Cape Crisis #90 – A Spider-Boycott?


The next Spider-Man film is coming, but at least one of the Cape crew isn’t stoked for it. Plus, lengthy discussions of both Comixology’s changes and the potential Justice League film, and much, much more…


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Cape Crisis #89 Question: Whats the most random DC film you want to see made?

22 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #90 – A Spider-Boycott?


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    Normally I wouldn’t do this, but I am super excited to have something on Comixology, and it came out the week before the hoo-hah with Amazon. If you want to check out some creative stuff by a long time Laser Time fan, JUST A SUGGESTION.

    1. Also I am a rude duck and I should have said: good episode! Some good discussion here. Brett, you’re probably making the right decision not seeing Spidey. It’s pretty average at best. Movie-by-numbers.

  2. I’ve read hundreds of Spidey comics. He’s been my favorite hero since childhood, and all that jazz. I will try to explain why I felt like ASM 2 was a step in the right direction.

    It’s like the soul of modern grown-up Peter Parker is trapped within a clutter of Sony executive forced mediocrity. When Spidey was allowed to be Spidey it made my heart skip a beat.

    Most of the fight scenes, Spidey dialogue, and such were perfect. If you’re a fan of the comics I think it’s worth seeing this movie just to see the parts that Sony got right, they’re better than anything in the other four Spider-Man movies.

    Sony will not let Spider-Man go. If this movie doesn’t do well, they will try another approach. I’d rather support an average movie with a great Spider-Man than risk Sony executives unleashing more of their ideas.

    Oh, and there was no mention of a skateboard in this movie.

    1. agree, this was the best spidey of the four Spider-Man movies.

      andrew garfield is still too cool as Peter Parker, but he is far superior to the other Peter Parkers we’ve had on screen, and the spidey bits were so, so on point.

      that said, there were three things that made me cringe, and that was entirely the fault of the director and/or screenwriter(s)…and the green goblin’s makeup and prosthesis guy. im talking about the face-palm kid scene, the graduation speech, and Dane Dehaan’s makeup disaster.

      if Cap 2 was written by adults, Amazing Spider-Man 2 really feels, at times, like it was written by 16 year olds–which, some may argue, is appropriate, considering the subjects (grown adult hero vs teenage hero with teenage concerns), but is it really that hard to write like INTELLIGENT 16 year olds? please

      buuuuuuut i watched both on IMAX, and spidey being spidey bits were full of win.

  3. I’m a massive Spidey fan, and I’ve never been more conflicted about a Spidey movie in my life. The web slinging and action scenes were INCREDIBLE, but there were a ton of moments that made no sense to me at all. I won’t go into spoilers, but man, did I HATE Jamie Foxx’s Max Dillon before he becomes Electro.

    1. Oh man I agree with this completely. The first thing I said to my girlfriend walking out was “I’ve never fluctuated between loving and hating a movie so much in my life.” Spidey himself was great, in terms of visualising that character on screen, but as a whole it was a bit of a mess. Lots of shaky parts.


  4. Okay, that’s true, Elektra might be a worse movie, but Wolverine: origins is way more disappointing if only because it had more promise… It had Gambit dammit, a lot of people might hate him but he’s my favorite X-Men, and this fucking movie probably ruined his big screen chances forever -.-

  5. I was really bored by the first, and I know I Amazing Spiderman 2 doesn’t deserve my money, but I still need to go see it.

    Hopefully the Venom and Sinister 6 movies can bomb hard enough for Sony to want to give up on the character.

  6. I love you guys, but I can’t listen to this show anymore. It’s just a hate fest of everything not Marvel Comics or Marvel Studios. As soon as Brett spouted out the line “I’m not going to see Amazing Spider-man 2” I shut off the podcast and unsubscribed. You guys talk as if the non Marvel Studio movies are on par with Uwe Boll films and the ones that are made by Marvel Studios are Citizen Kane 2.0.

    Oh and HenereyG, Thor and Thor 2 have a 57 and a 54 respectively on Metacritic. That is lower than Amazing 1 and barely higher than Amazing 2. So please find a new argument to hide your fanboy views.

  7. I really enjoyed the first movie so I wanted to love #2. I borderline hated it. The word I would use for it is hamfisted. It was disorganized, paint-by-numbers, and over the top.

  8. I really do hope that Amazing 2 fails (like, Cutthroat Island-level-fails) and Disney just muscles the license back from Sony. I just read that Sony is having some serious financial troubles, and a huge box office bomb could convince them to just sell Spidey back to Marvel. Imagine it: you’re watching Avengers 2, Ultron is blowing up stuff in New York, some civilian falls from a building, and Spider-Man swings by and saves them, without ever having been in a trailer. God, it would be so good. Oh, and to revive an old argument: I’d love to see Donald Glover playing him.

    1. Also, I’m watching the Planet of the Apes commentary right now, and fuuuuuuuuck I am dying laughing from all the Wahlberg impressions. Henry’s “GO SOX!” when Marky Mark is destroying the camp being the goddamn crown jewel.

    2. If Sony sold the rights back to Marvel/Disney, that would be a beautiful thing. But if the movie bombs, it’s far more likely that they will just reboot the series again with more terrible ideas to gather as much widespread appeal as possible.

      Right now, the Spidey license generates a huge portion of Sony’s long term revenue As depressing as it is to admit, there’s simply no way Sony would let the license go completely for short term gain.

  9. I can’t see Kingdom Come working as a movie, it’s a story that’s all about pushing against exactly what MoS is. Superman’s entire deal in that comic is that he’s against killing. Also Darkseid is great, Thanos wishes he was as cool.

    1. Yeah it would only work if they were serious about “just wait until the next film!!!!” and actually were trying to weave a Kingdom Come style endgame where the rest of the world is done with these destructive self righteous superassholes. But no that probably won’t happen and will instead paint anyone who opposes Superman’s morals and methods as cowards and villains like the Transformers films did with blood and face hungry Optimus Prime.

  10. QOTW: I want a Blue Beetle film! I really don’t care how his origin is handled, It should just be hammy and fun. Imagine a live action film, but written and directed by Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick.

  11. So I ended up seeing ASM2 twice opening night. And honestly, it did a lot of good for the character of Spider-Man, but not much else in that universe. I’ll probably elaborate once Crisis asks for QOTW, but boy did that script have more holes than Arnold Schwarzenegger’s condoms.

  12. I never expected to long for Nickelback’s “Hero” but after my encounter with Blue Dubstep Man last night, I would’ve gladly watched the whole movie with the song on repeat.

  13. Question Answer:
    Mine would be a Birds of Prey or Batgirl adaptation, either one written by Gail Simone. Why? Because she writes female super heroes EXTREMELY WELL and actually characterizes them in a way that they’re not just “Men with Tits” that even a depressing amount of female writers still write them as, which is depressing because these ladies are far from being the majority of comic writers (re: white and male). And while WE know who these people are, if you ask the average person who Oracle is and who Lady Shiva is, they will not know. Also, goddamn do we need more fucking female super heroes, in their OWN MOVIES, just like we need more super heroes of color, that are not Blade, Spawn or Steel.

    Outside of the question above:
    While I am hardcore DC Comics fan, Batman Forever and Batman and Robin have made DC insanely rape-shy about making their movies too “comic book-y”. This even puts a damper on the possibility of a Gal Gabot Wonder Woman movie by herself. I loved Man of Steel, and I LOVE Superman but my love MoS is a “Chris Antista’s love of FFXIII” love- I realize the negative issues people have with the movie and I can think of ways to have made it better, but compared to that AWFUL Superman Returns movie, I will take it over nothing.

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