LT – The Best TV Show Theme Songs Made BETTER

Because we’re all a little preoccupied this week, let’s look back on our favorite Ultra-descriptive TV Show Theme Songs: Origins, castaways, space robots, unforgettable jingles, and of course, Inception music. TGIF, ya’ll!



17 thoughts on “LT – The Best TV Show Theme Songs Made BETTER

  1. I hate being a slimey little shit-heel, but this is the second time you’ve reposted this very episode. May I be so indignant enough as to ask for a different one be brought back out? Speaking of which, how about all that Vita talk at the Sony conference? They said the name, like, upwards of two times!

      1. Shit, you’re right. I continue to confuse the two episodes even now. I am greatly ashamed of my mistake and will precede to punish myself accordingly for my shameful comment.

        1. Don’t bother with all that, muffin. But do try and understand what kind of week this is, and regardless of those who haven’t heard it before, most people aren’t bothering to show up at all due to the E3 festivities.

          1. This is like complaining about a die hard marathon. Classics never go out of style and this is a classic episode and I am grateful every time it gets posted. Free means no complaining.

  2. I think I’m batting a thousand on listening to an old episode the week before it’s rerun.
    Always appreciate a new show in my rss feed though.

    1. Oh, to clarify, I mean that something new in the feed is nice, even if it’s a rerun.
      Sorry about your grandma Chris. You’re the best, keep doing what you’re doing.

  3. It’s been a while since I’ve listened to this one! I have a playlist of my favorite LT “greatest hits” that get me through my work day. I’ll be adding this to the list.

    Also, thanks for all of the recent content, Chris. I’ve been catching up with everything you post as much as possible, and I’m impressed with how much time you’ve dedicated to the site lately. I hope it’s paying off!

  4. Nice, I haven’t listened to this one for a few months, and it’s one of my favorites. On a semi-related note (since everyone is busy with E3 and whatnot) I’m thinking of buying a WiiU. You seem to be enjoying yours, Chris, so would you suggest that I take the plunge? Nintendo is showing some damn good stuff at their press conference…

  5. weird things about this episode for me: before listening to this episode again i had two separate memories of riding down my driveway on my bike hearing brett’s morgan freeman, and arriving at the post office while getting hella emotional to the great dictator speech at the end. now i know they’re from the same trip on the same day. wooooaaahhhh

  6. It might be old but it’s NEW to me! A great episode. A couple of my favorite descriptive theme songs are the 80’s TMNT cartoon where they in fact describe everything except how 4 turtles and a rat managed to become humanoids, and Nickelodeon’s Salute Your Shorts where they manage to sum up the show and characters within the show’s camp setting (Ug is a doofus, Budnick is rebellious snot, etc.)

  7. Great choice of re-run, it’s been a long damn time since I’ve heard this but I do remember enjoying it back in the day.

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