Vidjagame Apocalypse 65 – Make Love to the Mountain


Far Cry 4’s finally been announced, and even though it’s just concept art of a dude in a Scooby-Doo purple suit at this point, we’re still excited. So excited, in fact, that we hung this week’s Top 5 on the announcement, making it all about our favorite videogame mountains in honor of the Himalayan setting. There’s also plenty of talk about Wolfenstein: The New Order, Transistor, and Tropico 5, along with a look at multiplayer games you’d be sad to lose.

Question of the Week

What are you most excited about (or just hoping to see) at E3 this year?



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35 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 65 – Make Love to the Mountain

  1. I am really hoping that Uncharted 4 makes an appearance at E3 this year. Mainly because I want to see how fucking beautiful it’s going to look on the PS4. Also i’m looking forward to seeing more of FarCry 4, Assassin’s Creed Unity and Disney Infinity 2.0.

    1. I don’t understand people’s hype for Uncharted 4, I enjoyed each of them on PS3, but I feel so disappoint that Naughty Dog is making a forth game that isn’t a kart racer.

  2. I’m hoping for anything from valve to do with new games. Sure, everyone might like them and they may be sitting pretty on top of a fat stack of money, but every year they don’t put anything out and still somehow manage to be relevant. Also, they can’t release their steamboxes without something new to push them forward (hell, even a left 4 dead 3 would suffice)

  3. I am just hoping that they’ll get around to announcing some new next gen exclusive IPs to justify the existence of the new consoles. So far nothing has grabbed my interest.

  4. I want to see Nintendo use their huge war chest to buy the Playstation and Xbox divisions from Sony and Microsoft. This would free these divisions from their parent companies. The Playstation would likely benefit the most from this, as Sony is bleeding money really badly.

    There’s no reason for Nintendo to do this, so I’m not holding my breath

  5. Hoping to catch some fat sweaty jorts and fedora wearing neckbearded ponytail bronies attending the show.

  6. Advanced Warfare look nice and all, but it’s a poor substitute for an Advance Wars game.


    1. think they’re having trouble figuring out an acronym for 3.D.S. Its been done for years now, they just need that initialism.

      1. Lol.

        But doubt it, the last AW game was named “Days of Ruin” So they clearly didn’t care about that anymore 😛

  7. Can I just say that I really appreciate how Chris always, ALWAYS references Andromeda when Kevin Sorbo gets name dropped? Chris. I love you.

  8. Finally a title that isn’t SEO as fuck, they were getting really literal for a while there.

    As for QOTW: I think it’s time to start unfairly expecting or demanding a Burtal Legend sequel and I always love to see some more Metal Gear.

    1. Yay! I was just thinking about if you, The Webslinger, Batman5273, Patius, Rattlehead, Strangle Me, Aeshir and everyone else still listened. I see them on Twitter and Batman in the forums, but I lurk more than comment (like in did back in the Talkradar General days) on both Twitter and Lasetime Forums because of my job currently and I’ve been listening to old Talkradar stuff while I’m at work.

      Good to see you around buddy!

  9. Might be the first time I miss E3 but I’m honestly not too…excited so far I guess. Pokemon remakes, smash bros, and the only other thing I’m really looking forward to in the far future is FF 15. I guess I just want something, anything, to be excited for right now. Especially from Nintendo, they need to step up their game.

    1. Also, dont do online, dont have online whatever, point is I dont play online console/pc multiplayer mr. smart pants wilde……-_-

  10. Anything, really, I feel like there are almost no interesting AAA games coming out despite being months into a new console generation. All of my favorite games last year were indie games because they were all more interesting than most AAA games that came out, I just want to see something new and interesting come out of the AAA industry.

  11. I’m gonna go ahead and say that I’m excited to learn more about Nintendo’s NFC toys. I know it sounds lame and stupid but I’m really interested in what exactly Nintendo intends to do with its characters. Are you actually going to be able to level up and customize Mario? Will they be required or optional for games? How much of their IPs will Nintendo utilize? Will Nintendo finally make a Smash Bros.-esque franchise of games where Nintendo characters interact outside of beating the crap out of each other? I’m definitely looking forward to this year’s E3 for more information.

  12. I would be excited IF they release a new Armored Core in the series. The past few have been off and I wish that the series would find its roots again. Let’s flip that coin for a second. I would enjoy a new addition to ANY of the Nintendo flagships……

  13. Drakengard is like Skyrim? Hoo Boy.

    This is like Bro Gamer the Podcast. Do you guys play anything other than FPS games and games that are 20 years old?

      1. I’ve listened to more than 10 at least. I don’t keep count, sorry.

        I like the show, but every time it gets to new releases, “What is this game? I’ve never heard of it. What’s this? I have no idea.”

        But, please enlighten me, how does me voicing a complaint make me a hypocrite?

        1. Because if you’ve truly listened to the show for more than 10 episodes, you’d know that calling them Bro gamers or claiming that they play only FPS isn’t really fair nor true at all.
          And sure, they sometimes they don’t know about a game, they aren’t encyclopedias either, but in this case, note that since they didn’t know the game, they decided to simply not talk about it, and Chris just made a cheap joke about the name’s game. I would understand your complaint more had they started talking about the game while being clear they knew jackshit about it.

  14. QOTW: I’m still desperately holding out hope that Nintendo will finally do something else with F-Zero, or at least give us a new Metroid. I don’t seriously expect an announcement from either series, but I’d be hella excited if there was SOMETHING.

  15. As an Angelino the thing I’m most excited for about E3 is stalking you guys’ twitters so I can “coincidentally” show up at the Yardhouse the same time you guys are there! Or maybe because Chris doesn’t have to go to E3 this year he can just come get drunk at the Yardhouse with me and jeer all the Kings fans.

    Just kidding! But you guys should do fan meetups and such.

  16. I would be excited for a Bulletstorm 2. I know the first one didn’t sell all that well but I had a shit load of fun playing it.

  17. I want some damn information on Mirror’s Edge 2, or barring that, a non- submissive fuck puppet Samus in a new Metroid game that treats a female protagonist as something other than a Japanese love pillow with the personality of one.

  18. I want to see some Nintendo really make the Wii U appealing. I want to see a Wii U designed Zelda, Mario, Metroid, and Star Fox. I also want to see SNES and GBA games for the 3DS eShop, and N64 and Gamecube games for the Wii U eShop.

  19. I am most looking forward to the world war 2 game that was being spearheaded by the “Black” and “Bodycount” guy. I am at the point where I miss world war 2 shooters. Not a good sign that I can’t remember the name of the game and that it was supposed to be out in October 2013 but it looked like a solid games radar 7. P.S to All you Stallone fans; that new Rambo game is hot garbage and I think hogans alley on NES had better game design.

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