The Best New Amazon Releases of the Week: Karty Katch Up Edition


Save big on video games, Attack on Titan, Mario Kart 8, Breaking Bad, Robocop and more!

We were so busy last week with the Laser Time Block Karty, shucks, we done forgot to showcase the week’s best new videogame, DVD, and comic releases of the week. Below you’ll find highlights for this week’s best new releases (and a few from last week) and in exchange for saving you the trouble of *ugh* browsing Amazon yourself, we only ask you use the links below to make your Amazon purchases. Doesn’t matter if you want that item in particular, simply click through using any link below or on the right-hand side and shop like normal, and you’ll help us nab a small commission that goes a long way towards helping us keep the Laser Time lights on during these weird times.

Mario Kart 8
LET’S GET THIS OUT OF THE WAY! I’m sure those of you who care have bought this already, and the rest of you are sick of hearing about it. Last week’s Laser Time Block Kart yielded so many wonders: Two inaugural custom videos for us on our YouTube channel, a shit load of live streams on our Twitch channel, and at the very least, we owe Mario Kart 8 that much. Might have a something related to it going up later today, and I dunno, anyone still wanna play in a live stream?! Either way, if you were looking for an excuse to get a Wii U, you could do a lot worse than this Mario Kart Wii U bundle.

Attack on Titan: Part 1
I find a lot of anime laughably repetitive, lazily cliche, and almost always somewhat wasteful in its use of the “animation” medium. Attack on Titan is slightly guilty on those fronts, but it’s fantastic premise and tone go a long way for outweighing its trite n’ trope-y faults. Not unlike The Walking Dead (the comic, not caught up on the AMC show) every character is hopelessly fucked, fighting something it can win against and anyone can die at any time. And I honestly think AoT has introduced one of the best new Monsters of the last decade. The show’s “Titans,” naked, dickless, massive manbaby creatures of bloodthirsty instinct are just as intriguing as the are fucking frightening. The “Part 1” aspect of this Blu-ray set angers me a bit, because to my knowledge, the show ended production after 24 episodes, so this looks to be a double dip on a single season. On the flipside, it makes me hopeful for more episodes someday and contains over 100 minutes of bonus materials, including commentaries, behind-the-scenes features, and textless music videos of that incredibly righteous theme song!

Murdered: Soul Suspect
Thought this looked slight interesting, but then, just about anything I can fire up on my Xbone that isn’t Hulu Plus usually does. I hear this game is kinda of a mess, but I don’t know much more than that. Fortunately, Cheap Popcast‘s Dave Rudden reviewed it for a little site called

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
It’s almost a kneejerk reaction to say my favorite Wes Anderson is Rushmore, especially if I don’t really start thinking about Life Aquatic. I’ve had a lot more time (and exponentially more viewings) with Max Fischer than with Steve Zissou, but he’s getting up there. In all honesty, to say I related to Rushmore’s overreaching, underachieving protagonist when I was younger is an understatement that makes me want to invent more words. However, the older I get, the more I find myself gravitating towards Mr. Zissou. Whatever! Criterion’s just added it to their fantastically impressive list of painstakingly restored Blu-rays, and even if it carries over nothing but the standard-def features I’m not sure if I can resist. I think we all felt like Anderson was coasting for a while there, but Life Aquatic came about at the peak of his style and amps up the wonderful weirdness to heights we haven’t seen since. It’s his hands down his funniest film, and with the dollhouse sets and stop motion animation, easily his most visually unique.

Watch Dogs
Wow, I was fortunate enough to get a copy of this, and I haven’t even played it yet! We attempted to stream it but I would guess the game’s launch, which I hear sold 4 million copies in one week making it the fastest selling game in Ubisoft history, brought both my Xbone and/or Twitch to its knees. Then, yeah, there was the whole Mario Karty thing. Shit, sorry Watch dogs! Mikel and Anne had no fucking shortage of glowing praise to heap upon the game on last week’s Vidjagame Apocalypse… Man, I was super excited about it but haven’t had the chance to jump back in. Lemme know what you guys thought and maybe that’ll light the fire under my ass.

Obviously, we’re all skeptical when it comes to remakes of our favorite movies, but I remember hearing some genuinely positive word of mouth from people I trust on the 2014 Robocop. Furthermore, in what may an amazing case of history repeating, the negative reviews I read seem to mirror the mainstream criticism levied at the original, which was somewhat misunderstood before becoming a hyper-subversive pulp classic celebrated to the point that the city of Detroit, arguably portrayed the worst in the movie, just had Alex Murphy toss out the first pitch at a Tigers game!

I don’t know who had the bright idea to put Ratchet in an MMO, but God bless ’em! Sorry… If you know me, you can probably guess I know very little about this game, but I can’t deny that it looks a billion percent more interesting than any high-profile MMO I’ve seen in a while. Less loincloths and broad swords, and more lasers and cartoony, stylized visuals, I say! And it looks as if Wildstar agrees. Plus, Tyler Wilde tells me that the developers are admirably honest about wanting to make it “like WoW, but better,” and that’s sincerity I can get behind. Speaking of Mr. Wilde, PC Gamer’s got a Wildstar review-in-progress happening as we speak.

The Outsiders: The Complete Novel Edition
Young and stupid Harry Potter fans will probably cock their heads like confused puppy hearing it’s first fart when I say this, but it’s rare that one of your favorite books gets adapted into one of your favorite movies. Francis For Coppola did just that in 1983 with S.E. Hinton’s classic novel we all were forced to read in middle school, and it certainly didn’t hurt that the film boasts one of the most impressive casts in all of history. Patrick Swazye, Tom Cruise, Emilio Estevez, Rob Lowe, Matt Dillion, fucking Ralph Macchio. Even Tom Waits is in there somewhere! And from what I remember, this edition restores almost 30 minutes of footage featuring these guys and overhaul’s the picture quality. I really need to see this again.

Hyper Dimension Neptunia: PP
I tried to like this series back in that day, purported to be a cheeky JRPG parody of the console wars. But I played for hours and saw only the vaguest of allusions to the Sony vs. Nintendo vs. Dreamcast battle scenario I wanted, and was instead subjected to horrendously stifled voice acting and embarrassing teenage, white-panty-flashin’ cheescakery that would get any developer outside of Japan fucking arrested. I have no idea who is still buying these, let alone how in the holy hell these merit localization when so many seemingly better stuff does not. Oh well, at least it’s got PeePee in the title!

Breaking Bad: The Complete Series
Yeah, yeah. You should know by now that Breaking Bad is one of the best television shows, if not THE best show, of the decade. I’m not as interested in regaling you with why it’s awesome/what I think about a show everyone in the world has weighed in on than I am in looking at how this box set makes a compelling case for the continued existence of DVD/Blu-ray. For one, Blu-rays still look better than streaming, like say on Netflix, where you can enjoy all these episodes right now. So there. Two, seemingly aware of that fans would have access to the entire series with an $8 a month subscription, the producers of this Complete Set went BALLS OUT on the bonus material. Uncut episodes, commentaries, interviews, everything included in previous sets, and a newly-included  full-length feature documentary on the making of Breaking Bad’s final season and more. That short video of Bryan Cranston’s Walter White waking up in his Malcolm in the Middle bed that was floating around the net before being hastily removed? An ingenious bonus feature made specifically for the discs. Yes, streaming is almost always more convenient, but not necessarily preferable if you’re a hardcore fan, so I love the effort put into making a physical edition special enough to merit purchase. Let’s see how HBO handles its TV show DVD box sets, usually home to 10 minutes or less of the lamest bonus material in the goddamned universe, now that all that shit’s on Amazon Prime!









listed roughly in order of release date

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4 thoughts on “The Best New Amazon Releases of the Week: Karty Katch Up Edition

  1. I watched the new robocop, was good, or wasnt bad.

    Thinking about buying that AoT, I am in love with Mikasa after all.

  2. The first Hyperdimension Neptuina is exactly everything you described, purest horse shit in video game form, and that new game is probably just as bad.

    However Victory I found to be a lot of fun and it’s based more on the 90s console wars, and the parody is a lot more obvious and on point.

    Still, too many boob jokes, and the voice acting is horrendous still in both languages. It’s flat and lifeless in English and in Japanese it’s loud and obnoxious, still I switch to Japanese and turn the volume down as low as possible.

    So it still might not be your thing, but it might be a second look for some people.

  3. Steve Zissou is my favourite Wes Anderson character, and I don’t hesitate to call The Life Aquatic my favourite of his films. it was almost a revelation watching Bill Murray’s relatable, selfish asshole deal with the consequences of acting like a selfish asshole, and I saw a lot of myself in the character.

    this flick doesn’t get it’s due. one of the best films in the last 10 years to me

  4. I wanted to get Watch Dogs, but GR’s review said it mixed aspects of AC with GTA, and that ain’t for me.

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