12 thoughts on “Mario Kart 8 Tournament/Saturday Live Stream

  1. Twitch mobile users: LaserTime stream ONLY works on the computer. on mobile devices, twitch will send alerts when the stream goes online, but you will just get the offline page when you click on it or look under ‘following.’ get on a computer to enjoy Chris’s live hyena laughter.

    1. That’s not the case for me. I can just go into the twitch app on iphone and search lasertime and pull the stream right up and it’s not any farther behind than the stream on my pc.

      1. weird. im on the latest iOS, and since the first lasertime twitch stream chris started, i always get the online notification, but when i open twitch, lasertime isnt shown as being online, and when i click on it anyway, theres just the offline page and chat is inactive as well. thing is, all my other subs show up as being online or offline just fine. it’s always just lasertime thats always ‘ghosting.’ finally caught the stream the other day by rushing to a computer.

        1. Meanwhile I’m a whole iOS behind and it works great. Hence why I’m sticking with being a whole iOS behind.

  2. Sucks that as soon as i got in the tournament it ended, i gotta stop waking up so late hungover

  3. Just got my wwf forceable entry CD in the mail! Shame iTunes doesn’t carry it. Chris Benoit’s theme by Our lady of peace on repeat.

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