Cape Crisis #91 – Is “Amazing” The Right Word?


It’s that time again for a review of Amazing Spider-Man 2, but there’s so much more this time around! Seriously, all the spoilery talk is near the end, long after we discussed Free Comic Book Day, the Gotham TV series, and much much more…


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Cape Crisis #91 Question: What did you think of Amazing Spider-Man 2?

15 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #91 – Is “Amazing” The Right Word?

  1. Nope, no it isn’t. “Mediocre” would be the correct word for this movie.

    Shame too, because unlike the hosts, I actually did enjoy the first movie a fair deal. This one left me pretty cold though, feeling like most of the criticisms levied at the first movie apply to this one. Nothing about it felt memorable, the plot meanders and then isn’t particularly engaging or interesting, everything about electro feels ham-fisted or poorly thought out, from his characterization to how his powers work. It’s just a mess…

  2. Interested to hear you guys’ thoughts on ASM2. I ended up seeing it twice opening night so I’m pretty solidified in my “underwhelmed” opinion

  3. I liked the part where Ashy Larry yelled, “Spider-Man just stole that dude’s pizzas!”

  4. quick aside, when electro is doing itsy bitsy spider during the fight it isn’t because of him hitting things it’s because of the sound using lasers which is a pretty cool thing in real life.

  5. If I had to rank Amazing Spider-man 2 in terms of Spider-man movies, i’d put this second last.
    I liked it but I wanted so much more out of Electro, hoping that his character isn’t dead. *SPOILERS* Also I called the Gwen Stacy death scene weeks before seeing the film so I wasn’t entirely shocked though the little Emma Stone fanboy in me cried like a bitch during the following scenes.

    I hope this is the Iron Man 2 of the trilogy and that the third one is the saving grace because I feel bad for Marc Webb only doing what Sony tells him to.

  6. i loved all the spidey bits in this movie, and those bits on IMAX, for me, rated higher than the sum of all previous Spider-Man movies. yeah. Harry Osborn (DeHaan for prez) was satisfying, also.

    everything ELSE (the characterisations of the villains, INCLUDING Harry’s sudden psycho change in attitude towards Peter, and the weird handling of Peter’s parents desperate push during their final moments as well as Aunt May’s adamant discouraging of Peter’s search for answers), however, was so choppy, over-dramatised, and simplified, leaving me feeling like the script was written by–and for–16 year olds. the funny thing, too, is that some of the problems could have been ‘fixed’ with some post-production cutting and pasting. example: have Peter ‘see’ Gwen’s father’s ghost in one very quick, among-the-crowd flash AFTER…the thing that happens, a la Dexter.
    cut out Electro and the horrible Ravencroft nazi doctor completely. so on.

    tl; dr, i loved bits, i cringed in bits.
    ps. PLEASE do a co-skype show with Eleven O’Clock Comics, they’re like you, 10 years older!

  7. Alright Henry, the thing with Peter leaving Gwen and seeing the flashback had been a THEME. Gwen says it in a dialogue with Peter in the beginning of him doing this repeatedly HENCE her breaking up with him, she couldn’t take him doing that over and over again. So it makes sense.

    And the gwen speech also clearly regards her father. I mean she lost her dad when she was in HS so the speech fits.

    It’s alright to criticize but some of these criticisms are unfair nitpicking due to watching looking for bad stuff.

    1. Considering that we never really see Gwen in any way being affected emotionally by the loss of her dad in any other scene, and she’s more annoyed than anything else when Peter brings him up… Either she had mourned him and moved on at this point, (And thus making the speech not fit at all) or the writers did a very poor job characterizing her grief. Either way, it was shoddily done, and corny.

  8. Amazey 2 was just terrible. it reminded me of a time when we didn’t expect quality superhero films. this would have for right in 2002. such a waste. garbage for babies. insulting. don’t pay to see it. I watched a cam.

  9. Just got a marvel unlimited subscription and a galaxy tablet so what spiderman comics should I download prior to seeing this film thanks.

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