Cape Crisis #93 – Attack of the Subtitles


This time Henry and Chris are joined by Dave, and there’s a ton to talk about. Titles for far off films, new trailers, lots of comic book rumors, and stupid comments by David Goyer…


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Cape Crisis #93 Question: Would Marvel ever reboot? And how do you think it’d go?

37 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #93 – Attack of the Subtitles

  1. Early Cape Crisis! yay!

    And hoo boy, yeah… Those comments David Goyer made prove that the man is a terrible fit for writing the plot of comic book movies. I’ve never read a single She-hulk comic, and even i cringed at how stupid and ignorant his remarks were.

    Mainly, to me this highlight how little Goyer knows or cares about comics in general, and proves he completely misses the point of comic book characters. This really does explain why almost all the comic book movies he’s written for (Aside from the first two Nolan Batman movies… and I suspect he wasn’t the main writer of those…) are mediocre to bad. Honestly, I’d hope they’d kick him off future DC movie projects, for DC’s own good.

  2. Hopefully after this we can have less david goyer in DC films, or in general. He’s a hack writer who doesn’t seem to realize he can’t just say whatever the hell he wants.

  3. ALso, Chris, one of the best ways to get to know DC characters at least, is watching the cartoons like JLU and young justice. But yes, as a DC fan, they are not great at explaining things.

  4. God that Jaden rant was a treat. I don’t remember the last time I’ve heard Henry get that progressively worked up. I agree with Henry’s hate for that dumb shit but Chris brings up a lot of good points. Yay for random non comic related rants in my comic podcast 🙂

  5. I’m far more of a DC Comics fan than a Marvel fan, but that fucker’s comments were quite disappointing to hear. I’m worried with the increased position he is in, he is starting to get all George Lucas-y and let it all go to his head.

  6. Also guys… two or three users that almost never post on a regular basis around here does not “A bunch of our readers” make. Honestly, the people that reacted abrasively regarding the criticism of ASM2 were two guys that posted suspiciously very close to each other, and the dude that said “fuck you” to Chris was another post by one of those same guys.

    I mean, there were also other people that didn’t think the movie was that bad, but they didn’t behave like dicks. It’s good for you guys to read and listen to what your audience thinks or says, but try not taking it too much to heart when it’s only just one or 2 rude people?

    1. Agree. I’m a DC fan (although I’m a fan of DC through every other medium but comics, but I’m trying to fix that) and I’m someone who enjoyed Man of Steel and The Dark Knight Rises. But I don’t say that you guys are idiots or dumbasses for disliking something that I liked. It’s interesting to see other viewpoints than your own and that’s fine.

      On a more lighter note, am I crazy for saying Man of Steel was a fine movie?

      And if you have the time, check out Arrow now that season 2 has ended and the Flash spin-off will start this fall.

      1. I don’t think you’re crazy for liking Man of Steel, specially if you don’t try to shove your love for it down other people’s throats. It’s all a matter of taste. I personally think the movie isn’t that great, but then, I am also someone that un-ironically likes the Ben Affleck Daredevil movie, and that’s a movie that’s way more unpopular than MoS.

        And yeah, funny you mentioned watching Arrow. I had been toying with the idea of watching the show, but just yesterday my GF pushed me over the edge by suggesting we watch it together XD Saw the first episode, started very solid enough, definitely feels like Batman Begins lite, but I’m pretty sure it’ll start differentiating itself soon enough. (Though they better explain how just a couple days after having returned from the island he already created trick arrows that can hack ultra secure computers like that…)

    2. I’m a DC fan that comments around here, and I don’t act abrasively towards the hosts for not liking DC. I actually listen BECAUSE I don’t read Marvel. I don’t relate to their books, and their constant events that put superhero against superhero bores me. I disagree with some yhings said hete but I don’t rage about it.

      No point to this really, just saying we all aren’t asses.

  7. Jesus Christ, could Christ maybe stop saying “A CHILD” over and over again. I know he thinks he can generate more sympathy for his argument by misrepresenting the age of the person he’s talking about but goddamn.

    Jaden Smith is not a child. He’s a teenager. Teenagers aren’t innocent. They’re smug shitheads. Smug shitheads who let their buddies vomit in Guacamole that other people are going to eat.

    The simple fact is, when you post your thoughts in public, you are opening them up to comment. That’s a fact of life. Being a teenager doesn’t exempt you from that. And in fact, when your a teenager is exactly when you’re supposed to be learning such basic truths.

    And I’m with Henry, he obviously wants this attention, because he’s been getting it for awhile now, but he hasn’t stopped, so it’s obviously what he wants.

    1. I’m gonna echo this. I posted a ton of stupid stuff on the Internet as a stupid teenager and I got mocked for it and realized why once I matured. I dunno you do dumb things as a teenager and your supposed to learn from it.

  8. Ya, most DC events tend to assume you know who the characters are. It can be a problem, but most of them tend to focus on the more easily recognizable characters, so it usually doesn’t get in the way. Chris just lucked out and got the one without any of the trinity.

  9. 6ish year listener, first time commenter so hullo

    The idea of a Marvel comics universe that lines up one-to-one with the Marvel cinematic universe is something really unheard of I think..and I don’t see a better time for the comics universe to reboot in the foreseeable future so..sure?

    Also: You guys are entitled to your opinions and tastes, it’s your (FREE) podcast, talk about and complain about whatever you want yo. fuck the haters.

  10. This is the last comment I’m going to make about this. So here it goes, the only reason I said “fuck you also” to Chris in last weeks comments was because that was exactly what he said to me after my comment was read on the show. I’m not going to continue to “fight” with people I don’t know who host a podcast I like. I’m sorry if I came off as a dick, I was just voicing my shitty opinion.

  11. Glad to see Dave on the show. And also Henry I gotta say I appreciate the enthusiasm and energy you always have on the podcast. I realize you guys do these after a day of work usually and to have that much energy to exert is awesome.

  12. I think you guys should spend more time talking about the QOTW and the positive side of the community rather than dwelling for so long on people bitching about what you are or aren’t talking about.
    Don’t give those guys a platform by acknowledging them every episode.

  13. That shit about Martial Manhunter is dumb.

    He was one of the main characters on a Saturday morning cartoon for like 5 years. Like a whole generation of kids know who he is. And guess what, those kids are all in their 20s now. They’re exactly this guys fucking audience.

    It’s like, yeah, nobody should know who any of the Teen Titans are besides Robin, but everyone knows who Starfire, Raven, Cyborg and Beast Boy are because of the goddamn cartoons.

    These characters are known not because people read the comics, but because they’re stars of popular cartoon series.

  14. Just got back from Days of future past, im afraid youll be eating the shiz you talked about quicksilver, which I never understood.

    1. To be fair, they mainly mocked the suit and appearance, which still looks dumb in the movie, but the actor and his actions are so well done that it manages to make you forget that.

      1. You are like the LaserTime Defense Force. Do you get paid to defend every single comment made on the podcast? Good lord.

  15. Yeah, I’m with some of the people here. Don’t let everyone who shits in your cornflakes get to you dudes. Especially you Chris, we still haven’t sung kumbaya together at a camp fire, while naked, and doing a rain dance.

    I was kinda surprised how you and Henry (who upon your earlier statements am now giving a second chance) were walking on egg shells. I disagree with people. Life does that. I’m cool with it. I can’t speak for others. But people also bitch. I have had my fair share of it, sure. Kinda did here and had no intention of hurting anyone’s feelings, so I hope I didn’t. I would feel very guilty if I am now part of this strange movement to ruin a good people. Yes…even Henry….

    Speaking of which…I won’t launch into a “THIS IS WHAT I MEANT” moment regarding the previous bitch fit I had and why. But Henry’s tirade this show pretty much sums up why he rubs me the wrong way. Be that as it may, I actually was laughing my ass off at it. So I actually thought it was funny. He sounds like a higher pitched Bob Odenkirk. I think the Henry impasse I ran into isn’t so bad. Shit, I even like his reviews.

  16. I’m a DC fan that comments around here, and I don’t act abrasively towards the hosts for not liking DC. I actually listen BECAUSE I don’t read Marvel. I don’t relate to their books, and their constant events that put superhero against superhero bore and bother me. I disagree with some things said here but I don’t rage about it.

    No point to this really, just saying we all aren’t asses.

  17. Also, what the hell is wrong with Dave that he’s so cynical he can’t enjoy a story unless characters are dying all the time?

    1. I’ve been noticing that audiences in all media have been demanding this more and more lately. Don’t know if it’s culturally America’s mood (which reminds me of the late 80’s/ early 90’s mentality of Dark and Edgy comics being better than optimistic and mature) or just everyone being cynical and depressed, but in Dave’s case, it could be that in wrestling, nobody wins but the faces of the company. Everyone else eats shit.

  18. Damn, that was a good episode. I wanna weigh in on two things discussed: the Guardians trailer, and DC being…not great. So, I introduced my girlfriend to Young Justice yesterday, and she fucking loved it. She’s not any kind of comics fan, but the snappy dialogue, the good character development, and the fun action instantly endeared her to the show. I think that’s what DC is missing from their comics and their movies: ease of entry and FUCKING FUN. And I don’t understand why, because ALL of the DC animated output-from Batman TAS to Young Justice-have both of those in spades. As for the Guardians trailer, I was at my parents’ house the other day and watched it with my mom and sister. Again, neither are fans of geek stuff in the slightest, but both of them were super excited for the movie after watching the trailer. I think Guardians may pull in a wider audience than any of us expected, precisely BECAUSE it’s weird and unique.

  19. Sounds like you guys are worrying about the comments too much.

    I mean, I absolutely love that you read them and take stuff onboard, but it sounds like you’re overthinking it a bit. Almost every time you talk about DC comics it starts with “people keep saying we hate DC”, just discuss it, or don’t, or whatever just enjoy yourselves.

  20. Real talk:
    You criticize ridiculous things that happen in DC comics at least as must as you criticize Marvel. I would say that on the whole you’ve said more negative things about Marvel than DC.

    Don’t feel like you need to change for the sake of balance. The two properties are not balanced. Marvel comics have higher reader numbers than DC, there are more Marvel movies than DC movies, you have emotional attachments to more Marvel characters than DC characters. It’s only natural that you would talk more about Marvel than DC.

    I can’t speak for everyone else, but I listen to every podcast because I want to hear you specifically. I’m here for your opinions, to share in your view of the world. I disagree with your thoughts often, but I still like to hear them. Anyone who is here to tell you to fuck yourselves is an idiot.

  21. This was the first Cape Crisis I listened to. I liked it a lot.

    On the subject of Jaden Smith: It’s obviously very difficult to discuss someone who can easily be pitied. Jaden Smith has put himself in the public spectrum (agree with Henry) because of his infantile, teenage arrogance (sort of agree with Chris). The thing is, how he acts is a consequence of his upbringing. The guy may never have had real friends made in a real environment. Call it what you will, and pity it if you will, but his behaviour is very likely to be attention-grabbing because of the very fact that his celebrity lifestyle is strange, quite shallow, and hence, lonely.
    I think both Henry and Chris are equally correct on moral terms about how they feel about Jaden and how he acts, but they don’t realise their feelings form part of the bigger picture of why he acts that way, and how it makes people who see it feel.

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