Jim Henson Died 24 Years Ago Today. This Was One of His Favorite Songs

So all of his friends got together and sang it at his memorial service…

Strangely enough, that song is from the 1975 Snoopy musical, which I coincidentally just learned, and by that I mean I honestly had no idea what day it was, because I just finished reading the man’s biography at 5AM this morning (I’m unemployed, don’t judge me.) If you have any interest in the life of one of the kindest, most creative geniuses ever walk this Earth, I strongly recommend you check it out.


[Thanks for the reminder, everyone]

6 thoughts on “Jim Henson Died 24 Years Ago Today. This Was One of His Favorite Songs

  1. I loved Jim Henson. I actually did some work on his house for his wife after he died. Very nice lady. The muppet show was the first show that my parents would let me stay up past my bed time for. Great man, great memories. Thanks Chris.

  2. Sitting in an ICU room with my unresponsive father who just suffered a massive stroke. I needed this sir. Thank you Chris.

  3. Why must you force me to feel these feels, Chris? I think I’m gonna go watch The Dark Crystal, and dream of a world where Henson kept making amazing things to delight and astound us, and George Lucas died instead…

  4. Oh my gawd I can’t watch that!
    has it really been that long? I guess you can tell.
    Before he died we got a good amount of interesting puppetry, now it seems like no one is willing to go to bat for that entire industry like he would. So, we get nothing really.
    Sure some muppets movies, but they’ve been on slight auto pilot for a while now.
    But stories where practical effects and interesting experimental puppetry was the driving force?… We haven’t had one of those in a long time, and I don’t think it’s just because of the rise of CG animation and the fall of electronics prices, Mr Henson’s death has a lot to do with a lot of the fun and whimsy sucked right out the door in Hollywood.

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