This is what Mario Kart 8’s new music actually sounds like


With all that screamin’ brass and sizzlin’s sax in Mario Kart’s soundtrack, I can’t be the only one thinking in it… “Live From the Mushroom Kingdom, IT’S MARIO KART LIVE!

Folks who joined in our Saturday Mario Kart 8 Live Stream got to see the World Premiere of this chuckle-worthy piece of stupidity, perhaps you’ll want to be there next time on our Twitch channel?!

And in case you were wondering, YES, that is in fact Wario’s head Photoshopped onto the body John Goodman. Someone had to do it, I’m just glad it was me.

4 thoughts on “This is what Mario Kart 8’s new music actually sounds like

    1. Yikes, Ellen Cleghorn not Page, although Ellen Page is adorable enough to be a Nintendo character actually too adorable even for Nintendo. Bobby Moynihan also could work in some SNL/MK8 crossover.

  1. Awesome work! Hope this goes viral cause its just awesome. And featuring Chirs Katan cause what is he really doing any more? Corky Romano SMH took a date to that movie.

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