lie, I was really hoping for someone to mention Night Stand with Dick Dietrick. (Even though it was more of a Jerry Springer-type of parody as opposed to Letterman/Conan/Etc)

    *Two guests argue back and forth. – “You liar!” – “You pig!”

    Dick Dietrick: (Enthusiastically) “You bitch!! Um, sorry. Got caught up in the moment”

  15. This is exactly what I want out of Laser Time! One of my favorite episodes ever!

  16. Just listened and heard the news. Sorry to hear about the misfortune, Chris. And sorry to hear about the situations of Mikel and Dave as well. I hope circumstances change for the better, and I’ll continue to support in any little ways I can.

    BTW: You guys talking about the Stern Show and late night GGW informercials popped a strange nostalgia boner for me. Good job… I think.

  17. The segment on the Chevy Chase Show reminded me of the Troy McClure documentary “Five Fabulous Weeks of the Chevy Chase Show”

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