Cape Crisis #95 – Fantastic No More?


Could Marvel shelve the Fantastic Four out of corporate spite? And what about what happened in Original Sin this week? All of that and much more, including all of your thoughts on Days of Future Past…


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Cape Crisis #95 Question: What’s the oldest comic book you own?

9 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #95 – Fantastic No More?

  1. I picked Fantastic four issue 49 from a local swap-meet back in 1992. I didn’t know what I had found till years latter. I had just started to build up my collection so I was searching for the oldest comics I could find. I thought old comics would some how church up my collection like it was aged wine and make my friends jealous.

  2. IDK how many Cosmic threats the FF can stave off at this point, it’s one of the problems of 50+ years of nearly uninterrupted storytelling.

  3. Hey guys, I know this is probably a huge nitpick, but please, for the love of journalistic credibility, stop using Bleeding Cool as the source for all the comic book news you talk about on Cape Crisis. It’s the equivalent to the Daily Mail or News of The World for how often it gets it’s “rumors” right and they usually have no evidence to back up any of this stuff in the first place. I mean you guys even talked about the FF story not making a whole lot of sense, because frankly IT DOESN’T! Marvel/Disney doesn’t see a comic book that sells 50 000 copies as being free promotion for a movie that sells 10 million tickets because no one’s going to notice. Same thing with their “analysis” of Tom Brevoort’s comments about not cancelling the series because he specifically says that they aren’t and yet the folks at will run through chasings ghosts. No other site (aside from CBR and even they’ve approached it far more cautiously) are reporting this rumor, hell the main guy who’s writing FF right now LEFT DC because of editorial interference. He’s not going to stay at Marvel if the same shit was happening there. !!! It’s total bullshit that they’re feeding because they know they can grab a ton of hits off of link baity articles. (Although they occasionally fall for that sort of thing as well),,,, heck even tend to be better sources for accurate and actual information.
    Come on guys, you worked in the game industry and usually were the ones dismissing this crap, don’t feed into it now.

  4. Doctor Midas was the villain in the Morrison/Jones Marvel Boy book. Actually, I’d like to see a Captain Marvel Superhero Spotlight, any of them, don’t care which one.

  5. I can’t believe you didn’t play a “Daddy needs to get his rocks off” Tobias clip while talking about the Thing.

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