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        1. I use chrome with my android phone, but I was able to download the episode just fine as usual, didn’t encounter the problem myself.

      1. I suppose… What keeper said. Tracking our downloads is important to us, but if it’s causing you these kinds of problems, feel free to do what Keeper XIII says.


        1. I don’t know Chris, first you’re unemployed and now this. Are you sure you’re not trying to steal my info.

          (Obviously joking)

  1. Yeah, I got the Malware warning. But I think it’s false. Am listening to the new cast right now!!

  2. Speaking of encounters with celebrities, I very recently had my first encounter with one:


    Just this past month I went to Los Angeles, and when with my GF to a National Geographic picture exposition. And inside, I saw Troy Baker, and went up and say hi and told him I admire hos voice over work a lot, and he was super cool and as proven above, even consented to let me take a pic with him. The awkward part comes from the fact that despite liking him so much… at that moment I had blanked on his name, so I had to approach him by saying “I’m sorry… I have to ask… are you the voice actor for Joel in the Last of Us?”.

    1. See kids, this is why you should never make a comment in a hurry… This abomination is riddled with spelling errors and it’s just awful to read. That’s what I get for thinking I should write a post 3 minutes before having to go to work >>;

      Anyway, there’s a much better and more legible version of this post in the forums. Better for reading than this piece of trash.

  3. The first time I met Tom Wilson (the guy who played Biff in all the Back to the Future movies) I made a complete ass of myself. He introduced himself, SUPER NICE, but as I’m shaking his hand I tell him that I had a dream about him the night before and he was a hall monitor at my son’s school. The look on his was, “…….ok uh……I gotta gtfo…..” and that was it. I realized about 5 minutes later that I never actually told him my name. To him, I’m just Creepy Dream Guy that Shakes Hands for Long.

  4. Haven’t listened yet, but I have a ton of these stories. Two of my favourites:

    1) I saw Samuel L. Jackson at the wrap party for The Man. My friend and I desperately wanted to say hi, but we didn’t have the nerve. So we got incredibly drunk. On the way out, I interrupted him, mid-conversation, and slurred the words that I was a huge fan. My friend just patted him on the back. Thing is, he was totally cool. Thanked me.

    2) Also met Lord Richard Attenborough at a dailies screening of a feature he was directing. I had met him previously, but this was actually my first chance to speak to him. He’s a little hard of hearing, so I mentally adjusted my volume, and as soon as the words came out of my mouth, it was pretty clear I was practically shouting. Everyone turned to look. But I couldn’t quiet it down, or I’d look like an idiot so I just kept speaking VERY LOUDLY with him. It was awful.

  5. I met Wil Wheaton at Ottawa Comicon. He did a panel and also signed autographs so I waited 10 minutes to get my Stand by Me DVD signed. Although he was very friendly and chatty with evwryone ahead of me, he literally said just two words to me.
    “Hello Mr. Wheaton I’m a big fan of pretty much everything you’ve done.”
    “Ummmmm I just brought my copy of Stand by Me to get signed.”
    *takes it, signs it, hands it back*
    He told me “thank you” and I scurried away, embarassed for no good reason. I was really nervous so maybe I was just sweaty and offputting. Either way that experience cost me $20.

  6. I recently met my celebrity crush at a con and didn’t make a complete idiot out of myself, which is cool. And at the same place I was looking at the Criminal Omnibus, decided not to buy it, and when I turned around to leave I almost crashed into Ed Brubaker (the writer).

    As for celebrities in the wild, I was once in the same burger line as George Stroumboulopoulos, and having no idea who he was I loudly asked my friends what he had done. They didn’t answer either because they found it funny or were embarrassed for me.

  7. My second most embarrassing celebrity encounter was with Bruce Campbell while he was on his “If Chins Could Kill” book tour. While posing for a photo with 2 friends, Bruce, and myself, I somehow managed to knock over a standup fan that was pointed behind Mr. Campbell. It hit the back of his chair, broke a few blades and made an awful sound, the gracious man still agreed to take the picture with us.

    My most embarrassing celebrity encounter was at last year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Was it meeting Michael Rooker in Hard Rock Cafe? Nope. Was it talking to Steven Moffat for my awestruck wife? Wrong again. It was awkwardly stalking the Capcom both to meet Chris Antista! I lingered, I was weird, and didn’t form full sentences. I gave you a Short Round figure, and rudely interrupted you instructing someone how to play Monster Hibter to tell you to buy a Barney Rubble animation cel. Sadly I don’t think you’ll be attending this year, but maybe I can rub some awkward on Brett or Henry if they make it there this year.

  8. Not a lot of celebrities come to my hometown of Green Bay, Wisconsin so the only famous people I’ve met are Green Bay Packers athletes. It is cool to see them since even though I don’t care about sports or the rest of the NFL, the Packers are such a big deal in Green Bay that I couldn’t not become a fan and watch their games. Part of that reason is that you see them in the community quite a bit. One time we went to a play and our family sat next to Donald Driver’s family (he’s the most famous person I’ve met face to face and I’d still be surprised if anybody here has heard of him) and while I was a cashier at Target for Charles Woodson and two other less famous Packer players that I didn’t recognize. Occasionally players would show up at our school as well.

    The closest I could have come to meeting a real celebrity was when they were filming Public Enemies and it was possible to see Johnny Depp, but I didn’t feel like going.

  9. Not a lot of celebrities come to my hometown of Green Bay, Wisconsin so the only famous people I’ve met are Green Bay Packers athletes. It is cool to see them since even though I don’t care about sports or the rest of the NFL, the Packers are such a big deal in Green Bay that I couldn’t not become a fan and watch their games. Part of that reason is that you see them in the community quite a bit. One time we went to a play and our family sat next to Donald Driver’s family (he’s the most famous person I’ve met face to face and I’d still be surprised if anybody here has heard of him) and while I was a cashier at Target for Charles Woodson and two other less famous Packer players that I didn’t recognize. Occasionally players would show up at our school as well.

    The closest I could have come to meeting a real celebrity was when they were filming Public Enemies and it was possible to see Johnny Depp, but I didn’t feel like going.

  10. I’ve only ever met two celebrities.

    Claudia Christian(Susan Ivonova on Babylon 5) at a Sci-fi convention.

    And Brian Dennehy at my grocery store(he apparently lives 1 town away from me).

  11. Let’s see, what are my awkward celebrity interactions?
    George W. Bush
    Dick Cheney
    Bill Paxton
    Chris, Bret, and Mikel Reparaz

    I ran into George W. Bush twice, once before and once after his presidency. The first time was at some campaign fundraiser at a larger restaurant. This was in 2000, so I was 7 or 8 years old. Anyway, my family is eating dinner after he has given some speech to what he hoped would be campaign donors, and he comes up to talk to us. My mom asked me if there was anything I’d like to ask the possible future president and I asked him something about endangered species. He gave some fairly vague answer aimed at an 8 year old. I guess it wasn’t too awkward.
    The second time was a year or two ago at a restaurant in Dallas. He just happened to be there eating dinner with his wife. I got up to use the restroom, only to be stopped by a man in a suit. A minute later Bush walked out, apologized and we went are separate ways, him to his dinner and me to unleash a torrent of diarrhea. So I guess the former president and I shat in the same toilet.

    I must admit that I didn’t meat Dick Cheney myself, but rather my godmother, Sarita Hixon (Aunt Sarita), did. Sarita’s mother, Anne Armstrong, was a good friend of Cheney. So on February 11, 2006, a Dick Cheney, Sarita, Saritia’s sister, and a few other notable people decided to go bird hunting at Armstrong Ranch. As Sarita sat in the hunting truck and watched as Dick Cheney accidentally shot a man. So I guess that must have been awkward for her.

    Bill Paxton happened to grow up with my mom. They were friends. He even dated my mom’s younger sister in high school I believe. So he was in town to say hi and I asked if he would yell “It’s game over man, game over!” He gave me a look of disapproval and launched in to a rant about how this was all people remembered him for. I was a little bit nervous to be honest, being a teenager. He continued talking about all his roles in other movies until he finished with some like “And now all I will be remembered for is, It’s game over man, game over!” Then he smiled and laughed. He even nailed the voice crack.

    And then there were you fools. My freshman year of college I heard there would be a GamesRadar meet up in SF for the launch of some Final Fantasy game. Fuck man, I’m down in Silicon Valley I can make that! So I jump on the CalTrain and venture into SF. And there you guys were, drinking and recording a podcast. And me, sober and still trying to figure out who I am. I could have easily snuck a couple drinks, hell they were free! But I was like Bret, I didn’t start drinking till college. I didn’t even make it on to the podcast! To top that all off I asked Cheryl about a possible web design internship at GR or at least Future. She told me to my resume and portfolio to her, and it seemed like it could actually work out. The next day I read that she, along with a few others, had been laid off. I felt so bad for them… And a little bad for me…
    Anyway if I happen to run into one of you guys in SF I’ll buy you a beer.

  12. My most recent encounter/ funny coincidence:

    I was flying with a friend and we had a layover in Toronto, whose airport code is YYZ. Canadian power-trio, Rush, also has a song titled “YYZ”. I was just lamenting, “I can’t believe Rush wrote a song about this place,” right when Geddy-fucking-Lee turns the corner. I watched him bypass a huge line and walk right onto a plane like he was the princess of Canada.

  13. I can NOT believe Diana said goddamn in front of the pope! XD priceless!
    I met Cameo (from that band, who used to wear that codpiece) at sixdflags in Atlanta once, he was just spending time with his daughter. They were standing in line to get a funnel cake. I met Kevin Nealon at the airport, and one of the guys from boys II men (the skinny one) in a jellybean store at the mall. A lot of minor celebs hang out and bulb around Atlanta or just pass through on their way to better places. Its a good place to retire.

  14. This happened to my dad, not me, but it’s pretty good.

    As those who watch the news might know, the Sultan of Brunei has been catching some shit because of his new draconian anti-gay laws he wants to push through in his small, backwater country. Now, I used to live in Brunei with my parents who were teachers at a couple of the local schools. My dad’s school had recently been refurbished and who should visit to survey the place than the Sultan, who meets my dad in the new library. Since it was new there were no books. The Sultan turns to my dad and says “I can see you’re missing something” and before my dad can say anything about the books the Sultan points to a blank wall and says “my picture isn’t hanging up”. My dad thought he was joking so he laughed and the Sultan just stared at him, said “I hope it is put up soon” and leaves the library. Ah, good times.

  15. The most awkward celebrity run-in I had was at NYCC 2013 I saw Chloe Moretz. I didn’t “meet” her, I just saw her from I distance. She did not see me. She was signing posters at a booth and I tried to take a picture of her with my phone and her bodyguard had to shoo me away.

    But the cool celebrity encounters I’ve had were Felicia Day, Jeremy Renner, Louis C.K, and Greg Sestero (Mark from the Room). The most starstruck I’ve ever been was when I met Chris at NYCC last year. Just look at that face! That’s the face of a happy child!

  16. I got bumped into by Felicia Day. She was at the Denver Comicon, the line to meet her was probably two hours or more long, so I was chatting with my buddy who had a table in the Artist Alley with anther friend of mine, and suddenly we are jostled from behind by a big guy and a woman following him. Upon us spinning around thinking “Hey!” we saw the back of Felicia Day’s head as she followed a bodyguard/bouncer pushing the crowd apart so they could walk through the floor. So yeah, I got shoved by Felicia Day, woo?

  17. Back in 2002 at my mothers wedding Im looking at the people that are attending the ceremony and I see someone that looks like Dana Gould. Of course I think “no that cant be him. Why would Dana Gould be at a wedding in Jersey?”. So the ceremony ends and we all get to the reception, get to our seats, and wait for the new couple to make their arrival. While were waiting Im telling my girlfriend about who I thought I saw and of course she had no idea who he was so at that point the only think I could think of to explain to her what she would know him from was the Herbie the love bug movie he did with Bruce Campbell (the only reason she saw that was because im a big bruce Campbell fan and made her watch it). So the whole time im talking to her more and more people are finding their seats and our table starts filling up, she starts getting a weird look on have her face and I turn to my left and sitting next to me with a huge grin on his face is Dana Gould! And he says “wow you actually saw that movie?” To make a long story short. It turns out that my mothers new husband is the uncle of Dana’s wife. I then spent the rest of the reception not caring about what should be a wonderful day for my mother embarrassing myself geeking out over the fact that im sitting next to someone who knows Bruce Campbell.

  18. Sorry for the kinda double post my phone crapped out and I didnt realize it actually posted the first time

  19. When I worked at Subway back in college, I once put way too much mustard on a Cold Cut Combo for Thomas Haden Church. It was funny to hear that deep “Lowell from Wings” voice saying “Whoa whoa WHOA!” as he tried in vain to stop my essentially drowning his sandwich.

    The blood-filled elevator in The Shining should be your mental image when imagining this, only with mustard.

  20. I once frightened Mark Hamill out of a hobby shop in the San Fernando Valley.

    Poor guy, I didn’t even want to make a deal out of him being there at all. He had a baseball cap pulled down and sunglasses on, he clearly didn’t want to be spotted. It just happened when we both awkwardly tried to talk to an employee at the same time, then we both said, ‘nonono, you go first’. So he asked the employee if they had a new model in stock, it may have been a WWII tank of some kind, I can’t remember. The clerk said ‘yeah, it’s right over there’. Then Mark looks at me, looks around nervously, and bolts out the door. It all happened in about 15 seconds.

    I had heard that Mark liked to shop at this store, so I asked the clerk if he’s always like that, and he said, ‘yeah, he’s kind of nervous’. I can’t blame him at all though, I bet he’s had some very strange encounters.

  21. LOL I live about 2 blocks from Long Beach Airport! Have you ever waked to an airline flight from your house? I totally can. It is super small, but super great if you can find the flight you need out of there. Jet Blue runs most of the flights.

  22. I think I’ve ONLY had awkward celebrity encounters.

    I did extra work for Scott Pilgrim Vs The World and ran into Michael Cera a few times. First was in the washroom at the urinals. Next was when he almost hit me with his car. He stopped short and we just kind of stared at each other.

    I met Ice-T when I filmed a tv show last summer that he was a part of. Super friendly guy but our conversation backstage revolved around a joke he made during the show about his dick. So, yeah, kind of odd.

    I’ve seen a number of other celebrities in real life but I feel awkward approaching them. I don’t want to be a bother and interrupt whatever they’re doing with their free time.

  23. Three stories come to mind…in chronological order:

    1) While working as an usher at a 4-screen theater in a Wilkes-Barre, PA mall…a band came in to see “Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls” (around November ’95)…they were dressed slightly over the top, but no different than other metal bands I’ve seen. Halfway through the movie, one comes out with his ticket stub and asks if he can get back in if he heads into the mall. I say sure, and he leaves. By this point, a small group is forming outside the theater entrance, and I spot a friend in there.

    “What’s going on?”

    “I was supposed to see Marilyn Manson tonight, but they cancelled. Someone heard they were up here.”


    A couple of years later, when all of the controversy over “Mechanical Animals” was going on, all I could think of was a dude who walked out of an Ace Ventura movie.

    2) A book signing in NYC…for Tina Fey, arguably one of my biggest celebrity crushes EVER. I sat there for 3 hours to reserve a spot. Fey walks in and talks with the crowd for about 45 minutes. The signing starts, and as I’m five people away from the table, my brain says “Best of luck buddy” and shuts down. I get to the table, she signs the book, and glances up at myself, clearly waiting for me to say something. I squeak out a barely inaudible “Thank you” and hurry back to my seat. For the record, I was Thirty-fucking-six when this happened. My family members still take jabs at me about it.

    3) At a ‘Jack in the Box’ across the street from Amoeba Music Hollywood. Some patron unleashes a loud BELCH sound at the soda fountain, and I see this other man wrinkle his nose in disgust. As I turn towards the second man to say something, he sees my U2 tour shirt.

    “Going to the show tonight?”

    “In Anaheim? Yep.”

    “Cool.” And he walks out. My mother walks over, looking at him and at the band picture on my shirt.

    “Was that…HIM?” (gesturing at Adam Clayton’s picture on the shirt).

    I look at my shirt, then back up at the door where he just left. FUCK. I imagine he walked out, muttering “If I was BONO, he would’ve recognized me.”

  24. I have a great awkward story of meeting Sam Raimi.

    Early Spring in 2010 I was working at a large plant nursery retailer in southeast Michigan. A customer comes in to buy some fruit trees for his parent’s yard. In particular, he wanted a peach tree, of which we only had one on the lot that we had wintered over from last year. The tree didn’t look great, but I sold it to him, as well as a couple others. Getting his information for delivery, I asked for his name and he told me, “Sam Raimi.”

    “Huh”, I said. “I think that’s the name of a movie director.” Smooth as ever.

    He half smiled and replied rather quietly, “Umm, yes, that’s….mhmmm.”

    Well damn, it turns out I’ve been talking to Sam Raimi for the last half hour about fruit trees. I reminded myself that he’s just a dude buying trees and managed to not nerd out on him. Sold the trees, setup the delivery for a couple days later and whatnot.

    The night before the delivery, my boss tells me that the peach tree is dead. It had frozen over the winter, and the buds it was showing (the ones I had used to justify it being in good health) were inert. Well shit. Thankfully, my boss lets me off the hook this time and calls Sam’s parents (the contact info he left) to let them know that we would have to bring them a new one whenever we get fresh stock in. Over the next two weeks, Sam Raimi proceeds to call 2 or 3 times to bitch out my boss for trying to pull one over on him. Thankfully he was reasonable and I didn’t get in trouble over it, but he made sure to remind me that I had pissed off one of the biggest names in Hollywood directors at the time. In the end I think we ended up just refunding the tree. At first I felt bad. Then I remembered what hot garbage Spider-man 3 was.

  25. My only two awkward encounters both involve famous (for New Zealand) comedians. The one which was arguably the awkwardest for me personally was when I saw Brendhan Lovegrove in a mall in Auckland. I was sitting on a step waiting for my girlfriend at the time when I saw this guy in the distance and immediately knew his face… but couldn’t place it. So naturally I just keep absent-mindedly staring at him while trying to figure out who he was. As he got almost within range of me being able to say something to him, I realised he was a well-known comedian but then also realised that I could not for the life of me think of his name. So I tried to pretend I wasn’t staring at him by continuing to stare in the same direction as he walked by me. I felt like a dick.

    Second most awkward was a couple of years ago when my workplace was hosting three big comedians here: Urzila Carlson, Jeremy Elwood, and a third guy who’s name escapes me (not as important). Because I worked there, I got a small discount on tickets and my mum is a huge comedy fan so we decided to go see them perform. It was an awesome show and the entire audience loved it, an all-round great experience. After the show though, and two bottles of wine between us, mum and I went out the back of the place to smoke and, awesomely, Jeremy and Ursula were hanging out out there with a beer and a cigarette, just talking to people. There weren’t too many people around, and I knew maybe one or two of them, so we just walked up to the table they were at. It wasn’t until we’d been at the table for about ten minutes when I realised that both my mum and I were probably quite a bit drunker than we thought we were – mainly because I noticed that the two comedians seemed to have this look on their faces of like “who the fuck are you?” …so I finished my glass and told my mum I was going to go home. I have no idea what we said to them, but I feel like chances are I’d be embarrassed if I did.

    Oh and one time when I was 17 I called a radio station for some reason and spoke to a popular radio DJ by the name of Mike Puru. I remember he told me I had a really good radio voice and that I should look into being an announcer. Afterwards I told my mum what he’d said and she told me “well you were talking completely differently than you normally do,” my guess is because I was nervous but I had no idea I was doing it and I suddenly realised there was a good chance the guy was making fun of me for talking weird. Either that or he was flirting with me.

  26. I met Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero at a screening of The Room in Ottawa this March. Got a picture and my copy of ‘The Disaster Artist’ signed. Tommy did not disappoint when it came to seeming insane.

  27. Got to meet Kenan and Kel backstage at some shitty Nickelodeon thing once through my moms work when I was younger. They were total dbags but it was still cool. Amanda Bynes was there too but only for a little while and she was the nicest by far. I’ve met slightly more famous people but that was the one that was most important to me.

  28. I live in a small rural Connecticut town. My workmates have been claiming that Rob Zombie bought the house right next to me but I never believed them. Finally today I was driving home and I saw this couple walking on the side of the road. After passing them it finally hit me. Rob Zombie did buy the house next to me and that was them on the road. I couldn’t believe it!

  29. I remembered another one!

    When I was doing “community work” at a place here a few months ago, I was riding in the ute with my supervisor and he and I were both watching this nice looking lady walk down the path we were on. We drove past and carried on to where the supervisor was going to drop me off to do some work, and while we were there and he was telling me what he wanted me to, the lady walked by us on her way out of the park and as she walked past we were checking her out again and then suddenly my supervisor got a look at her face and gasped. When she was out of earshot a few moments later he turned to me and shout-whispered “That was the MAYOR!”

    tl;dr – The mayor of my town probably caught me checking her out.

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