Vidjagame Apocalypse 66 – Who Karted?


Watch Dogs is here! Watch Dogs is here! But first, let’s observe Laser Time’s weeklong Block Karty with a quick rundown of five questionable, mascot-themed kart-racing also-rans, none of which starred mustachioed plumbers. Then there’s some talk about new releases (some of which aren’t Watch Dogs), a special appearance by the Norwegian King of Names, and a look at what you’re eager to see from E3 in a couple weeks.

Question of the Week

What’s your favorite non-Mario Kart kart game?



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35 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 66 – Who Karted?

  1. Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed although they don’t so much drive karts it still plays all the same, yet with much more active and varied visuals, interesting ever changing tracks and vehicles in each race (before Mario did) and lots of nostalgic fan service.

  2. Mine would have to be Crash Tag Team Racing. One of the last few Crash games before Activision ruined it. Though it may sound a bit of an obscure choice considering Crash Team Racing is the superior game but Tag Team Racing was one of the games that symbolised my childhood and came out when it was at it’s peak. So basically it’s more for sentimental reasons than it is for game reasons.

  3. I unironically love the Sonic R soundtrack. Super sonic racing and can you feel the sunshine are great, IMO.

  4. I don’t really like racing games to begin with, so my answer has to be Muppets RaceMania, because seeing the misery it caused Chris to play it brought me more enjoyment than actually playing any Non-Mario Kart kart game by myself.

  5. I would have to say Diddy Kong Racing for the Nintendo 64. Not because it was good, or even challenging, but because it is literally the only non-Mariokart kart game I have ever played. That game was for babby. I was a fool to purchase it for like $70 in 1998. Maybe it was 1997, I don’t know, I’m not Brett with the dates.

  6. Thanks for another great podcast,

    I could have misunderstood, but at 25:05 does Chris claim that Smash Bros. sells better than Mario Kart? Because from what I’ve heard Mario Kart Wii sold like 20 million more copies than Smash Bros. Brawl.

    I agree with Chris that characters from other universes would be cool in Mario Kart. The Mario Kart arcade games here in Japan (and maybe elsewhere, I’m not sure) let you play as Pac-man and the Taiko Drum Master character. Hopefully someday we’ll see more of that in console/handheld games too.

  7. Mine is easily Diddy Kong Racing. It was my first game for the n64 back in 1997 I think and I had so many great memories playing it. It was awesome to play as a hovercraft, cart and plane all with a story mode which was a lot for a kart racer back then. Tiptup was my favorite character.

  8. QofW: South Park Rally for Dreamcast yo! It was fucking terrible but me and my buddies would get so drunk playing it and Saddam Hussein was there! Formula for success if ever I saw one.

  9. My fav Non Mario Kart racer would be a tie between Diddy Kong Racing and Crash Team Racing. Ironically enough I only played CTR a few weeks ago after getting it for 99 cents on a PSN sale.

    Both were fun games.


    …And huh, he actually sounds healthier than the last time we heard him, I guess being a major is less stressful?

    Anyway, fantastic segment! Probably the best raccoon segment this year has seen, closely followed by the “everything is possum” one. XD

  11. Back when I had to justify my Sega Dreamcast purchase to my friends; I would show them Hanna-Barbera’s Wacky Races. It had cell shaded graphics and an eclectic cast of characters (Lazy Luke and the chugga-bug and Penelope Pit-stop in the Compact Pussycat.) On Friday nights we would all crowd around my big screen (19 Sony Trinitron) drinking ice house beer because we were poor college students and play till everyone passed out. Unfortunately my buddy got Looney Tunes Space Races and everyone stopped showing up. In All honesty; Space Race is a better game but I didn’t own it ,so I have to go with Wacky Races.

    1. Looney Tunes Space Race was fucking rad. Sure, all the ships played the same and half of the (few) powerups where either crappy or redundant BUT it was fast in way that Kart games weren’t until Sega Allstars Racing and it kind of played a little bit like Wipeout or Jet Rider with all the anti-gravity and huge jumps. And as usual for a Looney Tunes game, the characters, scenery, animations, voices and jokes were all spot on. It also looked looks fantastic. Plus I can play as Daffy, so ’nuff said.

      1. Wow, thank you because I forgot about Jet rider (Jet Moto in the states.) If they ever do a forgotten psone games question of the week; id go with Jet moto, cool boarders 2 and project overkill. Funny if you Google Looney tunes space race, YouTube has a video of it being played while rise against is playing in the background. Just random somebody heard that song and thought “I will make a video of this random dreamcast game and take the time to add Rise Against to it.”

  12. Actually I spent far too long playing Sonic Allstars on the Vita (it was free on PS+ in Europe).

    LBP racing was good on PS3 (it was free on PS+ in Europe) – hmmm I am sensing a theme.
    My step-kids actually thought it was better than Mario-Kart but what do they know they are 5!

    In other news: I love the Raccoon!

  13. Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed has to be my favorite non-Mario Kart race kart racer that I’ve played. Admittedly though when I was probably 11, my brother, his friend and I played this Looney Tunes cart racing game for the PSOne, and it just wasn’t all that fun compared to when I play Sega All-Stars now, and I think that’s because Sega figured out the formula that makes Mario Kart fun right within the context of their own game.

  14. Definitely Homie Rollerz.
    NAWWWW, I’m just kidding. It would be Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. The game was a blast to play, and I loved the novelty of having such a crazy variety of characters, from games ranging from Total War and Company of Heroes to Team Fortress and Football Manager.

  15. The last non-mario kart game that I played (that I would count as a kart game) would probably be F1 Race Stars. I’m a huge F1 fan and to see the stylised versions of the drivers is cool. I’ve played the Sonic All-Star games but it just didn’t capture the magic (sorry). However, the Mortal Kombat karting mini game from Armageddon has to be my favourite.

  16. Although it’s not a great game I will always have a fondness for Wacky Races on the Dreamcast. Not only was the cartoon part of my childhood, but damn anything I could get my hands on for the Dreamcast I grabbed. I guess I’m probably more fond of the system, but Wacky Races looked good and I finally got to play as CAPTAIN CAVE MAAA’AAAN!!

  17. Diddy Kong Racing. No contest.

    I have fond memories of the Adventure Two that opened up after finishing the main game. It was mirrored-tracks, but they also remixed the hiding places for the silver coin races. You had to make your vehicle SING to get all 8 coins and still win. The game had little to no rubber-banding and no randomized item pickups, so learning and planning routes depending on your position in the race was paramount.

    Also, beating all the TT ghosts for time-trials revealed just how technical the game became if you needed to nail lap-times.

    Finally, the dinosaur egg-hatching / thieving battle game was God-darn fantastic with 4-player.

  18. Great episode, guys! I’m not sure about how people feel about comparing VGA to TalkRadar, but this session really brought back that old spirit since Chris (unfortunately) lost his job and curated the Top 5 this week.

    QOTW: The demo for Sonic Racing Transformed is the only non-Mario kart game that comes to mind simply because I love playing demos incessantly and it was on the Wii U which meant off-screen play. Also, it doesn’t hurt that I am a fan of Sega and their cast of characters.

  19. QOTW: All I could come up with for this question was there was this Looney Tunes racing game that I had for PS1 when I was a kid. I remember liking it as a child, which means it’s probably terrible.

  20. QOTW: honestly the only kart game that i have found memories for outside of Mario Kart is Diddy Kong racing, and that’s probably because it was basically just a clone of Mario Kart 64 anyway

  21. Blur

    Once I put aside my “racing Sim or go home” mindset, I had a lot of fun with that game. Also my roommate was a designer on it so I always had someone to play with who didn’t suck.

  22. Diddy Kong Racing is my favorite cart racer. I’m getting Mario Kart 8 Friday.

    I’m around the same age as Mikel Reparaz and Chris Antista. I bought a PS4 on day one. I still haven’t seen a $60 PS4 game that I want to buy. It’s tough for me to feign interest in stuff like Watch_Dogs. I think that big budget video games are similar to big budget movies right now. Over the five years it takes to make them the original idea tends to become stale. It’s hard for hundreds of people to produce something pointed or focused. And concepts that appeal mainly to teenage boys don’t really do much for me anymore.

    I love the work you guys have done over the years. Thanks for doing it.

  23. My favourite non Mario Kart racer is Speed Freaks on the PS1, had some awesome tracks and power ups. Apparently it was called Speed Punks in the US. I spend an inordinate amount of time playing Street Racer too as it came with my PlayStation. It really was massively shitty though

  24. well now I feel like a sleaze bag. haha. my comment on last week’s question didn’t sound so gross when I wrote it. call it a failed attempt at Chris’ level of mockingly mysogynistic humour.

    ugh. I need a shower.

  25. Motor Kombat (a Mortal Kombat Armageddon mini game) was by far my favorite Mario Kart rip off. Instead of shells you used the characters special moves from the game such as Scorpion shooting a spear into the lead Kart and pulling him back and Bo Rai Cho vomiting a puddle that acted like an oil slick. Was playable over xbox live and was probably the only kart game with blood.

  26. The fact that nobody even mentioned BLUR at any point during the discussion of kart games is tremendously disappointing, but anywho, my favourite non-Mario Kart kart game of all time is Firebugs for the PlayStation 1, I played that for what feels like years in split-screen with my little sister, continuously beating her to pole position until she wouldn’t let me play any more, because it was her console. Ah, siblings.

    Loved the break segment this week chaps, keep up the great work!!

  27. Being a huge Disney fan, I always loved playing Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing Tour. Definitely wasn’t the best racer, but racing through Pirates of the Carribean as Chip from Rescue Rangers was well worth it. A close second would be Diddy Kong Racing, but everyone loves that one

  28. I don’t know where else to ask this but what was the music playing during the discussion of Atari Karts? It starts at around 05:20.

  29. im glad you guys enjoyed watchdogs you wanna buy my copy off me it wasnt that good, what they showed us at e3 was in no way what they gave us and if you wanna see next gen graphics look at Killzone on ps4. also yay mario cart stoked

  30. I’d have to say mine would be Modnation Racers, the driving was solid but building tracks was awesome. P.S Can we have Michael Grimm on to talk about Mortal Kombat

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