The First Trailer for Fox’s Gotham is all Batman Babies and Inception Horns

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Here’s hoping that growing a mustache will be the season finale…

Look what your On Demand lifestyles made you miss, kids! If only you were watching last night’s premiere Fox’s world premiere of 24: Jack Saves the Network, you coulda seen an extended look at the upcoming “before Batman” TV series, Gotham. Here you’ll get a glimpse of what I believe is a digitally de-aged Gerard Butler playing famed, eventual Commissioner, Jim Gordon, who will now solve what looks like a massive underground conspiracy with the help of the guy who played a sweaty cab driver on MTV in the mid 90s. LOOKY:

While I was certainly more than prepared to be bored by Gotham, I was thankfully, surprisingly slightly intrigued. That said, fuck prequels of almost every kind. I’m aware we are all slightly curious about the backstories surrounding even the most tertiary of characters from our favorite franchises, but I honestly wish we could quit dramatizing them in overwrought and boring serializations that almost always overstay their welcome. I assure you, almost all the interesting pre-Batman Gordon details that will ever emerge from Gotham could be better presented in a one-hour History Channel talking head-umentary. In fact, if someone at DC could just go ahead and create it’s own fake History Channel, I’d watch the shit out of that.

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A.G.E.N.T.S. O.F. shield (which you can find Laser Time’s commentaries for here) takes place in the current Marvel Universe, and I still didn’t find it compelling enough to watch on weekly basis (please let me know if it ever gets there, and I’ll probably make it a point to catch up.) And that’s not a slam on DC either. In the time it takes to watch a “short” 13-episode season of Gotham, I could’ve probably read every ongoing comic actually starring Batman and still have time to catch up on old arcs and watch the Burton movies. And that’s honestly where I think my time is better spent. But what the fuck do I know? Apparently, a show about Superman not being Superman had no problem finding an audience for a goddamned decade.

gotham tv series bruce wayne parents laser timeEasy, Bruce… that’s Wolverine‘s bit

But therein lies the weirdness of Gotham. While I get, and can even appreciate, that shows like Smallville and Arrow are more about finding an audience of young teens than established fans (in hopes of converting the former into the latter) it still gives them an (overly!) prolonged Elseworld quality I find it difficult to care about now, let alone multiple seasons with week-long breaks in between. And before I diverge from alternate realities, DID YOU SEE ALL THE KIDS IN THIS GODDAMNED TRAILER

batman gotham trailer laser time

gotham tv series catwoman laser time

gotham tv show batman riddler laser time

gotham tv show batman poison ivy laser time

gotham show fox laser time

Jesus Christ… so all of these future costume jobs will somehow play a part in the Gordon-centered TV show? I remember hearing the show had cast a young boy to play Bruce Wayne and immediately cringed at the idea of shoehorning a reason for Gordon and a preteen Bats to meet up and play catch week after week. (Although, if I’m being honest, this relationship is likely the most fertile ground on which to prove me wrong and I sincerely hope Gotham does.) However, the notion that the inauspicious origins of every goddamn one of Batman’s adversaries overlaps at a time when they should all be playing tee ball has my eyes rollin’ harder than Fred Durst on XTC. Seriously, is the show really setting up Jim Gordon to be the stripped-socked Nanny under which they’ll prop up Batman’s Muppet Babies? I’ll be surprised if it’s any more than fictional cameo fodder, and either way, kinda seems like fan service for the wrong reasons…

Okay, I’ll shut up now, chime in with your thoughts below ’cause we’ll probably bring it up on this week’s Cape Crisis. Buy some better Batman stuff below and check out the similarly dorky, needlessly critical look at the stupid fucking Amazing Spider-Man 2 Blu-ray set.


24 thoughts on “The First Trailer for Fox’s Gotham is all Batman Babies and Inception Horns

  1. James Gordon
    Bruce Wayne
    Back to smaller Back
    One city
    Its going down
    Im gonna watch it
    Oh yeah

  2. The young kids worry the crap out of me as well, it seems unnecessary and very much like JJ Abrams style of fan service, in that is only there to beat you over the head with the source material (KHAAAAAAAAAAN anyone?). What I do think is promising is that one they got an actor for Jim Gordon who is best known as being broody and angsty in the OC (Does anyone else remember that?). Since Gotham is nothing but brooding and angsty he should fit in. Plus they hired Donal Logue to be his partner and I swear for the last ten years, that is all that guy has done, been someones partner so he is perfect. If the show builds on their relationship and maybe shows how Gordon grows his moral fortitude (it comes with the mustache) they could have an interesting cop drama. Of course this is NETWORK TELEVISION, so it is probably going to blow ass.

  3. Hmm… It didn’t look bad… But just like I was completely uninterested in smallville i don’t really see the point in this series either. Specially because if it’s focused on Gordon and pre-teen versions of batman characters… It’s hard to see how it’ll break away from the “been there done that” aspect of serialized cop and angsty teen dramas that we’ve seen a thousand times before. I could be completely wrong though, but I’ll wait till at least the first season ends to see whether I’ll give it a shot or not.

    1. Also Chris, regarding the quality of Agents of SHIELD. I agree that the show was not very engaging at first, the first 15 episodes are definitely pretty “meh” and not really existing. The being said starting with the episode in which Lady Sif appears, things start to get really interesting really fast. And right now I’d say they are in a point in which the show’s most definitely worth watching, with twists and reveals that even redeem the slower paced nature of the earlier episodes somewhat.

      So yeah, I think you’d definitely give the show another chance, it does get much better after episode 15 ^^

  4. I Really like Arrow (tv) because I think he’s shitty character in the comics just Like I hate the X-Men movies (minus first class) because I like the comics so much. I think im gonna hate this show, who wants to watch a show with batman not being batman, its like doing a show about the hulk where he never gets mad and uses the catchphrase “oh boy”

  5. I thought this was going to be an adaptation of the Gotham P.D. comic.
    Instead, this looks like the prequel to that comic.
    Does that mean that season two of the show, it will do a time skip or something and be at least a little bit closer to Batman’s true origins?
    Because if that’s the case, I’d rather wait for when/if that happens and jump in at that point.

  6. AoS gets great, watch it. Start at Fzzt if you wanna skip the slow episodes.

    As for Gotham, it look like it could either be pretty good or absolutely terrible but either way it’s getting cancelled after one season.

  7. I was cautiously interested but that trailer did nothing for me. The writing seems iffy from the few lines we actually got, and I really didn’t like Smallville’s building up for a decade to nothing. Plus, this not having any connection to either the films or other shows is just idiotic at this point. And really why do we need Batman’s origins AGAIN? We’ve covered this a billion times by now, and this seems like it’ll be less interesting than a lot of those other attempts.

    That being said, since the mid-season return of Agents of SHIELD (and especially since the Cap tie-ins) I think it’s definitely earned itself the right to exist.

  8. I would be lying if i said I didn’t get chills when little bruce cries out in agony.

  9. Really started enjoying Agents of SHIELD after episode 10 and have consistently been enjoying Arrow for a good portion of its first season and all of its second, so I’ll be willing to give this a chance.

  10. I was on board the moment they announced that Ben McKenzie was playing Jim Gordon. That man was a badass in Southland, and the trailer looks like he’s just reprising that role in Gotham instead of it being LA. Plus, Donal Logue coming in is awesome. Not sure about the rest of the cast, but this is starting to look great.

  11. After watching the trailer, I’m intrigued. I’m a Batman & DC fan and hope that this can be another great DC live-action series like Arrow. Also, as people said above, Donal Logue is awesome (check out Terriers). Although, here hoping that this series is more about Gordon, Bullock, and the Gotham PD rather than being a prequel to Batman.

    I don’t know about Agents of SHIELD (stopped at episode 2) but Arrow is most definitely something you & Cape Crisis should watch. Since it’s on the CW, there are soap opera/teen drama elements but besides that, season 1 and 2 have been a blast to watch. Thanks to Arrow, I believe the Flash spin-off can also be great.

    It will be interesting to see if there can be four great/good live-action DC series on television: Arrow, Flash, Gotham, Constantine.

  12. I wonder how much of this show will be people declaring ominous call-forwards…

    “There’s a war coming”
    “Gotham’s on the edge”
    “You’re destined for great things, Bruce”
    “I really fucking love cats”
    “Oh boy do I like riddles, I’m like some kind of….Question-er”

  13. I usually agree with fuck prequels, the fun and interest of the story is already watered down…….however this looks very watchable. I’m in

  14. I have to agree with you Chris. Frankly, after Batman Begins, I don’t need any more back story to Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon. Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely LOVED Batman Begins but, there isn’t anything more I really want to know about Jim Gordon. He was a cop before Batman and I feel the most interesting character development for him is what he does after Batman appears on the scene. Looks high quality. I just don’t care.

  15. It honestly looked pretty “meh” to me. I’ve been enjoying Arrow a lot more than I expected so maybe it will surprise me. I’d say my interest level is a 6 out 10, 3 of those points are attributed to the awesome Donal Logue though.

  16. I agree that more backstory is unnecessary, if the show was focused on Gothan PD like Gotham Central, it could be something truly special. This is a great example of the big differences between the way Marvel and DC handle on-screen representations of their content. (One is clearly superior).

    I think the show may be objectively good, but that doesn’t mean I’m happy about the direction it’s taking or the decisions being made about Bruce’s history.

  17. Does anybody know which “universe” this show is set in? The Arrow-verse? Nolan-verse? Or Man of Steel-verse?

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