Streaming Mario Kart 8 all damn day – Laser Time Block Karty!


Our week-long Block Karty has all been leading up to this! Fire up those few Wii U’s out in the world and let’s truly, for real this time, GET THIS KARTY STARTED!

[Update: WE ARE LIVE!!]

Okay. Here’s how this is going to work… because it probably won’t. I’m going to start broadcasting the second I figure out how stream my Wii U over on the Laser Time Twitch channel. Once I do, I’ll probably start out by playing single player, and then somewhere around our general time of 2PM PACIFIC TIME, I’ll kick it over to multiplayer. My Nintendo Live PSN Steamer tag, or whatever it’s called, is “MrAnis” I believe. 

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19 thoughts on “Streaming Mario Kart 8 all damn day – Laser Time Block Karty!

  1. this is pretty much the best Mario kart game I can imagine. I’ve been glued to the tv all morning. I’ll get in on this mulitplayer

  2. I don’t have a WiiU, but honestly this game has me the closest to making a bad decision…

  3. Sadly I sold my wii u so will be stuck playing homie rollerz. Just kidding lame joke and too easy. Honestly I did sell my wii u so ima miss this one so I don’t feel the sharp sting of regret.

  4. Loving it so far! I have only been blue shelled maybe 3 times after going through 3 grand pries. It looks beautiful, plays beautiful, and sounds beautiful!

    But goddam did they ruin battle mode. Racing around on a course instead of being in an arena means tons of just driving along track looking for someone to try and hit and then pass by. It’s like jousting but with a bunch of nothing in the middle.

    Already sent you a request Chris and it seems that you are “Mr.Anis” but unfortunately I got work until 8 PST… but I’m sure you’ll be streaming this a lot.

  5. So great to be back karting, thanks for pulling everyone together, Chris!

    Also stuck with social obligations for some of the evening, but want to play with cool LT people later, feel free to add me, guys, “GhostLittle” hopefully race later tonight / tomorrow.

  6. good racing time. as long as none of you noticed the only Canadian had the lowest score in the last match, I can keep my dignity

  7. As the stream died I synced up the golden girls theme song and would like to send lasertime a card and attached it would say thank you for being a friend.

  8. Sad I missed it, I wasn’t able to get a copy after work. Hopefully you’ll do community games in the future, maybe stuff like L4D?

  9. Will you do another stream or at least play with some LT listeners, i couldnt get on this one due to my hangover and my friends party tonight so i have no time to pick up MK8 today.

    Maybe next friday do another one or something?

  10. us Laser Time fans should have some regular games, even if Chris (or whoever) can’t get involved. I’m sure tomorrow afternoon I’ll want to play some matches again. this game is incredibly addictive. bailed out of the chat to play with some friends tonight. reminded me how
    much I miss couch gaming

    1. I have no idea how well this will work but I just set up a Lasertime tournament that way anyone here can just join that to play with other people from the community. You just go to tournaments and then search by code.

      The code is 7717-8883-0266

      Maybe when I’m more awake tomorrow I’ll make a forum thread for this…

    1. I think that’s a great idea and it should be the second one since Apocalypse is topical at the moment.

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