27 thoughts on “Laser Time – Godzilla’s Greatest Hits

    1. No doubt! In fact I’ve been a bit behind on my LaserTime listening and was catching up, listening to the “You’re Fired!” episode when I saw this was posted. Twenty minutes into that one and GONE in favor of this. Although don’t worry LaserFolks – I’ll be back to catch the rest of your tales of unemployment. I’ve simply been waiting for this one for WAY too long.

      Although a touch bummed that there’s no official weigh-in on the new movie yet…that is coming, right?

  1. Finally, this episode is a long time coming. I’ll be listening to this tomorrow but for now I’ll say I am a huge long time Godzilla fan and have seen the new film…

    …so the next time I’ll post it will probably be to something said here, since I know Brett is also a long time fan so I’m looking forward to it.

  2. Ever since that Kaiju episode on last July, I’ve waiting for this! Can’t wait to listen! 😀

    And well, is there gonna be an official Godzilla 2014 spoiler-cast later on? Would like to hear y’all’s opinion on it ^^

  3. I love this site and podcast, but compared to 98`godzilla, the new one blew it out of the water. I was excited to see a decent adaptation to the classics. The massive destruction displayed on screen was great. The human aspect with the military was quite drastic buuuut it was a good attempt. (I am prior NAVY the convey and carriers would have for fuggin sure kept space between gzilla.) Gotta love this movie. The halo drop was awesome, and the tail whip in the end was sooooo goood. Good on the movie and props to laser time network for being as witty and brilliant as they may. Keep calm and sail along. Ps. I did not have enough time to listen but I surely will tuesday.

    1. Oh shit….. Just realized how spoilish I made my previous comment…….Fuck it. When Cape Crisis did it shenanigans with Amazing 2 I was like ” Well I was not going to waste the time to see it anyways.”. My bad, and for my personal take home message, Godzilla is worth seeing in theaters , whether or not you are a fan of the series, you will find something to appreciate out of the movie. Again…. .whoops, but seriously, if you are a Godzilla fan and you have yet to take time to see it on its opening weekend (which was reported to be amazing) you kinda deserve to know a wee bit bout this great adaptation of the monstrosity known as Godzilla.

    2. Yeah, convoy and whatnot, but you gotta remember, “What can we fit on screen?” Hence why space battles are all point blanking, you can see both ships at once instead of the more likely “Shooting at each other from a distance of one AU”.

      1. Yeah, understood for sure. Depictions from movies on the military have a different stand point. I just fully expected Godzilla’s tail to whip out and cost the Navy about 26 billion. Talking bout a high budget. Joking, of course.

  4. Just came back from seeing the new movie in preparation for a spoiler-cast to see this is spoiler-free! Oh well, hopefully you guys get into some spoiler talk in a later show.

  5. I’m pretty glad I haven’t watched the movie yet cause I feel like I need this sort of primer for myself to be in the right mindset. So many people are saying it was just a disappointment for the most part and I’m wondering if those people were just expecting the wrong thing from a Godzilla movie? I totally agree with showing the monster as little as possible until the end so…I dunno, I really want it to be good. May even go and do a little marathon for myself before going to see it.

  6. To: anyone who will listen.

    It’s been three weeks since I donated and I’m still waiting for my gmail (veryweirdguy@gmail.com) to get access to the hate pack.

    This is my last attempt to get any attention to this before I give up and never donate again.


  7. While its true I thought the new movie could have been better, Godzilla’s appearances are worth the price of admission alone. He looks and sounds THAT BLOODY GOOD.

  8. I just had a random thought. We need someone to make a game that mixes Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee, WWF No Mercy and the physics of Goat Simulator and Gang Beasts. That would make for a pretty faithful videogame adaptation of the source material, I think 😛

  9. Saw the new movie, I looked that they made Godzilla less magical and special by just making them animals that were fighting

  10. The original 1954 movie is the highest rated on Rotten Tomatoes with 94%. Probably didn’t see it since it’s titled “Gojira”.

  11. Comparison’s to the dropping of the atomic bomb to 9-11 don’t pan out, nor Cloverfield to Godzilla, nor to America’s post 9-11 jingoism to Japan’s lack thereof.

    Godzilla was metaphor for an event that *ended* a war and fears of an upcoming age. 9-11 was the event that kicked off a worldwide war. Or at least, an event that clued Americans in to the fact that there was apparently, a war.

  12. 1985 was my Godzilla film as a kid. I can’t count how many times I watched that VHS. to me, the best Godzilla films are all about the build us, so these new reviews like “not enough Godzilla, where’s the ‘splosions?” just get me more more excited. yes! this one is for me! go watch Pacific Rim, I want to watch a walking natural disaster.

    why don’t people understand that Godzilla IS the climax?

    1. the schlock prize goes to Monster Zero. not a very serious flick, but super entertaining to a 10 year old.

  13. The new movie wasn’t terrible by any means… but it disappointed me a great deal. It wasn’t at all what the trailers were aiming for with Godzilla being a natural disaster that humanity brought upon itself.

  14. Finally, the long-awaited Godzilla episode! The new movie was…good. Decent, I suppose. Although, I actually LIKE the ’98 flick (which didn’t stop me from laughing my ass off at the commentary track), so my opinion may not be valid…

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