Vidjagame Apocalypse 64 – N64’s M-Rated Exclusives


When you hit episode 64 of any podcast, there are really only two directions you can go in, topic-wise: something to do with the Nintendo 64, or the iconic Beatles song “When I’m Sixty-Four.” If you’re the kind of person who skips headlines and just reads article text, guess which one we went with? Aside from what were, in retrospect, some really overcompensatory attempts to transition from kiddie to gritty, there’s some chat about this week’s sparse crop of new releases and your ideas for Kevin Spacey movies-turned-games. Oh, and Brett Elston’s on this one.

Question of the Week

Is there a game you’d be crushed to lose multiplayer support for, and if so, what is it?



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14 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 64 – N64’s M-Rated Exclusives

  1. I don’t really play online multiplayer that much but I would be upset if games that rely heavily on Community Creations (e.g. Little Big Planet, Disney Infinity) lost the ability to share amazing things mainly because i’m to lazy to make my own levels/creations.

  2. Mount & Blade: Warband / Napoleonic Wars since the spirit and fun of the game stem from the large scale battles of entirely human allies and opponents. Thankfully even to this day, you can still find near 200 strong battles or 100 men verses 200 AI horde mode style sieges to jump into.

  3. Not really,I don’t care about multiplayer at all anymore.

    But FINE, I guess for nostalgia sake, I will go with Bomberman for the SNES, I had a ton of good memories playing the MP with my brothers and cousins, and besides, Bomberman without multiplayer would be like a hot-dog without a sausage.

  4. Left 4 Dead 2: My friends that I normally play games with don’t really buy that many new games anymore and the one multiplayer game that we all have in common is L4D2. That’s our go-to game for whenever we’re all online together, and we’ll usually get through about 1 and a half stages before cursing each other out and rage quitting. Good times! I would be sad if that went away.

  5. I don’t normally play multiplayer games, actually, but when my friends and I get together we always play hours of Civ. I would cry if we lost that.

  6. Also, you guys completely ignored the fact that Kentucky Route Zero act III came out, that makes me sad.

  7. I wouldn’t necessarily be crushed to lose any multiplayer support. However, It would suck if I couldn’t visit other towns in Animal Crossing. Eventhough it’s not really a multiplayer game, the fun comes from going to other towns and talking to your friends community. It’s also fun to shake all the fruit trees and then leave. My friends are all OCD and the mess always pisses them off.

    Two shows back, you forgot Willy Beamish as a gamer with a game. The whole adventure revolves around him getting to the NIntari Championships, which I never did.

  8. QOTW: Honestly, Grand Theft Auto V comes to mind. It’s the most fun I’ve had playing online since Battlefield Bad Company 2, and I still log in every couple of weeks for some quality hours as a criminal. I realize a VI is inevitable, as is the game being shut off, but until we get the next one, I need this GTA online around.

  9. I know I’m late to this party, but I’ll give my answer anyway. To be honest, the only multi-player I have played consistently is in Killing Floor, but I stopped playing it since early last year due to someone choosing to be a dick to me on purpose because I chose a certain character class.

    I guess I would have to go with Counter Strike Source and Global Offensive since I love the gun game modes in those games so much. It was originally a mod in source, and I have played it on that version of the game plenty of times with Mario leveling up sounds and all. It would really sadden me to hear if all multi-player for that game disappears, but thanks to the PC community I doubt that will ever happen since they can create their own servers.

  10. TF2, CS:GO, L4D2, and, of course, COD4. I still play COD4 regularly and feel that its still such a pure modern FPS experience without having to rely so much on customizing and leveling the crap out of everything like in every other FPS nowadays. COD4 is just really easy to just jump into every now and then and still find an equal playing field right away.

    Good episode, guys!

  11. The original pc version of descent. I would fly and my brother would shoot. Not a real mp game but we made it into one. Anyone else ever do this? So far among my circle of friends we are the only weirdos.

  12. It was funny listening back to this episode and was a bit surprised at the harshness of the criticism of Conker’s comedy from Chris in particular…I’ve heard equally and more crude humor and bad attempts at comedy not too disimilar from what you’d find in Conkers from him in particular over the years of podcasts. I just thought that part was funny since I always thought his sense of humor and type of comedy is fairly close in nature to what Conker provided.

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