Cheap Popcast #25 – Pain in the Neck


Another weekly outing for the Cheap Popcast brings Henry into to fold as we start with chat about a few recent WWE goings-on (including Daniel Bryan’s neck surgery) before diving into some more weird early-90s movie promos from Monday Night Raw’s earliest episodes.



6 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast #25 – Pain in the Neck

  1. “Forget the wrestling entertainment happening right now that you’re supposed to be commenting on for the viewers, tell them what will be on some other time!” -Vince McMahon

  2. This question is for Chris because he is a fellow shield fan like myself. Does Michael Jace get the “Canadian Crippler” treatment when that series finally gets a bluray release? If you cut out all the Julian parts of the show does it still hold up like old WWF paperviews? I think it does, because he was my least favorite character.

  3. Head’s up, boys. Clicking the image for this episode from the LT front page redirects to episode 24.

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