6 thoughts on “VGMpire Episode 69 – Go Go Godzilla

  1. Yes, can’t wait to hair what variety we have here. I’ve always loved monster movies and Godzilla and despite the obvious short comings of the games, they at least got the music right for the most part.

  2. Chris keeps saying Gareth Marenghi, instead of Garth.

    Compile made some of my favorite shooters, like Zanac, Space Mega Force, and MUSHA, before they went on to Puyo Puyo junk. I didn’t know they made a NES Godzilla game.

  3. I image that is what Inspector Gadget would yell when he pulls a giant lizard from knee.

    I sure hope this episode is 69 minutes long and spawns a new Tyler Wilde remix.

  4. Anything Godzilla-related is a warm blanket for my heart and this was no exception. I haven’t needed to go to a movie on opening night this badly in a long time.

    Here’s hoping that The Monster this weekend will live up to my years-long anticipation boner.

    – Thanks again for the show Brett, it’s rare that I can get my brothers interested in one of the many podcasts I listen to, but sharing the Plok episode did the trick for VGMpire. It was one of our consistent weekend Blockbuster rentals when we were young’uns.

  5. I’m not sure whether to comment on laser time or vgmpire for these podcasts so I’ll just do both!

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